Game of Love Update Thursday 19 September 2019


Game of Love Update Thursday 19 September 2019

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Bhavya looks for Shivaye. He hides behind the vase. She goes. Shivaye enters the room. Everyone sees the news. Om tries to talk to commissioner. Rudra handles media. Tej handles work on call. She says Shivaye isn’t related to it, I will handle that project. Om says its Shivaye’s dream project. Tej says you think he will deal with them by sitting in jail. Jhanvi says he has worked day and night for this project. Tej says profit is zero, the company wants to cancel the deal, I won’t tolerate this, so I m removing him from the company. Anika says Shivaye needs his family, he will break down if we don’t support him. Tej says we will shatter if we support him. Rudra asks how can you be so selfish. Tej says I don’t need to ask you anything, you can’t imagine how much time and hardwork is needed

to cover this loss. Rudra says you don’t realize what he is going through. Jhanvi says don’t know why is so bad happening with him.
Dadi comes and says this had to happen. Omru hug her. Dadi says I know why this happened, since Anika’s unlucky steps came in this house, we just got sorrow, I thought to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a grand way, but Shivaye is not at home. Tej says Ganesh ji will come home like every year, we will celebrate it grandly. Shivaye checks luggage tag by Mrs. Malhotra’s name. He thinks how can this happen, Mohit and Nancy were staying in Oberoi mansion that time. He sees a dress and says where did I see this dress. He recalls Nancy. He says maybe Nancy has worn this dress that day. Someone asks who’s there. He says whose voice can it be. Bhavya asks team to find Shivaye. Shivaye goes to check. Someone wearing hood comes from outside and hits the vase on Shivaye’s head. Shivaye faints.

Dadi asks what are you saying Tej, how can we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi without Billu. Tej says we get Ganesh ji home, its a family tradition, shall we break it this time. Om says we can’t be stone hearted, Shivaye is in problem and you are thinking to celebrate. Rudra says we won’t celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi this year. He asks Anika not to worry, dad is angry, he knows what Shivaye means to us. Om says everything will get fine. She cries. Tej asks when will you stop praising Shivaye, like he is Lord. He asks Dadi to understand, he is also family member, why should everything be according to Shivaye. He goes.

Shivaye wakes up and sees Bhavya. She says you have run a lot, the game is over now. He says I didn’t murder Nancy, I m finding her murderer, its a big conspiracy against me, I m sure that person has hit me and I fainted. She says I would have believed you if you didn’t run away, criminals run away this way, its our work to find murderer. He says law wants evidence and evidence can be fake too, if I didn’t run away, no one can prove my innocence, give me some time, I will bring the murderer out. She asks him to say everything in court. She takes him out. Media questions him. Dadi says Tej isn’t wrong, but we don’t wish to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi without Shivaye. Khanna asks them to see news fast. They see Shivaye’s arrest news and cry. Rudra says I won’t leave her. Anika asks them to save Shivaye.

Dadi says you are responsible for this, he is facing problems since you came in his life. Anika cries. Om asks Priyanka to console Anika. Omru rush. Bhavya answers the reporters. Shivaye sees the key fallen out of constable’s pocket. He says your key has fallen down. Constable bends to pick. Shivaye hits him and picks key. He runs away. Bhavya follows. A car comes in between. Shivaye disappears. Bhavya gets shocked. She calls commissioner and says Shivaye has escaped again, don’t worry, he can’t hide for long, police is posted everywhere. Shivaye hides seeing police. He hears men talking about him. He says police is finding me everything, I can be safe only at one place, Oberoi mansion, but how will I go there.

Its morning, everyone sits sad. Dadi says its first time that Ganesh ji didn’t step in this house, we have to break this tradition unwillingly. Tej says we are breaking it by our wish. Jhanvi asks how can we celebrate this festival. Dadi says we can’t celebrate happiness with a sorrowful heart. Om says if Shivaye was here, we would have celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, how to celebrate when he is in problem. Rudra says Dadi always says, Lord listens to our prayers if made by heart, Shivaye is the heart of this house, if he isn’t here, what’s the use to get Ganpati ji here. Priyanka says its Anika’s first Chaturthi in this house, it would have been good if Shivaye was with us, we would have celebrated it together. Rudra says sorry, we are not celebrating it. Priyanka says yes, we know how much first festival matters to a new bride in her Sasural, sorry, it got spoiled. Anika says why are you saying this, festivals look good when family is together, in that case, every day is a festive, don’t cry, Shivaye can see anything, but not tears in your eyes, I have total faith that Shivaye will come back soon and we all will welcome Ganpati ji.

They hear dhol sound. They all see some people coming in and spreading colors. Deva shree Ganesha ……plays…… Someone gets Ganpati idol. Everyone gets shocked.

Shivaye in disguise, gets Ganpati home. Tej asks who are you. Shivaye asks don’t you know Ganpati ji. Tej says I m talking about you, how did you come in my house without permission. Shivaye says I stand where there are big matters. He gets in front. He keeps the idol and says I m Majnu singh Awara. FB shows Shivaye saying I will be safe just in Oberoi mansion, I can’t go this way. He takes a disguised look. Tej says that’s a strange name. Shivaye says just a Laila makes a Majnu, I have become Majnu after a Laila. Tej asks and Awara? Shivaye says I m Kunwara and a bit Awara. Dadi asks where do you belong. Shivaye says I belong here now, bless me, I m born in Udaipur and brought up in Patiala. Jhanvi says your getup is strange. He says getup changes with time. Om says we don’t know you. Shivaye

says swear on Lord, didn’t Shivaye tell you about me.
Anika asks did Shivaye send you, where is he, is he fine, please tell me. Shivaye says don’t worry, everything will get fine, I have come here, think Shivaye has come home. Tej and Anika ask where is Shivaye. Shivaye says I don’t know, he called me and asked me to take Ganpati to Oberoi mansion so that Ganpati solves all your problems. Dadi says he is in pain and still he worries for us and family traditions. Tej says how shall we believe that Shivaye has sent you. Shivaye calls him Bade papa. Everyone stares.

He says Shivaye calls you Bade Papa and believes by heart too, Shivaye told me that he has two brothers, one Dilwala and one Dolewala. Dadi asks how do you know Shivaye. He says we are best friends, Shivaye had my dish and became my fan, I m special Shahi chef, I have magic in my hands, someone come from far to have my special dishes, I have come here from far for friendship, Shivaye asked me to take care of you all in his absence, till he comes back, think I m your Billu. Dadi blesses him and says I really felt that my Billu has come, he also used to get Ganpati home every year. Tej says Shivaye isn’t here, but controlling everything. Shivaye says he has sent this, he didn’t wish you all to forget celebrating happiness, being sad in his sorrow, you are here after many years, he wants Ganesh Chaturthi to be celebrated in grand way. Anika cries.

He says Shivaye has sent something for you. She asks what. He gives a tissue and says Shivaye didn’t wish Anika to cry, he wants you to welcome Ganesh ji with a smile. She says Shivaye….. He asks them to welcome Ganpati ji. Dadi asks Omru to place Ganpati ji. Om asks without Shivaye. Anika says we will do this for Shivaye and his happiness, Ganpati Bappa will end all his problems. Shivaye asks the people to play dhol. Omru get the idol. Deva shree ganesha….plays…. The idol bends back. Shivaye supports and holds the idol in time. Everyone looks at him. They together keep the idol. Everyone prays. Morya….plays…. Shivaye thanks Lord for making him meet his family. He prays to get courage to prove his innocence and find Nancy’s real murderer.

Shivaye sees Mohit and thinks where is he going. Om stops Mohit and asks where are you going. Mohit says far from this house, I can’t live in my wife’s murderer’s home, Shivaye killed my wife and my magic too, I m incomplete without my wife, I m not able to do a small trick. Shivaye comes to him. Mohit asks who are you. Omru say Shivaye has sent him to take care of us. Shivaye says I m Majnu Singh Awara, you can’t go anywhere, Shivaye has especially asked me to take care of you, Ganpati has come home, he will feel bad if you go, stay here, give me the bag, I will send this to your bag, tell me what do you want to have, I will cook anything you want. Mohit goes to his room. Rudra says I hope everything gets fine, at least Anika and Dadi start having food. Shivaye asks Rudra to keep bag in Mohit’s room. Rudra asks why. Shivaye says to know that these muscles are not just show piece, where is kitchen, I will cook food today. Shivaye prepares food.

Anika comes there. She asks did you make all this, you made it so quick. He says I thought I got late, you are doubting on my talent. She says you kept kitchen clean, now I m sure you are Shivaye’s friend, he also keeps kitchen clean when he cooks. He says he can’t cook like me, you have my food once, you will forget his food. She says I don’t agree, you maybe good cook, but no one can cook better than him. He says you believe him a lot. She says he is my belief, I can’t believe that he can kill anyone, I regret that he is innocent and even then he is bearing punishment, real murderer is on the loose. She cries. He goes to hold her face and stops. He says stop crying, Shivaye won’t like it, else I will….

He gets a flour bowl and puts his face in it. She looks at him and asks what did you do. He says I got a facepack. She laughs. She says you are funny. He says you are really good, keep smiling. He tells Punjabi saying and cleans his glasses. She laughs and goes.

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