Game Of Love Wednesday Update 5 August 2020


Game Of Love Wednesday Update 5 August 2020

Naintara says you are ashamed of me and does not want me to meet Anika right. Shivaye talks to Anika. Anika and Shivaye see the news. Anika asks is this true. Some time before, Naintara sees the antiques and smiles. Shivaye asks will you have something. She says when time comes, I will take for sure, I came to meet my daughter, where is she. He says she is not at home. She says I would have kept Anika with me always, if I knew she will become such a big house’s bahu. He thinks she has such a cheap thinking, I can’t believe she is Anika’s mum.

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Naintara says I have to admit, you are very rich, what happened, what are you seeing, are you seeing me and Anika matching. She asks him to ask what he wants. He says I want to know about Anika’s father. She says even I want to know about him, I will
tell you when I know, my innocent son in law, I had many men in my life, I don’t know who fathered Anika. He gets shocked. Pinky asks is this Anika’s mum, is she saying true. Naintara asks who are you. Pinky says I m Shivaye’s mum. Naintara says it means we are Samdhan, and hugs Pinky. Shivaye recalls Naintara’s words.

Om comes to chawl and sees Anika. She wipes her tears. He asks what are you doing here. She thinks I m not able to say when its so imp. She says nothing, its too hot here. I had headache and called you, so that if I faint, you should know I m here. Om says fine, come we will go home. She thinks to think well and do anything, one small mistake can shake the world. Shivaye says mom Anika should not know this, send this woman out of here. Pinky says what, she is Anika’s mum. Shivaye says don’t know how will Anika react knowing this. She says you can’t separate them. He asks how can I believe she is Anika’s mum, I have to check her background and then I will get her to Anika. She says you gave your card to find Naintara, so she is here. He asks will you taunt me more. She says you can run away from truth, but can’t change it, Anika is this bar dancer’s daughter, even if she goes from here, she will come back again.

Shivaye goes to reporters. The reporter asks him did he know he is marrying a bar dancer’s daughter. Shivaye says this press conference is now over. He asks Khanna to throw cash on their faces and not the news from leaking. Shivaye leaves.

Pinky says Shivaye wants you to leave from here. Naintara says fine then. Pinky says you are going so easily, how come, I did not throw money on your face to send you so soon, you came as Anika’s mum, would you give so easily, you are fake mum, but have to act. Naintara says I m acting. Pinky taunts her and asks her to act and cry. Naintara says fine, I won’t go if you say, I will stay here. Pinky says very good, now listen to me, even if I tell him to get out, if I slap you, you won’t go, you just wait for Anika. Naintara and Pinky smile. Pinky thinks it will be fun when Anika meets her wrong mum. Anika comes home and recalls Mahi’s words. Shivaye walks in corridor. Shivaye and Anika see each other. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. He thinks of Naintara. He sees Naintara coming. Naintara smiles seeing the house. He takes Anika to talk. He makes Anika sit in room. He asks Pinky what is that woman doing here till now. Pinky says I tried, she said she will meet Anika and go. He says that’s not possible, Anika is not ready for this, I will send Naintara. She smiles.

Anika asks how did you come here. Shivaye thinks whom is Anika talking to. Naintara says I m finding Pinky’s room, can you tell me. Anika says Pinky’s room is that way, did you come to meet Pinky. Naintara says no, I came to meet my daughter, but she is not at home. Anika asks your daughter, does she stay here. Naintara says yes, who are you. Shivaye worries and stops Anika. He takes Anika. She says I was talking to her. Naintara calls him out. He stops. She asks did my daughter come. He says not yet, she will come. He takes Anika and leaves. He makes Anika sit and asks her to watch tv. He goes. Anika says what happened to Shivaye. Naintara asks Shivaye to call Anika. He says its late now, you go and meet her tomorrow. She asks are you joking, do you not want me to meet your daughter. She says you wanted to meet me, what’s the matter. He says its your mistake, you should have called and come. She says if I say Anika is here, then….. She says mum’s eyes can’t get cheated, the girl who left in room is my daughter right, you are ashamed of me, so you don’t want me to meet my daughter, you are doing wrong. He says its not like that, I don’t want to meet Anika today, I m afraid if Anika sees you this way, she does not know you, I will tell her and prepare her, she will be shocked, but I will talk to her and then call you.

She asks what will happen then, I want to meet her. He asks her not to shout, its his house, not her…. its not a small thing, its a big thing, I have to prepare her. She says I will explain her, just call her. He says its enough now, I m behaving her as you are Anika’s mum, don’t force me to misbehave, shall I call police. She says what’s the need to call police, I understand. He says you may leave. She says fine, I will come tomorrow. She leaves. He says last time when Anika got to know I went orphanage, she left home, now when she knows I found her mum, and her mum is a ….. how will she react, I can’t tell and hide this truth, can Anika handle this situation or not, what shall I do.

Shivaye goes to Anika and says I need to say something. She asks is this true. Reporter says Shivaye tried to buy the media so that media does not leak about Anika’s background, she is rich businessman’s wife, she is a dancer’s daughter in reality. Anika asks him is this true.

Anika says stop, she is my mum. She hugs Naintara. Pinky says I know the sorrow to get away from family and the happiness to hug own blood. Some time before, Anika sees the news and asks Shivaye is this true. Shivaye gets shocked. She asks yes or no. He says yes. She says you have given money to media to hide this news. He says you don’t know complete matter. She says this is my mum. He says I wanted to tell you and did not know how to tell you. She says my mum wanted to meet you, you did not let her meet me, you got me inside and then paid the media, it means you don’t want me to meet my mum. He says its nothing like that. She signs him to stop it. She asks how is it then. He says I was afraid, I did not know how will you handle truth.

She says I would have got glad if you told me, I did not
run from any truth of my life, I would have faced this too, I m sad you have hidden this from me. Pinky smiles seeing them and says now their relation will suffer. Anika says you did not let me meet my mum. He says I was also in shock, I took time to tell this to you in my way. She argues. She says you got ashamed that his wife is a dancer’s daughter, so you paid the media. He says its not like that. She asks why don’t you agree, you get affected by my name, blood and family, she is my mum, person can choose wife by seeing name and blood but not mum, she will be bar dancer for you, for me she is my mum, you did not let me talk to her, you have no answer. She cries and says I m going to meet my mum. He asks her to listen. He goes after her.

Pinky asks Naintara to start, Anika is coming. Naintara starts her drama and cries. Anika comes there and sees Naintara. Naintara requests Pinky to give happiness to Anika that she does not miss her mum. Anika asks her to stop and cries. Naintara opens arms. Anika runs to her mum and hugs. Pinky says I saw a mum and daughter union after long time. Naintara apologizes to Anika for not doing a mother’s duty. She says when I realized my mistake, I tried to find you, but I did not get you, Lord was punishing me and kept you away from me, I had left hope and thought I can never meet Anika. Shivaye looks on. Pinky says I know the sorrow to get away from family and the happiness to hug own blood. Anika thinks of Pinky’s words.

Anika says Maa… Naintara asks her to say. Pinky asks Shivaye to come and take his mum in law’s blessings by touching her feet. Shivaye asks what happened Anika. Naintara says let it be, maybe he is ashamed to touch my feet. Pinky says no, Shivaye worries for Anika and her family the most, he loves her brother a lot. He says of course, Anika’s mum means my mum. Pinky asks him to touch feet. Anika goes away. He takes Naintara’s blessings. Naintara hugs Pinky. Pinky says I m very happy now, Anika’s family problem solved today. Anika goes. Shivaye goes to see her. Naintara says my eyes are burning with glycerine. Pinky says I know you status, I will throw much money on your face, just do something to stay here for few days. Naintara says I will do what you say. Pinky says I have to think something.

Priyanka is with her friends. Her friend says I heard you went to Paris, change is good, its good you did not marry Ranveer. Priyanka asks them to talk about something else. She says I will leave now, have to prepare for viva. She goes to her car and turns to see. She says I felt something was watching me, Ranveer is gone, no need to worry. She leaves in her car. Kamini looks on. Kamini calls Ranveer and says Priyanka felt story ended, it just started, she will become my bahu, I want everything from Oberois, Priyanka will make me reach there.

Shivaye goes to Anika and apologizes. He says I think you were right, I should have told you before, I did not wish to hide this, but I did not know how to tell this to you, I have to be honest, the way you handled this situation, its very impressive, I m glad you got your mum. Naintara comes and says but I m very upset today, I have to leave now, that’s why, I just wanted to see Anika for the last time, don’t know when will I meet again, I wish to sit and talk, shower my love today itself, but after marriage, daughters become parayi, just inlaws have right on daughter, else I would have spent time with you here, maybe Shivaye won’t like me staying here, after all I m a bar dancer. He says no, you can stay here as long as you want. She asks sure? He says I will be glad if you stay with Anika, I will get guestroom ready. She says great, I will ask Pinky to see that, Anika come there soon. She goes.

Shivaye says you will get chance to spend time with her. Anika says she is not my mum. He gets shocked. He asks what are you saying, you called her Maa and hugged her. She says yes, but now I m saying she is not my mum, I did not feel anything when she hugged me. He says you met her after many days, maybe you don’t remember her. She says no, its not about identifying face, but feeling, when she hugged me, I did not feel anything, she is a bar dancer, when I remember things, I feel my mum was never a bar dancer. He asks are you ashamed that your mum is a bar dancer. She says no, you know name, blood and family do not matter to me, this matters to you, I didn’t feel anything. He says she is your mum according to my info. She asks what info.

He says when I went to orphanage, I got a call about Naintara’s address, I went looking for her. She says you did the search again. He says I thought to make you meet your mum. She says you thought so and went to meet her. He says trust me, I did this before our fight, when the man called me, I said I don’t want to know, but he gave my number to your mum. She says she is not my mum, my heart is not agreeing. She goes. He gets thinking.