Game of Love Update Monday 9 September 2019


Game of Love Update Monday 9 September 2019

Nikhil asks what are you trying to say. Anika says we both know that we don’t love each other, we have grown up together, we were friends, so I agreed to your marriage proposal, now I m able to see myself closely, I don’t think we are made for each other, else I would have not got married to Shivaye, I can’t marry you, apologize to your parents on my behalf. He asks is this a joke, you can’t call off a wedding. She says you also left me in the middle of the mandap, I m not taking revenge, else the matter would have not reached here. He asks what will Shivaye thinks. She says I will talk to him, I can’t marry, so marriage cancelled. She goes.

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Nikhil asks are haldi arrangements done, I will call up Nikhil. Priyanka says its done and goes. Anika comes and says you don’t need to call him.

He asks why. She says I m very happy. He asks why. She says you won’t understand, a married girl can’t marry again, Billu ji please we have talked on this topic before. He asks what do you mean, why did you call me Billu. She says Shivaye did wrong, but Billu has fixed everything. He asks what. She says I know we shouldn’t have married that way, you realized your mistake and apologized, you are trying to set things fine, but don’t make everything wrong, certain things need to be understood. He says I will get ready for your haldi. She says its our haldi. He says your and Nikhil’s haldi. She says I m not getting married. He asks why. She says I told that I m already married, its a crime to remarry in such case, you want to send me to jail right. He says we signed the divorce papers.
She says no, Billu signed it, see. He says I didn’t mean, by mistake. She says its fate, not a mistake, whatever happens is by fate, fate united us, maybe that’s why we are still together, fights, misunderstandings, anger, even then we are together, we left everything on fate. He says I only know that I want you to be happy, you will be happy when you marry the person who keeps you happy. She says what if I say my happiness lies in being with my husband, I m married, I have your name sindoor and mangalsutra, so I can’t marry Nikhil. He asks why do you have a problem when I don’t have. She asks you won’t care if anyone calls me wife. He says no. She says I will leave and won’t see you again, you won’t care. He says yes. She asks sure. He says I m sure. She throws water on his face. She says now tell me, does it matter. He says no. She says I will also see how it doesn’t matter to you. She goes.

Priyanka calls Shivaye and says everything is ready, tell me when to start function. Shivaye asks is Anika ready. Anika comes and says yes, when do you want to apply haldi. She asks Gauri to call him Jija ji. Om says sorry, its imp to capture this moment. Priyanka says make a video to send it to Rudra, say it Gauri. Shivaye asks have you all gone mad. Gauri asks how can I call him Jija ji, because I will call him Jiju, it looks so cute. Om makes video and sends to Rudra. Tej and Jhanvi come. Tej says you al look much happy. Om, Priyanka and Shivaye hug them. Shivaye says you gave me a big surprise. Jhanvi says you gave us a big surprise, isn’t that Anika, your wife? Om says yes, that’s Anika. Tej says I didn’t expect this from you Shivaye, you didn’t even inform us that you got married, we are not your parents, but we have a right to know, you didn’t bother to take our blessing. Shivaye says you are more imp than my parents. Anika says we made a mistake, please forgive us, young ones always need elders’ blessings, if you bless us, we will think you have forgiven us. Tej and Jhanvi bless them. Priyanka says Anika is so sweet. Jhanvi says she is sensible too. Anika winks to Shivaye. Priyanka says you could have not arrived on a better time, its Anika’s haldi today. Jhanvi asks what. Tej asks why is this rasam happening after marriage. Anika says marriage happened in haste, this affected Shivaye, so we are doing pre-marriage functions now, right Shivaye, tell Jhanvi. Om and Priyanka laugh. Om asks why are you blushing. Jhanvi says don’t pull his leg. Anika says he is the sweetest husband. Shivaye asks them to take rest, they are imp than haldi rasam.

Jhanvi asks Om to call Rudra and ask when is he coming. Om says he will call back when he wakes up. Tej asks how is business running. Om says perfect, Shivaye cracked the Australian deal. Tej asks what did you do. Om says the deal belongs to both of us. Tej says Shivaye will get the credit, he will go ahead of you. Om says he is my brother, I will be glad if that happens. Tej says he isn’t your own brother. Om says he is more than my own brother. Tej says who leaves parents to run after cousins, we have a bad fate that our sons love Shivaye more than us. Om says the day who forget this difference, you will understand why Rudra and I love Shivaye so much, will you get angry just on me, what about Rudra, I know you love coffee, I will send special coffee for you. He goes. Tej says when will he turn smart, what are you thinking. She says about Shivaye, who will think about him if we don’t, I feel there is some problem, he isn’t comfortable with this marriage. Tej says he didn’t ask us before marrying. She says he never keeps secrets from me, there is something he is hiding something.

Shivaye calls Nikhil and says why isn’t he answering. Anika says Tej and Jhanvi will be happy seeing our haldi. Shivaye says I know I should have told them our marriage truth. She asks why, everything is fine. He says your and Nikhil’s marriage… She says I m married to you, I have a husband like you, I m not interested to marry again, our loves and fates are intertwined, they can’t be detangled now, I m your wife, you are my husband, you are not agreeing, come for haldi. He says I won’t do haldi rasam with you. She says you will have the rasam with me, I challenge you, you will come to me and apply haldi to me before the day ends, you will prove how much you care for me. He says it doesn’t matter to me. She says we shall see. She goes. Biwi no 1…plays… Khanna says special lilies ordered from Paris have arrived, decorators are putting them up. Anika sneezes. Gauri asks what happened. Om asks have you caught a cold. Anika says no its an allergy. Om asks why. Gauri says she is allergy to some flower. Anika says Lily. Priyanka comes. Gauri says Anika is allergic to Lilies. Shivaye looks on.

Shivaye says I know I had ordered them, but all the lilies should be removed from Oberoi mansion, that’s my problem, you will get the full payment, do as I say. He asks Khanna to just do this. Khanna says they are worth 25 lakhs. Shivaye says the thing that bothers Anika shouldn’t here, throw the flowers away. Khanna goes. Anika comes and says you care for me so much, just because I sneezed, you have got the flowers worth 25 lakhs thrown away, and then you say you don’t care for me. Shivaye says I would have done the same for Khanna, I don’t care. He goes. She smiles and says you do care, you are stubborn, its fine, if you are Tadibaaz, then I m khidkitok, I will make you admit that you care. Om says just show me once. Gauri says how many times will you see. He says I have to click a pic. She

says no, Chutku will have problem with flash, Anika and I named him. Om says I will off the flash, just one pic. She opens the box.
He smiles and clicks a pic. He says if I were an artist, I would have made its painting. She says yes, now just have the photo. He sees Shivaye coming. She sees Anika coming. They throw the cockroach at Anika. Anika shouts Shivaye…. Om and Gauri go. Shivaye asks what happened. Anika shows the cockroach. Shivaye shouts cockroach. She steps on the dining table. He shouts Khanna, security, get the help, I m calling pest control. She says do something. He says I can’t help, I m scared of cockroach and all animals. Om and Gauri come and ask where is the cockroach. Om asks shall I do something. Gauri says no, Jiju will do. Anika says I m fainting. Shivaye steps on the table and says I have caught the cockroach. He faints. They get shocked.

Gauri says he fainted. Anika says open your eyes, sorry, I thought if you save me, it will be proved that you care for me, but it went wrong. She sprinkles water. Shivaye holds her hand and opens eyes. She asks are you fine. He asks did you think I will agree by this stupid drama, you guys planned this stunt, I m not blind, I have saw Om and Gauri talking about Chutku, I can’t believe it, you have stooped to this level. Anika says I proved it, you took cockroach in your hand, it means you care for me. He says I would have done this for anyone. He goes. Gauri says he is james bond. Om says its not easy to fool him. Anika says we don’t have to fool him and just make him confess his feelings. Om asks how. She says I will plan something good. Priyanka comes to Jhanvi and asks how do you identify me all the time, did you miss me. Jhanvi says yes, I got this jewellery for Anika, put this in safe, I will give this to her during haldi. Priyanka talks to Rudra on call and asks Anika to keep the jewellery boxes in the safe. Anika says sure. Priyanka tells the safe password. She says the room gets locked automatically, put down the stopper, you will fall in problem if you get locked. Anika goes to the room and enters the lockers room. She puts on the door stopper. She keeps the jewellery boxes. Some books fall and stopper gets lifted. The door gets locked. Anika shouts Shivaye…..

Shivaye says this is the Australian deal file which you wanted to see, you guys stay here, the house seems incomplete without you and Jhanvi, we all need you. Tej says do you think its easy for me to stay away from my family, I had made this empire, but I had to leave this and go away, because of your dad, Shakti brought shame to this family, I was unable to answer people’s questions, I was forced to leave from here, I just hope you don’t turn our to be like your dad. Shivaye says I m not like him, I m like you. Tej says I seriously hope so, blood shows its color some time. Shivaye looks on and gets tearful eyes. Tej says its perfect, good. Shivaye leaves. Anika shouts to Shivaye, Gauri….Shivaye recalls Shakti and Pinky’s words. Anika shouts again. Gauri comes to Om. They ask each other not to be formal. She asks where is Anika, did you see her. He says I haven’t see her since long time. Jhanvi asks where are Shivaye and Anika. Shivaye comes. Jhanvi asks where is Anika. Shivaye asks did you say something. Jhanvi says we are asking where is Anika. Anika faints. Shivaye says she isn’t answering. Gauri says she isn’t in her room, her phone is there, she is at home. Khanna says no one saw Anika going out. Om says she is not at the poolside. Shivaye asks servant about her. Servant says I saw her going to room near the temple. Shivaye rushes to check the room. He opens the locker room and sees Anika.

Anika gets up. Jhanvi says thank God, we were so scared. Gauri says don’t know what would have happened if Shivaye didn’t reach on time. Jhanvi asks Shivaye to take care of her. They go. Shivaye sees Anika. She says I didn’t know that… He says enough, cockroach stunt was okay, hiding in the safe is ridiculous, you could have lost life, stop wasting time, genuinely, I don’t care. He asks where are you going. She asks why do you ask, you don’t care. She goes. Priyanka looks on. She says Anika didn’t do anything intentionally, I was talking to Rudra and gave jewellery boxes to Anika to keep in the safe, I gave her password and explained her about automatic locking system, maybe she didn’t understand and got locked. He says I told her so much, what shall I do now. She says go and convince her.

Tia gets angry and throws things. Daksh stops her and asks did you go mad. She slaps him. She says this is what you deserved, you ruined my plans, Priyanka and you were going to get married, Shivaye and I were going to get married, our financial problem was getting solved, you ruined everything. He says I know, but I promise I will fix everything. I will throw Anika out of Shivaye’s life, and then Shivaye will be yours, this time, I shall make it happen, you just watch the drama. She says we will see and goes.

Anika sits at pool side. Shivaye comes nand says I m… She says there is no need to apologize. He says I really thought that you intentionally…. She says we have been misunderstanding each other since the day we met. He says I have misunderstood you, I m sorry, don’t be angry on me, you can punish me as you want. She asks sure, I mean, will you do whatever I say. He says yes, you are my friend, tell me what can I do. She says fine, its simple, you have to apply haldi to me and say that you care for me, what happened, didn’t you understand. He says I understood, but this can’t happen. She asks why, its not rocket science. He says if its so easy, why don’t you apply it yourself, Lord gave you two hands, you should put them to use. He goes. She says I have two hands…..

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