Gangaa Friday Update 17 January 2020


Gangaa Friday Update 17 January 2020

Radhika was determined not to let Ganga win everytime and be her father’s friend. Ganga comes out and says Jhumki told her to go in the car. The driver comes to ask where she has to go and takes Ganga along.
Radhika comes out not in a mood to speak to Jhumki. Jhumki tells Radhika that Ganga has gone to Shiv, and will take some hours for sure to return. She further pumps Radhika that Ganga is forwarding her hands to be Shiv’s friend, she will soon take over Shiv from Radhika and her mother’s memories. Radhika leaves saying she won’t let Ganga be friends with Shiv. Jhumki appreciates herself.
The driver informs Ganga about having reached, and opens the door for Ganga. Ganga walks towards the workplace and watches Shiv caring people around. He helps each of the villager to his best; providing
shelter to a family. Ganga spots a boy spilling his glass of milk. She goes to question him but he lies straight away. Ganga says she had his snapshot and would soon take it to Shiv. The boy stops her, and accepts his mistake. Ganga says this was wrong, the boy says there is always a medicine in the milk and he spills it every day. Ganga takes his promise not to spill the milk again. The boy runs away. Ganga looks around for Shiv when a man comes to her; saying Shiv was in office. Kushaal reaches, and thinks when Jhumki got so concerned for others did. Ganga turns to leave but Shiv comes out..

He shouts at Ganga and questions why she touched Parvati’s lunch box, as he had forbidden her to touch any of Parvati’s belongings. Ganga was silent, Shiv demands her a question. People had gathered around. Ganga leaves silently. Kushaal tells Shiv it was not Ganga’s mistake. Shiv only stares towards him.
Dai Maa asks Ganga what happened that she is upset. Tears fell off Ganga’s eyes, and says no matter what she does but she is always scolding. She wonders what that man considers her to be, he shouted at her in front of everyone. She is tired, and can’t bear anymore. Dai Maa takes her inside. Jhumki and Radhika were happy, Jhumki says it seems Shiv really scolded Ganga. Radhika was excited to get her scolded even more.
In the kitchen, Ganga was enraged at Shiv for shouting over her. Dai Maa says Shiv never does this. Ganga says Jhumki told her to take the lunch box, had she known it was his wife’s she would never have touched this. Dai Maa says Jhumki is aware of everything, then why she did so. Ganga questions what her mistake in all this is. Dai Maa tells her to keep her soul clear, Shiv doesn’t know about the truth. Dai Maa advices her to let it go for the first time. Ganga denies fulfilling every ritual. Dai Maa was ready to cook, and says the day Shiv realizes his mistake he would surely apologize Ganga. Ganga asks Dai Maa to put the spices, but Dai Maa calls her. Ganga cooks angrily, Dai Maa asks where she learnt to cook. Ganga gets blank at once, replying she doesn’t know about it. She is used to cook, but doesn’t remember whom she used to cook, whom she learnt from. Dai Maa was sure everyone would love her cooking. Jhumki hears this from outside and tells Radhika about Ganga’s cooking. She says if Ganga’s food is good, everyone would complement her, but if it’s not good no one would be happy with her. Radhika was sure Ganga’s food would be flop, and Shiv would be angry with her. Jhumki says she would be with Radhika in anything she wants to do.
Ganga was serving food platters when Radhika enters in the kitchen from behind her. She looks around for spices and mix it in a plate. She was sure Shiv would scream after having a bite from it. Dai Maa comes and asks Radhika what is it about. She tells Radhika to take a single platter, rest she would manage. Radhika takes her prepared platter. Savitri was happy that today was first cooking of Ganga, and Shiv has also joined them. Everyone was excited. Shiv notices Ganga’s anger for him. Radhika brings the plate, everyone compliments her for helping her mother. Kushaal informs Savitri that tomorrow is a good date for Pagri event. Aashi comes to the table and denies taking as much pulao. Ganga says she would change. Shiv offers about exchanging the platter, Radhika was still worried. Ganga switches the plates.

Shiv exchanges his plate with Aashi. Radhika tells him not to eat as rice is not good, but he still eats. He finds it very spicy, but continues eating thinking Ganga has cooked for first time. Later, he goes from there. Radhika follows him and gives him water. She accepts that she was behind all this as she wanted to trouble Aashi. She apologises for it. He explains her that she shouldn’t do things like this that can hurt others. She knows Aashi can’t eat spicy food. She says she won’t do it again. Ganga is hearing all this. Radhika questions Shiv why he continued eating even after finding it spicy. He says he insulted Ganga for no reason and would hurt her more if he rejected food made by her. He tells her to go and eat. Radhika goes. Shiv sees Ganga standing there. He tells her he would
never be able to give her Parvati’s place, but promises that he would never disrespect from now.

Chachi is cleaning up. Radhika comes and says she still has to eat. Chachi tries to find out what happened earlier from her. She says food is not good, that is why Shiv left in middle. Radhika tells her everything that she made food spicy so Aashi gets angry at Ganga, but Shiv ate that food. She says it’s all her fault. Chachi fumes her against Ganga saying it was Ganga’s mistake. She could have removed some rice from Aashi’s plate instead exchanging. Ganga comes with food for Radhika. She gets angry and says she doesn’t want to eat. Food is not good. She leaves.

Radhika is crying and talking to Parvati’s photo. She says she will get lonely if Ganga snatches Shiv away from her.

While sleeping, Jumki kicks Pratap off the bed. Her husband gets mad. She apologises to him. Someone knocks the door. It’s Shiv. He tells Pratap to come outside. He wants to talk. Jumki wonders what Shiv wants to talk about.

Shiv tells Pratap there are mistakes in accounting. Pratap checks and says everything looks okay. It’s just 1000-2000 rps difference. Pratap says for him even 1 rps matter and says he will find out. He gets a call that Chotu is sick. He leaves to go to him. Pratap says tomorrow it will be last day for Shiv, then he will take his place.

Later when Shiv returns late night, Daima tells him he didn’t eat anything and asks him to eat before sleeping. He says he is not hungry. Ganga comes. Daima tells Ganga to give food to Shiv, but he says he is not angry and asks them to sleep. He leaves. Daima tells Ganga don’t know what Shiv punishes himself for after Parvati left. She tells Ganga to eat something as well, as she also didn’t eat. She too refuses.

In morning, Jumki is complaining she has to do all work even after new bahu came. Pratap comes there. Jumki asks why he got so ready.. he won’t be getting any attention. Pratap tells her to do her work.. time will tell who is ‘king’ him or Shiv.

Shiv is talking to his father’s photo. He takes blessings from him and says he will never be like him, but he will fulfill all his responsibilities, especially his responsibility for Ganga that his father gave him before passing away.

Ganga is getting ready. Daima is helping her. Ganga gets some rough memories from her past as she puts mangalsutra, sindhoor, etc. Daima gives her necklace and says all will recognise her as badi bahu. Daima goes for some work. Ganga is not able to close the hook of necklace. Shiv comes there and sees her struggling. He says he will send someone. Ganga says they don’t have time and asks him to do it. He hesitantly does it. Daima smiles seeing them.

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