Game of Love Update Tuesday 3 September 2019


Game of Love Update Tuesday 3 September 2019

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Dadi asks Shivaye to do the ritual if pandit had said so. She asks pandit to come and have lunch. Shivaye sees Anika and goes to Tia. Om says wait, pandit said you have to make your wife wear this anklet. Rudra stops Anika. Shivaye asks is it necessary to have this drama. Rudra says no, its fun, you want to make Tia wear anklets, fine, but next time. Om says for a change, lets have some fun, Shivaye has to make his wife wear these anklets, we will see if he can do this without seeing her.

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Shivaye says I don’t want to do this. Rudra says we want to see your and your wife’s connection, you need to find your wife among these few girls. Shivaye says I can find my wife among many girls, I mean the one whom I regard my wife by my heart, what shall I do. Rudra says you have to get blindfold and identity your

wife. Shivaye gets blindfold. Rudra says go and find your wife.
Om stops Anika. Shivaye goes towards Tia. Tia smiles. Rudra sees Anika and shouts Bhabhi, fire. Shivaye holds Anika’s hand and pulls her away. He removes blindfold and asks are you fine. He checks her. Omru smile. Shivaye says you like to get yourself burnt, right. Om claps and says you couldn’t see but knew where is Anika standing. Rudra says you said right, you can find your wife any way. Daksh asks Shivaye to make Tia wear anklets. Payal calls Tia. Shivaye sits to make her wear anklets. Rudra taunts wow, anklets in feet and in phone too. Tia goes. Om pushes Anika. Shivaye makes Anika wear the anklets. He says everyone has come to know, my wife is…. Om says Anika…. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Anika. Daksh asks what was that, why did you come here, plan flopped because of you. Tia slaps him and says plan flopped because of you, you didn’t answer Payal’s call, so she called me. She goes.

Anika smiles and gets happy seeing anklet. Shivaye comes and asks her to remove the anklet. He says you think you are smart. She says I m smart. He says you are clever, you got these anklets by cheat. She says pandit also said your wife should wear this, my husband made me wear it, I won’t remove it, take permission from my husband else you remove it. Biwi no. 1 ….plays…. She says you need to bow down if you want to remove the anklets, I know you won’t bow down. She goes dancing. He throws things in anger. He sees his cufflink and says how did my cufflink come here in Anika’s belongings. He checks his clothes for the cufflink. He recalls Anika’s words. He says it means Anika was saying true that day. He goes downstairs. Om asks what happened. Shivaye asks did you see Anika. Anika shouts Shivaye. Rudra says its Anika’s voice. Om says from Priyanka’s room. They rush to Priyanka’s room. Anika shows Priyanka. Shivaye rushes to Priyanka.

Priyanka opens eyes and cries. Shivaye says I knew you would never leave me. They smile. Shivaye asks Om to call doctor. Dadi says you were here, but it feels like you have returned after ages. Dadi cries happily. Priyanka asks why are you crying now. Shivaye says its tears of happiness, let them flow, I have waited a lot to talk to you. Rudra says I really missed you, I was bored, I had nobody to irritate. Anika cries and turns to go. Shivaye sees her and goes after her. She asks do you want something. He says yes, did Priyanka get up in front of you. She says yes, i was talking to her and saw slight movement in her, so I called you. He says its good she had someone from family, she regards you family. He stops her and says nothing. He goes.

Daksh calls out Tia. He says where is she and calls her. Tia messages him… I m going away, I can’t face this insult, make sure Anika is out of Shivaye’s life till I come back. He says you lose so soon, I wanted to give you good news that Priyanka got fine, you gave me this shock, nobody can stop me from marrying Priyanka, I know how to handle Anika. Dadi asks tomorrow. Shivaye says yes. Om says Priyanka just recovered. Shivaye says I decided, Priyanka and Daksh will get married tomorrow. Dadi says don’t hurry, wait for some time, let her get fine. Shivaye says no, its too late already. He sees Anika and says I want to set things right, marriage will happen in evening, there is imp press conference in morning, I can’t tell anything now, I have to make an imp announcement. He asks Khanna to invite the best news channels and newspapers. He says its a big day for us, be prepared. Om asks Anika does she have any idea. Anika signs no.

Shivaye says we will reach venue on time, I don’t have time to check, I have a press conference. Daksh comes and hugs him. He says thank God Priyanka got fine. Shivaye says she had to get fine, it was not her mistake, one who is at fault will be punished. Daksh says of course, where is Priyanka, I can’t wait to see her. Anika comes and says you won’t change, tell the truth to Shviaye at least now. She says Shivaye, I know you won’t agree, but I will still say this guy isn’t right for Priyanka. Daksh says you are saying as if Priyanka is your sister. Anika says she is no less either, Shivaye you are making big mistake. Daksh says she is still trying to break my marriage, she is insulting me, if Tia sees this…. Shivaye says I will handle Tia, I know the truth. Daksh says I m scared that she

will instigate Priyanka against me. Shivaye says Anika will do what I say, she knows the consequences of going against me.
Anika says you are not doing right. He says I don’t need to learn this from you, don’t stress, focus on press conference, I thought it will be a surprise for you, I think I should tell you, I decided to transfer Priyanka’s shares and property to you, Priyanka also wants this. Daksh smiles. Shivaye says I m going to announce this today. Daksh hugs him. He thinks this is what I wanted, I didn’t know that it would happen so soon. He says thanks, you think a lot about me and Priyanka, but Priyanka is imp for me, not shares. Shivaye says I know what’s imp for you, Priyanka wants this, I never go against her wishes. Daksh says I know. Shivaye says we shall go, press must have arrived, come. Daksh goes with him.

Anika says I should also get ready for press conference. She applies sindoor and takes mangalsutra to wear. It drops. Shivaye comes and holds it. O jaana….plays…. She recalls the old moment when he broke the mangalsutra. She says its same mangalsutra, which you broke, why are you saving it today. He says Priyanka is calling you. He hands over mangalsutra and goes. Priyanka stops Shivaye. She says what did you think, I won’t know anything, you have hidden such a big thing, but why. She makes Anika stand with Shivaye. She says I can’t believe you both got married. She hugs them and says I m very happy. Shivaye says I will explain.

She says no need to explain, its a good thing, I m very happy, I m feeling bad for Tia, you could have never found a wife like Anika, she is the best, when did you guys fell in love, I never imagined that you guys love each other, we didn’t know you can be so romantic. She hugs them. They hold Priyanka. Shivaye gets his hand away. He says press conference will start, I shall go. Priyanka says I m sure you will take care of Shivaye, he has been taking care of her, we shared problems with him, he had no one with whom he could share problems, joy and sorrow, we have a big family, still he has been lonely, he is hot tempered, stubborn and rude, but he is good at heart, he will keep you very happy, just give him some time. Anika says he is a riddle for me, but I know he can do anything for his family, especially you. She hugs Priyanka.

Tyagi asks why did you call this press conference. Shivaye says to show you that I keep my word, I fulfilled my promise and got Daksh Kapoor. He calls Daksh. Daksh comes there. He says I went from marriage mandap that day, you started accusing Priyanka, I left the venue as I was unwell, really sorry Shivaye, Priyanka I have done wrong, forgive me. Priyanka says its okay. Shivaye says everything happens for the good, and whatever doesn’t happen is for the best. Tyagi asks did you call us to make Daksh apologize. Daksh says no, actually. Shivaye says let me talk now. Daksh thinks I m also waiting for this moment, I wish Tia could see how amazing I m, she will see this on news channel that Shivaye transferred Priyanka’s shares and property to me. Shivaye says sometimes we wish something and something else happens…. I have a surprise for you, Anika….. Anika comes. Dadi and everyone look on. Shivaye says don’t be afraid Daksh, Anika has brought a gift for you, Anika give it to him. Anika slaps Daksh. Omru and everyone get shocked.

Daksh asks what’s this misbehavior. Shivaye says you did wrong and this is the answer, Priyanka do you have to say something to Daksh. Priyanka goes to Daksh and raises hand. He turns away. She slaps him with the other hand. Daksh falls down. Everyone gets shocked.

Shivaye says last instalment is still there. Payal comes and slaps Daksh. Tyagi asks what’s happening Mr. Oberoi. Shivaye says these three will tell you. Payal says this man lied to me that he loved me, he made a false promise that he will marry me, then he had kidnapped me so that he could marry Priyanka. Priyanka says this man wanted to marry me so that he gets our property and money. Anika pushes Daksh and asks what did you to me, you forced yourself on me, you think you can do anything if a girl is alone.

Shivaye says I called you here to publicly expose this man, so that he can never use any woman’s emotions, the world should know Daksh’s truth, the problem is with the society, the women don’t raise voice against such men, as we have forced them to stay silent, everyone blames the girl if the marriage is called off, if she says that a guy forced himself on her, the girl is blamed, if a girl says that a guy made a false promise of marriage, people blame that girl, truth us, guys like Daksh are wrong, but they get saved, because they are boys, the truth is one who harasses girls is characterless, our society judges girls in a wrong manner, I have made this mistake too, I doubted Anika, truth is Anika is not characterless, Daksh is characterless, Daksh did mistake, but I have made a big mistake, I kept believing Daksh’s lie, I got blinded by my love for my sister, I wasn’t aware of the truth, I did wrong with Anika, I want to apologize to her in front of you all.

He says I know I have no right to apologize, you shouldn’t forgive me, but I would like to apologize to Anika in front of everyone today, I m sorry Anika. Anika looks at him.

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