Game of Love Update Wednesday 18 September 2019


Game of Love Update Wednesday 18 September 2019

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Om asks Tej to do something. Tej says we can’t do anything, Shivaye’s fingerprints matched, he killed Nancy. Anika stops Bhavya and says no, he is innocent, you know what he has done to save me, he can give his life to save someone, how can he kill someone. Bhavya says I understand your emotions, but evidences are against him, let police do its duty. Anika shouts please listen to me, he is innocent. Om says nothing will happen to Shivaye. Mohit looks on. Shivaye shuts the door. Bhavya knocks door and asks him to open the door. They break the door and get in. Bhavya looks around. Everyone comes there. Anika asks where did Shivaye go. Bhavya says he has run away. Shivaye runs on the road. Mohit gets angry. Police is after Shivaye. He hides behind some cars. Lawyer says we have applied for anticipatory

bail, but Shivaye did a mistake by running away, one who runs away is guilty. Bhavya says not just who runs away, also those who helped him are also guilty. Tej and Om ask what do you mean, we made him run away.
Rudra says we are Oberois, we respect the law. Bhavya says there is murder blame on Shivaye. Rudra says he is innocent. She says he would have not run away if he was innocent. He shouts. He asks her not to forget that Shivaye has invited her in party and treated her like a family member. She says law doesn’t see emotions, but right and wrong, I know he is your brother, but he is a criminal for the law. Rudra says he is innocent, if your law can’t see his truth, its fine, I will prove that he is innocent. Inspector doesn’t see Shivaye. Shivaye hides under the car. He comes out. Police leaves.

He says I was support system of my family, everyone needs me, how long can I run this way, I have to find the real murderer, I will get some clue in that clip. Rudra gets water for Anika and says everything will get fine, don’t worry. Anika cries and says I m worried for Shivaye, don’t know he is fine or not. Anika gets a call. Bhavya says answer the call. Anika refuses. Bhavya says even then we will find out what we want, we are tapping all calls, I m sure its Shivaye’s call, ask him where is he. Anika answers the call. Shivaye says Anika. She asks how are you, are you okay. He says sorry, I should have not run away, I had to run to prove my innocence, its not just about me, but also of your and family respect, I have to find the real murderer, its a tough situation, you have to take care of everyone in my absence, I promise I will come back soon, I will fix everything, I want that CCTV footage, maybe I get some lead from it.

Bhavya asks which footage, if you are innocent, surrender to police. Shivaye ends call. Om signs Rudra. Rudra goes. Bhavya asks which footage was he talking about. Anika says I don’t know. Rudra goes to room and says I have to send footage to Shivaye before this reaches Bhavya. Bhavya says it will be better for you if you tell me. She asks Om to understand and explain them, if criminal is on loose, case gets complicated. Om says my brother isn’t any criminal, ask your law to find him. Bhavya asks where is Rudra. Priyanka says its our house, we can go anywhere we want, we don’t want your permission. Rudra sends footage to Shivaye.

Bhavya comes there. Inspector calls her out and says we need time to call phones of everyone. Bhavya says I don’t care, tap their mobiles and even landline, I m sure Shivaye will call again. Rudra shuts laptop. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was doing my work. She asks were you sending cctv footage to Shivaye, give me pendrive. He says this has my hot pics. She says stop nonsense, give it to me. He puts pendrive in water jug. She scolds him. He says you are eager to come close to me. She leaves his collar. He says I m much handsome, girls like me. She asks him to shut up. She says we will get the video, we will reach Shivaye. She asks inspector to track Shivaye’s current location. Shivaye gets video. He checks the time. Inspector says we got Shivaye’s location traced.

Anika says we should call Shivaye and tell him that police traced his location. Om says we can’t do this, our phones are tapped. Anika says police will arrest him. Rudra says don’t worry, if police is smart, Shivaye is super smart, I m sure he has some plan. Shivaye recalls his words and says I left at 3, how is this video showing 4.30. Bhavya is on the way. Shivaye says I got Nancy in corridor, she followed me, I asked her to leave and fainted, it was 3, Nancy was murdered at 4.30, what happened between those timings. Bhavya says I thought Shivaye is smart to throw his phone, but he is still with his phone and he will get caught. Shivaye hears police siren. He sees a man driving off and opens the dickey. Bhavya reaches there and says dot is moving here, follow that car right now. Police follows that car. She stops the car and asks the man to open the dickey, she has to check the car. She checks dickey.

Bhavya gets Shivaye’s phone in dickey and says he has left his phone to mislead us, we underestimated him. Shivaye thinks to find out what happened between 3 and 4.30. Anika says police went to catch Shivaye, how shall I call him, what shall I do. She cries. Shivaye collides with people on road. He says I wish everything is fine at home, I can’t even call, police would have tapped their phones, I hope Anika is fine. She says Shivaye and cries….. He says Anika and looks around. Anika imagines him. He wipes her tears. He sings Main yahan hoon……. He hugs her and takes care of her. He puts her to sleep. He disappears. She looks around. Shivaye sleeps on the roadside bench. Its morning, everyone sees the news. Tej switches off the tv. He says our name and reputation got ruined because

of Shivaye, everyone is calling us, how to answer them, our company stocks crashed. Anika says he is innocent, he is more worried than us. Om asks you mean Shivaye killed Nancy. Tej says the world is saying this. Jhanvi says we know him.
Rudra says he is innocent. Om says you have any idea about our loss. Om says life is ahead of business and loss. Tej says you both got this empire readymade, ask me who has made this empire by hardwork. Om says you did this for yourself and empire, Shivaye did everything for this family. Rudra says nothing is imp than Shivaye. Tej says Shivaye didn’t tell you before running away. Om says he knows we are always with him, we can’t expect this from you, if you didn’t care for family respect, you would have not applied for bail. Tej shouts. Media comes and asks about Shivay’s escape and his crime. Om says we don’t need to answer you. Mohit comes and says no one can save Shivaye, he will be punished for his crime, help people to catch Shivaye, whoever tells his whereabouts, I will give 20 lakhs reward to that person.

Shivaye enters a hotel and rushes to washroom. He hears men talking about him. The man says there is 20 lakhs reward on him, he will be caught now. The man sees Shivaye. Shivaye worries and applies foam on face. The man says excuse me, I felt, nothing…. The men think Shivaye would be hiding somewhere from police. They go. Shivaye comes to lobby and hides seeing police. He holds newspaper in front to hide face. He asks waiter to get black coffee for him. He hears men talking about Taj’s show. The man says we are bearing loss as Taj’s show got cancelled, its destiny, I spoke to Taj, he said his wife is coming to see his show, he asked me to book a room for her, I booked it, I got to know that his wife got murderer. Shivaye thinks Nancy came with him and stayed at our house, why did he say that his wife is coming and asked for room booking.

He gives his card for payment. The manager gets the payment slip and reads his name. Manager shows Shivaye to police. Shivaye shouts bomb. Everyone runs. Shivaye checks system file and gets room details of Mrs. Mohit Malhotra. He says why did Mohit book room for Nancy on the day when we had the party at home. Bhavya comes and sees him. He takes the keys and runs upstairs. She shouts to him. Bhavya looks for him and asks hotel staff. Shivaye hides and goes. He finds the room locked and tries keys. Bhavya comes there and says inspector, come up, he is hiding on 7th floor, check every room, I want the whole room upstairs.

Mohit loses focus when he tries tricks. The cloth burns. He blows off the fire. He cries and says I miss you, I m incomplete without you, you are not with me, I m not able to concentrate even on small tricks. Anika comes there. He says it will be better that you leave right away. She says I know you are worried, I will just say, you know Shivaye, do you think he can kill someone, the murderer is on the loose. He says ya right, real murderer is on the loose, I will even keep one crore reward on him. She says I know Shivaye is innocent. He says you are cheating yourself, you have seen how he was forcing himself on Nancy.

You love him a lot and can’t see his true face, he doesn’t love you, he got attracted to Nancy, when she refused, he killed her in anger, its your choice to accept this truth. She says this is not truth, whatever is between Shivaye and me, its ours, he isn’t a murderer, he will surely prove his innocence. He throws a glass and break the mirror. She looks on and goes. He cries.

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