Game of love Wednesday Update 27 November 2019


Game of love Wednesday Update 27 November 2019

Everyone dances on Gudnaal Ishq Mitha….. Varun thinks where is this girl. He looks around. Mannat thinks its right chance to talk to Shivaansh. She stumbles and holds his hand. He stops and looks at her. The mehendi from her hand gets on his hand. Jaanejaan….plays…. He coughs and goes. She gives him water. He says you…. Varun comes and asks what are you doing here. She goes and drops her bag. The syringe falls out. She picks her bag and goes. Shivaansh says that girl is Mannat, what is she doing here, her bag…. Varun says relax, such bags are common. Shivaansh says multi colored bands in her hand… Varun says many girls wear such bands. Shivaansh asks did you find Munni. Varun says that girl is a liar, Munni is perfectly fine at her home, I think Mannat wants your attention, after all you are a superstar. Shivaansh goes. Varun steps on the syringe and picks it. Shivaansh sits in lawn. He thinks I m doing this marriage, but my heart isn’t willing, Dadi and Nani praise my mom and dad’s love, and I don’t have love in my fate.

He looks at the moon. Mannat comes there and sees him. Tanha sa kuch…..plays…. They see a shooting star. She thinks its said that we get what we pray at the time we see a shooting star. He thinks if its true, I would pray that Lord forgives me that I m mocking the beautiful relation of marriage. Mannat prays to get courage to tell him the truth. She thinks I don’t want any problem to come in his marriage. Radhika calls out Shivaansh. He goes. Fans gather outside Oberoi mansion. Media is also there. Shivaansh attends them. He asks Sonya to come for an appearance. Sonya says oh no, my makeup, I can’t come in this state. She goes. Mannat comes to tell him everything. He holds her hand and gets her in front for getting pics clicked. Tere naam…plays…. He says no one will see your makeup from far, relax, you are behaving like…. He gets shocked seeing her. Varun comes and worries. Khanna and family members come. Sonya comes and asks what’s happening. Shivaansh leaves Mannat’s hand. He asks what are you doing here.

Shivani says I think Shivaansh’s bride got swapped. Khanna jokes. Sonya says doesn’t matter, duplicates are used instead stars. Varun calls Mannat and threatens her. He asks her to show results. He says you have just one syringe now, you have to do this, else your Munni will die. She says no, I will do something. Its morning, Radhika and Shivani handle arrangements. Nani asks Shivaansh to touch the bangles, its for Sonya. He asks her not to involve him in all this. Mannat goes to Shivaansh, holding the bangles. Shivaansh turns and keeps his hand on the bangles plate. Tanha sa kuch…..plays…. He goes. Servant asks Mannat to give the glass of juice of Sonya. She takes the juice. She sees Sonya getting ready. She tries to inject the liquid. She does it and gives the juice to Sonya.

Mannat thinks how can I put one’s life in risk to save the other. She collides with Sonya and makes the glass fall down. She runs out and cries, praying to Lord. Shivani asks her to take halwa to Shivaansh, and make him touch it. Mannat thinks it will be too late if I don’t tell this to Shivaansh. Varun sees Sonya taking selfies. He thinks Mannat is useless. He takes disguise of bride and goes in. He drugs the water. Sonya drinks the water. Varun comes to her. She gets shocked and asks who are you. She faints. He asks his aide to take her. He thinks Sonya is handled, what about Mannat, she may reach Shivaansh. Mannat writes danger on the haldi bowl and thinks to tell everything to Shivaansh. Nani asks Shivaansh to touch the haldi, then it will be applied to his would be wife. Shivaansh asks why did you write danger on it. Varun jokes that marriage is not less than any danger. Shivaansh touches the haldi. Mannat cries. Nani asks Mannat to give haldi to Sonya. She is about to drop bowl. Shivaansh and Mannat hold the bowl. Tere naam….plays…. The haldi gets on her hands from his hand.

Shivaansh holds Mannat’s hand. Haldi gets on her hand. Shivani says this is… Shivaansh says don’t…. Mannat goes. She removes the veil and cries thinking I missed this chance, Munni is in danger there, and here Shivaansh, what shall I do. Shivaansh gets ready. Shivani, Radhika and Dhruv come. They compliment him. Shivaansh jokes. Radhika says your fav uncles have sent this shagun. He asks did Om and Rudra send this for me. Radhika says they want to fulfill a bit of Shivaye and Anika’s duties. He says even I miss them. Mannat says how do I tell him. She sees Varun and says I can tell this to Varun, he will inform Shivaansh.

Varun sees her. She says I have to talk to you. She shows her face. He asks you here. She says someone has sent me here to ruin Shivaansh’s marriage and kidnap Sonya, I m finding Shivaansh, I don’t understand anything. He asks what, just relax, I will talk to Shivaansh, don’t tell this to anyone. Nani calls him. He goes and thinks mad girl, she is telling me about my plan, I have to do something fast, else she will ruin my plan. Mannat comes to Sonya’s room and calls her out. She doesn’t see Sonya. Varun threatens her about Munni again. He says I had to do your work. She says don’t hurt Munni. He says I gave you enough chances, this is your last chance, else forget Munni. She says no. He says you have to sit in mandap instead Sonya and marry Shivaansh.

She asks what, how can I do this. He asks her to think, if she wants Munni safe, she has to marry Shivaansh.
He asks her to check her phone. She finds Munni captive and crying. She cries. He says its okay if you agree for marriage, else Munni will die. He counts down. She begs him and says I will marry, don’t do anything to Munni. He says good girl, if you try to tell anyone, you and Munni won’t get saved, go and get ready, its your marriage today. She says I told Varun, if he tells Shivaansh, then Munni…. I have to find Varun. She stops Varun. He says I m going to tell Shivaansh, come with me. She says no, it was my mistake, don’t tell him anything. He asks is Shivaansh in danger. She says no, forget it. He says you scared me, fine, I won’t tell him anything. He thinks I m doing this to get Shivaansh’s property. Shivaansh wears the pagdi and accessories. He thinks this marriage is fake, but this happiness isn’t fake, I m doing so wrong with you.

Mannat gets ready. She sees her bangles and cries. She says I have to keep faith, I m cheating Shivaansh, if I don’t do this, I will lose Munni. Shivaansh comes to her. She puts on the veil. He thanks Sonya for doing all this for him. He says marriage decision is a big one, I m sure you will have dreams, you are keeping wishes aside and marrying me, I really appreciate that. She thinks he is right, marriage is a big decision, Shivaansh and Sonya will have dreams, how can I play with their feelings, I should tell him everything. She holds his hand. Tere naam…plays…. Varun comes and asks Shivaansh to come, there is less time for mahurat. Shivaansh goes. Mannat thinks if I don’t do anything, I will get married to Shivaansh. Shivaansh comes downstairs. Everyone smiles. They dance and hug him. Shivaansh asks Khanna did he talk to the actor who will play fake pandit. Varun asks why. Shivaansh says pandit has to be fake for fake marriage. Varun says don’t worry, I will get him. Shivaansh thanks him and hugs. Varun thinks marriage is happening for real, just see how I get real pandit.

Mannat is brought to mandap. Nani hugs Shivaansh. She asks him to always stay happy. Mannat thinks Nani is happy, I m cheating all of them, its better I run away and find Munni. She tries to go. Varun asks are you going to find Munni, but Munni is here. She sees Munni behind Shivaansh. Shivaansh asks Munni is she fine. She nods. Varun says you got Munni, now look a her well, see the red light behind her back, marriage will happen else the blast, just sit in mandap, else everyone will die with Munni here.

He asks where are your parents. Mannat thinks she is my Munni, her life is in risk. She holds Munni. Munni runs away. Nani says pandit is here, Sonya come here. She gives Mannat’s hand to Shivaansh, and says today my Mannat got fulfilled. Tere naam…plays…. Nani blesses them. Shivaani goes away. He says I can’t cheat Nani, even if this marriage is fake, I cant do this. Varun says look there, Nani looks happy, your lie gave her a reason to live, do you want to snatch her happiness, do you want to see her ill, look at Shivani, she forgot the sorrow of her broken marriage alliance, many people are happy for you. He takes Shivaansh back. Shivaansh hugs Nani. Mannat thinks Shivaansh is good towards his family, how shall I tell him about the kidnapper, kidnapper is here and watching me.

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