Game of Love Update Monday 2 September 2019


Game of Love Update Monday 2 September 2019

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Dadi says I can’t expect you as my bahu. Om asks Anika to come. Daksh says this girl made your brothers against you, did you really marry her, why are you silent. Tia asks is this true. Shivaye says no. She asks why is she here. He says I know what to do, don’t worry. He comes to Anika and claps. He says I didn’t see such a clever and shameless girl like you, I thought you won’t show me your face, what are you doing here, you should be in my room, you shouted that you are my wife, come then, fulfill a wife’s duty. He takes her to room and shuts the door.

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He says you cry and fool people, you used Priyanka first, then Daksh, when you didn’t succeed, you tried on me and Nikhil, now my brothers, what magic you do that all the men get drawn to you, for the first time, my brothers went against

me, because of you. She says you are misunderstanding me. He says I couldn’t understand you, I wish I understood you, this would have not happened with my sisters, you fooled my brothers, don’t think you won, I never lose. She cries. He turns to go and stops. He sees the mangalsutra string stuck to his coat. She says this won’t solve soon, there is a court of justice where just truth wins, you also know what’s the truth. She frees the string from his coat.
Shivaye rests to sleep. She sits at poolside and feels cold. She sees the beads in hand. She tries to fix the mangalsutra. O jaana….plays…… He looks at her. She lies to sleep. He puts a blanket over her and goes. She sees him going. Shivaye asks till when will you sleep, wake up, I want to talk to you, are you annoyed with me, fight with me, scold me. Anika looks on. He says just talk to me. She thinks I can’t believe he is the same man who snatched my life’s biggest happiness, what’s his true color.

Its morning, Om says Khanna be careful, Dadi has kept Maha Mrityunjay jaap for Priyanka, nothing should go wrong. Om asks Rudra to get ready and ask Anika to get ready too. Rudra asks why, Dadi kept this for Priyanka’s long life, Shivaye will get angry seeing Anika, he will do tandav. Om says he has already done tandav, damage is done, we have to make this fine, Anika is Laxmi of the house, what’s the meaning if she doesn’t attend the puja. Rudra says Dadi didn’t accept her. Om says we accepted her, go and tell her to get ready, and you too get ready my brother. Rudra goes. He knocks the door and calls out Anika. He checks the room and says where did she go, I will find her. He walks by Shivaye’s room and gets shocked seeing Anika. He steps back and says what is she doing here, oh ya, they are married, Shivaye is shy, he will do anger publicly and love privately, anyway its none of my business. He goes to them.

Shivaye asks what happened. Rudra says I understood what’s happening. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says what should happen, Bhabhi… Shivaye looks at him. Rudra asks what look are you giving me, marriage has happened, don’t give me this dark look, I m talking to Bhabhi. He asks Anika to get ready and come in puja, Dadi kept it for Priyanka. Anika says I don’t have clothes or anything, I need clean clothes for puja. She says I want clothes… Shivaye says don’t come if you don’t have clothes, you aren’t needed there.

Rudra comes downstairs. Om asks are you not ready, did you tell Anika. Rudra says yes, but she was in Shivaye’s room. Om asks what. Rudra asks how many brothers do we have. Om says but Shivaye didn’t accept this marriage. Rudra says yes, I m confused, he married her, then got angry and then took her to room. Om says leave it, its none of our business. Rudra says right. Gauri comes. Om asks is everything fine. Gauri says sorry to come this way, I came to give Anika’s clothes. Om says we didn’t think of it, come. He says Rudra, she is Anika’s sister Gauri, I will take her to Anika’s room. They go. Rudra says what’s happening, Shivaye took Anika to room, Om is going to drop Gauri, any way its none of my business.

Anika says Om called me in puja with respect, how shall I go, how to tell them that I don’t have clothes. Om says someone has come to meet you. She hugs Gauri and cries. Om goes. Anika asks how are you, is everyone fine at home. Gauri says yes, have your clothes. Anika thanks her for solving her problem. Gauri asks are you fine. Anika says yes. Gauri says whatever happened, Shivaye broke your marriage, you both fought, then you got married to him, your state was… are you happy with this marriage, are you taking good care of you. Anika says I m fine, you are asking this as you don’t know Shivaye, you have just seen his anger, he looks such, he is really nice, we had a big misunderstanding, someone made him against me but he is good, he takes care of me, he asked me to get ready else he won’t start puja without me. Shivaye looks on.

Gauri asks are you hiding something. Anika asks don’t you believe me, I m happy and fine, focus on studies, feed medicines to Sahil on time, go now, I have to get ready for puja. Gauri says take care, if anyone troubles you, tell me. Anika says I know you are a goon. Gauri says I won’t spare anyone who troubles you. They hug. Shivaye thinks Anika who can stoop low for money and then this Anika who loves family a lot and isn’t telling her sorrow to her sister, what’s her true side. He hides. Anika asks Gauri to go, take care of Sahil. Gauri goes. Shivaye comes to Anika and says I felt you fool outsiders, you didn’t spare your sister, you lied to her, don’t you have self respect, you didn’t care for your insult, you were praising me, you have come here, you just want to stay in big house, be it as wife or mistress. She says enough, stop it, don’t use this word again, I know I lied to Gauri, not for you, for her sake, like you care for your sister’s happiness. He says wait a min, don’t take my sister’s name. She says like you can do anything for your sister’s happiness, I can lie for my sister’s happiness, like you have a family, I also have a family, we are poor, it doesn’t mean we have no respect, I can do anything to save my family like you, just my ways are different, you remember this.

Anika says like you can go to any extent to save your family, I can go anything, just our ways are different, remember this, go now, because I have to get ready for the puja. Shivaye says puja is just for family members. She says I m your wife. He says no, you are nothing to me. She says you should have thought this before marrying me, Omru invited me and I will go there. He says you won’t go. She asks by what right are you commanding me, I m not your wife. He says you are eager to come in puja, I will see how you come. He gets a lighter and burns her belongings. She rushes and gets water. She blows off the fire.

She asks what did you do, my sister got clothes for me with love, and you burnt this. He says whatever gives you peace, I will burn it to ashes, stay here, I m going in puja. She shouts

stop and breaks a vase. He stops. She shuts the door. She says enough now, you can’t have your ways all the time, you do what you want, I kept trying to explain you, you were just being adamant, you are making mistakes, it seems you can understand straight way, I think I have become khidkitod Anika now, you have broken my marriage, you have hurt my heart and self respect, you ruined my respect, you defamed me, you still want to go on, you made a mockery of marriage, you denied all the vows, wife should be proud of husband, you have turned this relation into a puppet show, you even broke my mangalsutra, its a sin, not a mistake.
He says I don’t acknowledge this marriage. She says I don’t regard you my husband, but I believe in holy relation of marriage and respect it, I will teach you the meaning of this marriage, I will do it, this is my promise, you will make me wear this mangalsutra one day with respect, I will make you accept me as your wife. He says you give good speech, you should have been a motivational speaker, I don’t have time for you and your lecture, if you are so hurt, leave with your self respect. She says I will go when I make you realize your mistake, I have said what I had to, now you can go, listen, I want clothes, go and bring new clothes for me. He says you joke well. She says I complain well too, if I tell Dadi and your brothers what you have done for me, then… get clothes for me. He calls Khanna. Khanna says I got what you asked me.

Shivaye asks him to go. She checks the bags and asks which saree shall I wear, this one or this one? Biwi no 1 song plays in BG. He turns away. She says it means first one, I will get ready and come, we will go together, we need to do puja together. He says there is a problem with you and your company. She says then get habitual. He says you are not my wife. She says I know, don’t repeat it, I will wear this saree and come. He asks why do you think I will agree. She says you have to agree, Dadi, Omru and…. wait here I will just come.

She comes and says see I have come, I had told you I will just take two mins. She applies sindoor. She takes selfie and asks him to smile. He goes. She says we look really good together. They come downstairs. Tia looks on. Omru smile. Tia calls Daksh. She says I had told you, that girl is dangerous, Anika is taking my place in Shivaye’s life, its because of you. Daksh says you are getting stressed for no reason. She says Anika sat in puja with Shivaye, their marriage will turn into real. He says this won’t happen, don’t worry, I have a plan.

Pandit says puja mahurat has begun. Dadi asks Shivaye to sit in the puja. Anika takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi says its not needed. Anika says elders’ blessings are always needed. Dadi says blessing is good when its given by wish and happiness. Rudra asks Anika to come, we will wait for Dadi’s blessings. Tia greets them. She says Shivaye, these are Priyanka’s friends, they want to pray for her. Shivaye says I wanted you to sit with me in this puja, its good you got them. The girls get seated. Om signs Rudra to sit. Rudra sits beside Shivaye and says I will also sit. Om says me too, Tia, sit over there. Tia sits away. Rudra asks Anika to get the flowers.

Anika goes and gets it. Rudra says thanks, why are you standing, sit here. He gives flowers to pandit. He asks Om to get up. Omru sit away. Pandit asks who will do puja. Pandit asks are you married. Om says he is married. Rudra says he recently married. The girls ask did you get married. Shivaye says nothing like that. Rudra says don’t lie during puja. Tia asks why aren’t you saying anything Shivaye, this is so insulting. Dadi asks Shivaye to focus on puja. Om says there is nothing imp than puja. Rudra says nobody is imp than puja. Pandit asks Anika are you Shivaye’s wife, just offer the flowers to the fire together. Shivaye says I will do puja alone. Pandit says as you wish, be careful that the flowers don’t fall down, close eyes and pray for Priyanka while you put the flowers in fire. A flower falls. Anika holds the flower and Shivaye’s hand. Omru smile. Shivaye sees Anika. O jaana….plays……….They put the flowers in the havan kund. Pandit says your wife saved the flowers from falling down, maybe Lord wanted you two to do the puja together, now you all pray for Priyanka. Shivaye and everyone pray for Priyanka.

Shivaye prays to Lord to make Priyanka recover, he can’t live without her. Anika wishes Priyanka gets fine, Shivaye can’t live without her, return his happiness. Pandit says this puja is completed now. Daksh comes and says sorry, I got late, I had gone to meet a neurosurgeon to show Priyanka’s reports, he said the same, she can’t recover, doctors aren’t Lord, Lord can’t do injustice, she will get fine, I have seen this dream in morning too, its an auspicious day, Pandit from Banaras has sent these anklets, it has been worshipped, if a husband makes his wife wear this, her steps will become of Devi Laxmi, then all the worries and problems will end, I m sure if you make your wife wear these anklets, Priyanka will get fine.

Shivaye says if this is true, I will make my wife wear these anklets. Daksh asks what are you thinking, come on. Dadi says if pandit has said so, then do it, maybe Priyanka recovers. Tia smiles. Anika sees Shivaye.

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