Gangaa Friday Update 20 December 2019


Gangaa Friday Update 20 December 2019

The next morning, zoya is outside sagar’s room, when she overhears krishna talking to sagar about some idea. ganga wakes up from sleep, and rushedly picks up, when krishna calls up. she pretends to be very ill, and starts coughing incoherently, when ganga asks her how is she. krishna continues coughing incessantly, to create the effect. ganga presumes that she must have been sick. She cries and says that she is okay, and then cancels. ganga is all the more disturbed. krishna tells sagar not to pick up the phone. he complies, when ganga calls back. she then tells sagar that now they shall get ganga back, as she never deserts her in fever. zoya fumes and thinks that she wont let it happen. the screen freezes on zoya’s, ganga’s and sagar and krishna’s faces.

An enraged zoya poisons the plant kept in the grounds, for krishna’s name, while thinking that even krishna shall die. she thinks that she shall kill krishna herself, and she wouldn’t live one day longer. since she stands as a hindrance in her years long dream. she calls up sonu and explains it to him too over the phone too.

Meanwhile, the entire house is set for puja, and madhavi and ammaji are happily prerparing. juhi comes with supriya, and asks to sit, but ammaji storms her away, saying that its meant for sagar and krishna. she is disapppointed. supriya doesnt like the way juhi is treated. sagar and krishna excitedly come and take their place. the priest starts the puja and they comply. Krishna tells him that ganga shall come but
not come inside due to ego. he says that they have to get her in somehow..

Sagar is made to be sure by krishna that ganga shall definitely get inside too, with her plan. they get to praying together. ganga arrives outside and hollers for her. all are overjoyed. sagar comes to her and asks her to come in and accept everything now, forgetting all the pain and torture that shew has faced. she denies taking even the shagun that madhavi presents her as the bahu. he warns her nopt to try and act smart as he can slam the door shut, then she wouldnt come and be able to see krishna at all. resignedly, she complies. as she gets inside, memories of the past start flashing in front of her eyes, once she reaches the room, she remembers her night of passion with sagar and is overwhelmed

MEanwhile, zoya meets sonu, and talks about how they have to kill krishna, by throwing her off the balcony, and making it look like an accident. on passing by, Krishna hears this and is aghast. as they turn arouud they see her, and are shocked. Meanwhile, the priest starts asking them if he can proceed. madhavi says that now that ganga is here, eerything seems perfect. sagar meanwhile leaves to talk to ganga, saying that he has to convince her to stay here only weith them. they agree. Sagar remembers that krishna had said that she shall hide in his room, and when he comes with her, then she would come out of hiding, and then they both shall convince her to come and stay here. Meanwhile, zoya and sonu overpower krishna, as she makes a mad dash for the door, to be able to alarm others. they gag her. zoya asks him to finish his work and come up, while she takes her to the terrace..

when ganga finally comes in and comes in the room with sagar, they dont find krishna there. she asks where is she, and he is at a loss of an answer. Meanwhile zoya and sonu gag krishna, and try and take her away, while she struggles. sagar continues to frantically search for her, with ganga. ganga starts reprimanding him, for his careless and irresponsible behaviour. he asks her not to waste time, fighting, and instead search for her. they are about to go out, when they find krishna being taken away by zoya and sonu. they try to scream and stop her, but find all the doors locked. sagar starts hollering for everyone, but their screams are muffled, behind glass doors.

At the puja, ammaji gets tensed thinking that they should have been down by now, but madhavi says that its good sagar and ganga are sorting things out, and they shouldnt interfere. ammaji complies. as they try to break the door open, they create noises, which pulkit hears, and he comes up. he rushedly opens. sagar tells him that krishna is in danger due to zoya. zoya asks sonu to stop them, while she takes krishna ahead. sagar and pulkit fight him off, while zoya gets krishna on the terrace, right beside the boundary. she makes krishna stand right there, when ganga comes and screams for her. she asks zoya why is she doing so. zoya asks her to stay put, or else she shall throw her down. ganga is apalled and distraught. she asks her whats the problem. zoya tells her the angst that she has for them for the past seven years saying tht now krishna wont stay alive. ganga is shocked at this behavioural change, while zoya tells her everything. sagar comes up and is shocked. ganga stops him from going ahead. they both continue to fight, while zoya threatens that she shall let krishna go. she finally drops her. sagar rushes and dives in to save krishna just in time. ganga comes too. they both somehow manage to save her and get her out. pulkit stands tensedly, while zoya watches fuming. they take off her gaga. ammaji and madhavi, arrive and are shocked to see the commotion. zoya says thaat she cant be alive. sagar shuts her saying that she shouldnt even dare to come close to her or else she shall be killed, saying that he means it. sagar and zoya confront each other. ammaji asks whats the matter. sagar tells them all this he had told that zoya is the killer of raahat maa, but everyone disbelieved him, as zoya put her down, especially niru. he says that she was doing this with krishna today. all are aghast and apalled to hear this. he asks her the reason why she wanted to kill and then answers himself, that she didnt want any more property claims in niru’s property. ganga asks her if she killed raahat maa, and laments as to how she never believed sagar. she is frustrated that she trusted the wrong person all along, and how niru went against his own whole family. she asks if she even realises how she betrayed niru. zoya says that she shall keep trying, and she doesnt care what they think of her, but niru listens to her, and she has brainwashed enough, that he wouldnt believe them all over her, and hence they cant throw her out. she then reminds that sagar and madhavi has returned back to london, and deserted niru. ammaji comes ahead and slaps her tight across her face. she starts fuming. she asks zoya to get out and never show her face again. zoya is enraged, ammaji asks her to get lost and she shall see how niru stops her. zoya walks out, fuming. ammaji then turns to krishna and asks if she is okay. they are too stunned to react. ganga takes her hand and begins to take her down, when sagar hollers for her, and ruwshes after her. he stops her right at the main door. krishna asks her to listen to him atleast. ganga says that today only for krishna, she came inside, and now that she has her, she doesnt need to stay here. he reminds her the court orders. ganga says that whatever the court has decided, is immaterial as she shall keeep krishna with her.

she says that he may have taken the custody, but he also couldnt handle krishna. she says that she wont risk her life with him. she says that she shall appeal in high court, but wont let krishna stay with him. she begins to take krishna, while sagar fumes that he is fed up of this rant. he asks her whats she doing, as she is separating a father from the child and he too feels the same pain. ganga says that a mother loves more, as a mother never disclaims a child. he is frustrated and says that he said this years back, and apologisesd, and once he knew, he has been through the same pain. she says that their pains dont equate. he asks if she loves krishna more than her. she complies. he doesnt believe saying that krishna has had accidents with her even. she says that she doesnt care. he says that he has to. he asks if she can really love krishna more, then she needs to prove it, by staying here for a week, and that they both shall prove their love to her. he also grants her that they shall win this fair and square. he says that they shall see who loves her more and if she can prove herself then he shall promise that he wont keep her, and he shall himself send krishna with her, and after that relinquish all claims on her forever. ganga is shocked and aghast to hear this. all are tensed hearing this. she says that she doesnt need to prove. he asks if she is scared. she says that she cant lose. he says that then she should say yes. sagar says that she isnt able to, since she is scared, as had he been in her place, he would have said yes in a second, to show her love, but one who fears the loss like her, wouldnt ever accept it. he says that she is literally scared or else she would have accepted the challenge by now. his deliberate provocation and instigation finally works. they both eye each other tensedly, while ammaji watches amused.

Ammaji’s residence
Instigated by sagar’s threats, Ganga accepts his challenge saying that she shall stay here for a week, but only to prove him wrong and earn her krishna back. all are overjoyed as this is what they wanted. madhavi and supriya rush inside. sagar and krishna are amused at this decision. krishna takes both their hands, and then leads them inside the house. madhavi stops them at the door, with the arti thali. as she is about to come, madhavi starts doing so with full ritual, and the shagun thali for the ahu is presented to ganga. madhavi says that she doesnt know that, but for her, her bahu is entering the house. all are overwhelmed as ganga does the rituals of homecoming, while madhavi and ammaji do the tilak, and then hand the shagun ki thali.
Ganga accepts it, and then steps her foot inside the house. pulkit watches tensedly. she complies in a daze, as sagar watches overwhelmed and then eyes the room decorated around, with the shagun thali in her hands. sagar and krishna are ecstatic. she turns back and eyes them both tensedly.

Krishna is overjoyed and rushes with ganga inside and shows her the room that sagar himself decorated. meanwhile, sagar gets niru’s call, who is informed about zoya’s behaviour and how she did what she did. he apologises to niru for givinng him this info. niru hears tensedly. sagar asks niru to come back from del soon. Meanwhile, krishna asks ganga why is she tensed. ganga asks if she doesnt miss her house, and her room and her toys. krishna says that she does. Ganga asks krishna if anyone asks which house, this or hers, is the one that she likes best. krishna says that both the houses are good, and cant she have the best things from both the houses, like her father from her and her mother from there. Sagar who has returned back, hears tensedly. ganga changes the topic, and asks krishna to freshen up, whil she gets ready to sleep too. krishna complies and leaves.

MEanwhile, niru is apalled to know the truth about zoya and how seven years back, what problem she created. he wonders what he did and why couldnt he understand zoya and her motives. he then calls up the travel agent for a flight ticket to Varanasi.

In her room, supriya fumes at the importance that ganga, krishna and sagar are being given over juhi, and that all are paying attention to krishna, totally ignoring juhi. pulkit tries to make her understand that ganga and sagar have always been a part of this house, and its just that she has returned after a long time with her daughter. but Surpiya is still fuming, that juhi isnt given her own room, and neither was she made to sit where she wanted to at the puja. she cites that this is just the beginning, and they dont matter as is it, and now that they are here, they would be furthermore neglected. she says that if anyone ignores them, then she shall ask juhi not to befriend krishna. he tries to make her understand that its wrong, and they shouldnt bring in children in adults’ fight. she says that when there are such discriminations, then there isnt any need for friendship. he is tensed.


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