Game Of Love Tuesday Update 28 July 2020(Shivaay & Mahi face each other)


Game Of Love Tuesday Update 28 July 2020(Shivaay & Mahi face each other)

Anika says Shivaye, tell me where is Soumya. He says in my pocket. She says I have just one way to cool your anger. She throws water on him. He gets angry and holds her neck asking is she mad. She gets shocked. She shouts did I throw water for the first time, I have thrown water many times, you never held my neck this way. He talks on call and says be there, I will come and see him. Anika hears him and thinks of his words. She cries in shock. Some time before, Anika asks what’s happening, what is going on. Fake Shivaye looks at her and asks what.

She asks why are you calling me from other number. He says its my new number, I was checking if it got activated. She asks where is Soumya. He thinks of Soumya and says how can I know.

She says servant said he has seen Soumya talking to you. He thinks her questions will melt my mind, I should get angry to stop her. Anika says Shivaye, tell me where is Soumya. He says in my pocket, I don’t know where she went after talking to me. She says I was worried, she is not answering, don’t know she reached temple or not. He says call temple and ask. She asks why are you angry, what happened to you. He says you mean I m finding excuse to get angry, you came with question paper, what’s your problem, I will get sad. She says so much anger, why, I did not mean that, I just wanted to say you changed a bit. He asks did I change, you changed Anika, you have to find problem in everything, you are not getting peace, how can people get peace, you will make me mad. She says its enough now.

He says I m saying the same. She says I have just one way to cool your anger. She throws water on him. He gets shocked. She smiles. He looks at her angrily and holds her neck. She drops the glass. He shouts are you mad. She gets shocked. She asks what are you doing, leave me, its hurting me. He thinks what am I doing, I m bad, not very bad. He leaves her. He asks does anyone throw water this way. She says its small thing. He says you have thrown water on me. She shouts did I throw water for the first time, I have thrown water many times, you tell me this is our relation, I throw things, you break things, we have thrown each other in water, you never held my neck this way. He thinks I think Shivaye and Anika play water games, its drenched love story, what shall I say now. He says nothing is fine, I have tension of Priyanka’s marriage, business deal, mom is not talking to me, sorry, try to understand. He goes. She says problems were before too, but he never lost his temper, why do I feel he is not my Shivaye, he is someone I don’t know, how can he change in two three days. She recalls his words. She says he is Shivaye, maybe he is right, I m changing, how can I get such 2 rs thought, he is in tension so he gets angry, I m mad to think anything.

Fake Shivaye gets a call and says tell me not to make me Mamu/maternal uncle/fooling, stay there, I will come there and see him/do this Gangaram. Anika hears him talking. She holds him. He sees her and gets shocked. She says Shivaye, I have to talk something. He says not now, I have to reach somewhere. She asks wait, where are you going. He says I have meeting. She says wait, listen to me, my friend called me, she is going to Bangkok for honeymoon. He asks what shall I say. She says she was asking me about hotel where indian food is served, I don’t remember, when we went on honeymoon, where did we dine. He says yes, that…. She says it was some good name, you remember you liked the food so much and fell ill, Moon light right. He says yes, it was Moonlight, I fell ill, I had a stomach ache. She gets shocked. She says yes, you fell ill, you had fever for 2 days, remember. He says yes, I was ill. She says you remember that doctor who did not know english, we explained him with much difficulty what problem you have. He says yes, he was a chapter, I mean he was kind of weird. She says we had much fun, you promised me you will take me again, but you forgot. He says I did not forget, we should go after Priyanka’s marriage.

She asks sure, Pinky promise Shivaye. He thinks what’s this pinky promise, maybe mummy’s name is Pinky so she is asking to swear. He says okay, pinky promise. She gets shocked and recalls Shivaye. She says thanks, I will tell her friend about moon light. He asks so shall I leave, I have imp meeting. She says yes. He leaves. She cries and recalls his words. She breaks down and recalls kinner’s warning. She says this is not Shivaye, he is not my Shivaye, since many days, this man was staying as Shivaye with us, that’s why I was getting bad thoughts regarding Shivaye, so I felt something is wrong, it means that kinner’s saying was true, he is not my Shivaye, if he is here, where is my Shivaye. She recalls Shivaye’s call and says it means my Shivaye is in some danger, how shall I find him, where is my phone. She goes to room and looks for phone everywhere.

She gets her phone and says what shall I do, I will call Om. She calls Om. She says please answer Om, Shivaye’s life is in danger. She thinks of Rudra and goes to Rudra’s room. She calls out Rudra. She says even he is not there, what shall I do now. She thinks of the call. She says Shivaye called me from other number, I will call and check. She calls. It does not connect. She cries. She calls out Khanna and goes out. She says I got call from this number, I want all info about it. He asks what happened, is anyone troubling you. She says just hurry up, find out about this number, go fast. He goes. She says I have to do two things, I have to find out who is this man staying as Shivaye, I have to find out Shivaye and get him back home safely. She holds her bracelet and says I will not let anything happen to you wherever you are, I will find you out, nothing will happen to you till I m alive. A lady throws utensils and scolds Kamini, asking her to vacate the house. Kamini says I told you I will give rent. The lady throws her luggage and says you think I m mad, your intentions are bad, you don’t want to pay rent. Fake Shivaye in his real dressing comes there. Kamini asks what will you do. The lady pushes her. Fake Shivaye holds Kamini.

Fake Shivaye dances with some people on Gandi baat….. Anika comes to the shawl. Shivaye holds her. She gets shocked. Some time before, Fake Shivaye come to the shawl and holds Kamini. He asks are you fine mummy, what did Mausi say. Mausi says I m not scared of you, get out. He says I won’t hear a word against my mum. Kamini says enough, your mum is dead, its because of you I m seeing this day, if you were capable Mahi, I would have not been here in rented home, see what days am I seeing, I have no money to pay rent. Mausi asks her to go. Kamini says calm down, I will give 40000rs. Mausi laughs and says did you see 40000rs in life, go, I don’t want a woman like you. Kamini says I will see how makes me leave. Mausi asks is this your dad’s house, I can throw you out. Men ask Kamini to leave.

Fake Shivaye/Mahi says I will not leave anyone if they touch my mum. The people gossip. Man says its not a big thing for such woman to earn 40000rs. Mahi says stop it, I will not leave you. Mausi says such woman should not be here, get out of here. He asks Kamini to come, we won’t stay with such people. Man says we are decent people, not illegitimate like you, whose blood and father is not know. Mahi drops the bag and thinks of the words. He beats the men. He gets hurt and touches his blood. Kamini shouts Mahi, leave him, stop.

Mahi beats the man red and blue. The other man says call police, Mahi will kill him. Mahi shouts and picks a tv. Kamini stops him and asks will you kill him, leave him. He throws the tv down. She slaps him. He looks at her. She says you have just given me sorrow, what was the need to come in between, I was talking, don’t you have mind, why did you not die after birth. She slaps him and says leave from here, I don’t want to see your face. She shouts and pushes him away. Mujhe yuhin karke…..plays………. He gets sad. She says leave from here, I don’t want to see your face. He walks away and thinks of her words. He gets tearful eyes. He dips his head in the water barrel and gets up. He leaves.

Anika asks how do you not know Khanna ji, you always know where and why Shivaye goes. He says he is not telling me these days, he is not taking security men and even driver, else I would have asked him. She says it means driver is here, call him, I need to talk. He goes. She says I will know about this man when I know where he goes, I have to follow him.

Mahi is at the tea stall. Anika asks driver does Shivaye do anywhere other than office. Driver says he goes everywhere alone, when he took me that day, he went to some chawl. She asks which chawl. He says good luck chawl. She asks do you remember the route, take me there right away.

Mahi dances in the chawl with some girls. Anika asks driver to hurry up. Mahi dances on Gandi baat……She asks how much away. Driver says its close now. Anika comes there. She sees Mahi dancing with a girl and gets shocked. She says so this is his real 2rs look. She gets angry. He lifts a girl on his shoulder and dances. Shivaye comes and holds her. She turns and gets shocked seeing him. She cries and says Shivaye you… They both turn and see Mahi.

She holds Shivaye and asks are you fine, where did you go, you don’t know what happened behind your back, that man….. He says Ssshh…..before all that….. and intensely hugs her. Tanha adhura sa……plays…………

Its night, Kamini asks Ranveer to have food. He says not more Mausi. Mahi comes home. She says you came on right time, else chawl people would have made me leave. Ranveer says who will dare when I m here. Mahi asks when did you come. Ranveer turns and sees him. He asks how did you get this wound, again fight. She says he just fights, he did not give me peace, I m cursing the moment he was born. Ranveer asks him to have food. Mahi says I had food. She says see, he does not worry for me. She goes. Ranveer says you had food, I know you did not eat food.

Mahi says let it be, I won’t get off if I don’t eat one day. Ranveer feeds him and says you are worried, look Mahi, people always talk, try to control. Mahi says I can’t control when someone tells that word. He hits the jug. Ranveer asks will you kill the person who called you illegitimate. Mahi holds his collar angrily and says don’t say that word. Kamini comes and says leave him, what are you doing, if you get angry and shout, will truth change, if you are illegitimate. He says I don’t want to hear it. She says you have to hear it, I m hearing taunts because of you. Ranveer asks her to stop it. She says I m staying with my mistake, I hate him, I asked him to leave, why did he not go. Mahi says I will go and leaves.

He sits somewhere and cries. He sees his wrist and some mark. He recalls his childhood. FB shows young Mahi asking Mausi to give wada pau. She scolds him and asks him to go. He says please, give me one. She pushes him and scolds him. She calls him illegitimate. The people taunt Kamini for having a child without marriage. They call her characterless and drag Kamini. Mahi shouts leave my mum. He gets angry and throws a stone at Mausi. Mausi holds her head and says beat him. The men step and crush his hand and scold him. His wrist bleeds. FB ends. Mahi recalls Kamini’s words. Mahi plays the mouth organ and cries.

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