Gangaa Friday Update 21 February 2020


Gangaa Friday Update 21 February 2020

The next morning, everyone was ready. Jhumki asks Shiv about Ganga and says she might not be in a mood. Shiv goes to look for Ganga when she comes out ready to leave. Jhumki asks what kind of dress is she wearing and where is her jewelry. People would speak again them. Ganga says no one told her how to get ready. Shiv says today Ganga would go with him this way.

Shiv and Pratab reach there. Mami doesn’t recognize Ganga and says she might live in Math, Savitri must have kept her. Pratab was about to tell her but Shiv stops him. Shiv agrees to Mami and qualifies he brought her for help. Jhumki also treats Ganga as a maid. Ganga thinks she won’t speak about being Shiv’s wife. Shiv says she didn’t want to be recognized as his wife, he is her side; but soon she herself would confess to be his wife. Ganga replies it won’t happen again.
Mami calls Shiv inside and asks Jhumki for help. Shiv assures Mami that Ganga would take care of all the work. He smiles as Ganga goes with Mami. Shiv watches Mami pair up the gifts, and wish Shiv had also come in couple. She takes Ganga to kitchen to look after the arrangements there.

Ganga comes out to cooking area. A man tries to molest her, she was angry at his behavior. Shiv was hurt watching this all. The man comes to molest Ganga again. Mami comes there, she sends Shiv to look for cooking arrangements the other way. She takes Ganga along. Shiv takes a huge spoon and comes to the cook who had been molesting Ganga, he takes him aside and stuffs spice into his mouth tying his hands and feet with a bed.
In the room, Ganga serves everyone. A lady tells Ganga to serve him well, he is a special relative of their’s. Shiv enjoys watching Ganga. Another lady asks her to sit for dinner. Mami says she is a maid, how can she sit with Shiv. Mami now makes Ganga serve sweet to everyone.
Later, Shiv insists on Mami to let them leave but Mami insists its late and they must stay. She sends Shiv upstairs into the room. She sends Jhumki and Pratab to another room and Ganga to servant quarter. Jhumki smiles. Shiv says Ganga would sleep there well. Mami asks if there’s some problem. Ganga replies none.
Ganga finds the room dirty and messed up, a lizard fell over her as she lay to sleep. She comes to wake Jhumki up and requests to sleep inside her room. Jhumki wasn’t ready and tells her to go into Shiv’s room. Ganga turns around to see Shiv there. He offers her to stay in his room, only if she introduces herself as his wife. He warns Ganga of lizard and the cook again. Ganga complains Shiv didn’t take an action when the cook molested her. Shiv asks what he must have done.

Ganga comes outside the room worried she will have to spend the night here. She sits beside a wall and fell asleep. Shiv smiles watching her and was relieved at least she has slept. Ganga wakes up screaming, afraid of the lizard. She pushes a canister of water, then fells over herself. She wonders how she would sleep now.
She enters Shiv’s room who laughs over her. She takes his shirt and goes to washroom. Shiv was in the room when Ganga comes out of bath in his shirt. Both look at each other for a while silently. He teases her to return his clothes, he promised to stay silent until Ganga herself accepts herself as his wife.
Ganga says she would never act according to him, she has a self respect. He is a man who considers himself greater than men. Shiv asks Ganga if she took his permission before
coming to the room and wearing his shirt. Who is he, and who gave her this right; did she ever consider him as a husband. Mami had come to the room, she calls Ganga shameless who is inside a stranger’s house so late. Other family members also came there and accused Ganga. Ganga tells them to ask Shiv. Ganga cries and asks Shiv to speak something, Shiv silently thinks he can no more bear Ganga’s disrespect. He wish Ganga calls herself as his wife at least now. Mami asks Ganga what right she has to come to Shiv’s room. Ganga says she came here as Shiv’s wife, he is her husband. Shiv turns to Ganga in shock. Mami’s family still calls Ganga as liar. Shiv turns to slap him and says she is right, she is Ganga, his wife. The family apologizes Shiv, the wife of MathaDesh has a status but she was so simple.

Shiv says Ganga likes to stay simple, he thinks everyone must have a right to live the life they want. He says they conditioned even if they don’t tell, the family would recognize her as his wife but Shiv has won his challenge now. Mami’s family apologize Ganga. Mami says its Shiv’s mistake, he must have introduced his wife earlier.
The next morning, Mami says she wants to gift Ganga now with something. She tells them about a ritual in their village where wife and husband receive a gift hand in hand. She make Ganga and Shiv sit together, hand in hand. Ganga stares at her as Shiv holds her hand tightly.

In the room, Ganga was packing the gifts. Shiv comes there and says she must have understood she got these gifts only for being his wife, without him she has no place. Ganga says if he always wants to try to make her recognize his important, he must understand she was gifted for being the wife of MathaDesh. She asks Shiv why he didn’t introduce herself as his wife last night. Shiv brings her to mirror and says he had given this lady everything, including love, respect and right; but she wanted to waste herself crying. Ganga boasts she has self-respect for herself that she would never lose, she is sorry he won’t understand this.

At home, everyone was excited to make arrangements of Savitri’s birthday. Riya had burnt three cakes already. Savitri says they can buy a cake from outside, but Radhika insists to prepare them at home. Shiv and Pratab return. Ganga take Savitri’s blessings with Shiv. Shiv tells Savitri to bless her again for better luck. A courier man comes with parcel for Savitri. Riya gets Aashi’s call, Aashi says she sent something special for Savitri.

Jhumki opens the heavy box. Ganga says it’s a vacuum cleaner that Aashi sent. Riya says Jhumki won’t understand as it’s a modern cleaner, she must let Ganga do it. Ganga sets the machine. She tells Dai Maa to carry the machine inside. Pratab and Jhumki go inside. Riya takes Radhika inside to make the cake, Radhika says Riya has already ruined three cakes. Shiv whispers Radhika with an idea.

Radhika comes to Ganga and insists on her to prepare a cake here. Ganga says they must prepare the cake in balcony. Shiv brings the ingredients and asks to make chocolate cake with nuts. Ganga says she would do what she wants to, Shiv was excited to eat the cake. Radhika says Shiv gave her an idea to prepare the cake. Shiv also tells Ganga to take care of a bag of silver coins that would be distributed among villagers and leaves. Radhika confirms if Ganga would really not prepare the cake. Ganga says she will.
In the balcony, Ganga was busy in preparing the cake and forwards her hand for Radhika to taste if it’s sweet? Shiv comes to taste it instead, to Ganga’s shock.

Ganga was enraged over Shiv as he suggest her to put some more sugar into it. Ganga insists she won’t put any more sugar into it. Radhika comes there wondering if they are again fighting. Ganga assures the cake would be perfect. Ganga tells Shiv she would reply to him about it soon and sits for work again. Shiv takes the challenge.
Ganga spots Dai Maa giving some clothes to an old man. Ganga asks who is she, Dai Maa says he is a servant of Jhaa family and needs some money. Ganga calls him inside and lends him some money. There was a shadow on the wall of two women.

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