Game Of Love Tuesday Update 21 July 2020


Game Of Love Tuesday Update 21 July 2020

Rumi says you will get video during sangeet. Shivaye asks what do you want in return. Rumi says Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace. Pinky says today I m going to give you Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace. Tia smiles. Shivaye thinks I want this necklace by any way. Some time before, Tia asks Shivaye do you have headache. He says yes, now I m better. She says there is negative energies around you, I will do aura cleansing. He says no thanks. He sees Anika and says I would like to have a head massage, especially from you. Tia does his head massage. Anika looks on. Pinky comes and sees Anika staring at them. She asks do you have manners or not, I want fresh flowers garlands, do it fast. He says Tia you are amazing, I don’t need medicines, your touch is enough. Tia says good energy ends bad energy

He gets a call from Rumi. Tia thinks who is calling Shivaye from unknown number. He asks Tia to take rest and relax. Tia goes. He says I felt so good, its magical, very nice hands. Pinky comes and sees Anika crushing and breaking the flowers. She asks Anika what did you do, see. Anika gets up. Pinky asks where is your focus. Shivaye asks the same. Anika says sorry aunty ji, I did mistake. Pinky says you don’t do anything well, did you come to work or spoil work. He says its okay, maybe she got tired. Dadi asks what happened. Pinky says I gave her fresh flowers, she ruined it, don’t know from where she came, I got headache. Dadi takes Pinky.

Shivaye says poor flowers, you got all anger on this, you got affected Anika. She gets the knife from flower basket and says don’t dare to say that again. He asks what are you doing. She says that I learnt from you, showing knife to make someone listen, knife is dangerous thing. He says yes, keep it down. She asks why, if you can show, why can’t I show, you said this is your relation, you break things and I throw things, I don’t care, understand. He says I do care. He walks to her and holds her. He says you can’t do this, I will prove it, that you do care, wait and watch. He throws the knife away. It gets stuck in the pillar. O jaana….plays……….. They see each other. He goes. Shivaye gets Rumi’s call. Rumi says you will get video during sangeet. Shivaye asks what do you want in return. Rumi says Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace. He asks what, how do you know about that necklace. She says I know everything, your mom is going to give that to Tia tomorrow, as I said, I want that necklace so make sure I get it. He asks how will I give you, I don’t even know you. She says its enough that I know you, I will tell you how and when to give that necklace to me. She ends call.

Pinky keeps the jewelry sets. Shivaye comes to her. She asks did you not sleep till now. He says I thought to say good night. She asks is your headache fine. He says much better, what’s all this. She says for Tia, she is my would be bahu, when you were born, I started collecting jewelry for my bahu, when you married Anika, my heart broke, its good you realized mistake and agreed to marry Tia. He says your choice in jewelry is very classy. She smiles. He says this necklace is beautiful. She says yes, its Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace, Dadi gave this to me when I came here after marriage, now I will give this to Tia, I will keep it in locker now for safety, its costly necklace. He looks on. She asks him to wait and goes. He says how will I get that necklace.

Dadi gives clothes to Anika and says you will wear this in sangeet today. Anika thinks of Pinky’s words. She says I m wedding planner and know my place well. Dadi says you are giving your place to someone, I don’t know what you and Billu want to prove each other, I just know you are his wife and this house’s house, you will look most beautiful, bless you. She goes.

Shivaye talks on phone and worries for Om. Priyanka asks what happened. Shivaye says branch manager said Om did not come from Bareilly. She asks why, deal was signed. He says maybe there was some problem, you know Om. Khanna says sangeet’s security is set. Shivaye says make sure no drama happens this time.

Everyone come in sangeet. Anika comes. Shivaye looks at her. O jaana…..plays……….He goes to her and says beautiful, I mean decorations, you did great work. He goes to Tia and compliments her. Tia thanks him. She says I m happy you are finally noticing me. Pinky takes Tia with her. Pinky says I accepted you as bahu, today I m going to give you Oberoi family’s ancestral necklace. Tia smiles. Shivaye thinks I want this necklace by any way. Dadi says I want to talk to you Billu. He says I will meet later. She says it will be late, do you think you are doing right. He says I don’t know, but trust me, I will make everything right. She says Anika is a nice girl. He says even Tia is very nice, look she is looking so pretty. Dadi asks really. He says no doubt about it. She says without seeing Tia, tell me what is she wearing, what’s color is she wearing. He says you know I don’t notice all this, I m not Rudra to notice girls. She asks what is Anika wearing. He describes well. She says I got my answer, but did you understand the meaning. He turns and sees Anika.

He says Tia’s face is looking so pretty that I did not notice her clothes. He goes. Pinky makes Tia wear the necklace. Everyone clap. Pinky says I did not think this will suit you so much, you look like a royal princess. Rumi calls Shivaye and says I think you don’t want video, so that necklace reached Tia, are you finding me. He asks where are you, and where is that video. He says that video is in a chip, I have it, give necklace and take chip. He asks what’s guarantee, that chip has that video. She says no guarantee, you have no option, take necklace and put it wine glass, wait for my next call. Rumi recalls going to Mrs. Kapoor’s room and looking for the video chip. Mrs. Kapoor is sleeping. She gets the video chip from the watch. She says now this chip will go to Shivaye. Rumi thinks Mrs. Kapoor, Tia and Shwetlana, you guys killed my brother, Robin was my brother, see how I end your game. Tia says oh my God, my necklace. Pinky says I don’t trust this girl. Dadi says Anika is not such. Pinky says its ancestral necklace, which got stolen. Shivaye enters a room. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana hide. Some time before, Shivaye goes to Tia and holds her hand. He kisses her hand. He sees Anika. He dances with Tia. Raat baaki….plays……….Anika gets jealous. A guy comes to her to ask for dance. She stops the guy and dances with him. Shivaye tries to get the necklace. He signs Khanna. Khanna shuts down power.

Shivaye takes the ancestral necklace worn by Tia. Partners change. Anika comes to Shivaye. Music plays……… They dance. He asks who is that guy, Rohit. She asks who Rohit. He says your lover boy. She asks who. He asks how many lover boys do you
have. She says that Rohit, no he is not that one, I don’t know him, I lost memory, but maybe my lover, why are you interested, do you care. He says no, I can see on your face that you care. She says I can also see, but you won’t accept. He says there is no need to accept. She says even I won’t accept. Light comes. He goes away and puts the necklace in the wine glass. He goes away and talks to a guest. Rumi dresses as waiter takes the tray and smiles. Shivaye turns and sees the necklace gone. Pinky stops him and asks him to meet her friend. He says I will come. She goes. He gets Rumi’s call. He says I m sure you got necklace, but I did not get my chip, where is it. He turns and sees Anika. She asks how…. He says I can explain Anika. She goes to Tia and asks where is your necklace. Tia reacts and worries. Pinky and Dadi also worry for ancestral necklace. Tia says I swear, I did not realize its missing, I don’t know. Pinky says maybe someone has stolen it, Shivaye call security. She says no one should go out, stand staff in line and check them. Rumi calls Shivaye and says stop the check, because I m saying. He says my work was to give necklace, I gave you, its none of my business, think how to leave from here. She says think of it, Anika will get caught if checking happens, I have put the necklace in Anika’s purse. He sees Anika. Pinky asks Anika to stand with staff.

Dadi asks are you mad to check Anika. Pinky says yes, she is also staff, wedding planner. Rumi looks on. Dadi stops Pinky and says Anika is this house bahu. Pinky says Tia is the bahu of this house, I don’t trust Anika, maybe she wanted to steal ancestral necklace, its stolen, everyone will be checked. Dadi stops the guard from coming to Anika. Pinky says you trust Anika, but I doubt her, I will check her. Dadi says stop, don’t touch her. Pinky says what’s the harm to check her, why are you afraid. Mrs. Kapoor asks what’s the problem if Anika did not rob it, you should check everyone for getting ancestral necklace. Rumi thinks why is Shivaye not stopping the check. Dadi says I completely trust Anika.

Anika says Dadi, I did not steal. Pinky says that will be decided after check. Shivaye sees the necklace in Anika’s nurse and thinks what to do now. He goes away and slides a vase down. Pinky goes to see. Shivaye goes to Anika and gets the necklace from her purse. He throws the necklace on ground, while Anika looks at him. He asks what’s this and picks the necklace. Pinky asks how was it fallen here. Shivaye says maybe it fell down Tia’s neck while dancing, you should have found it before checking. Pinky says thank God, we got it. Shivaye says Tia, you should have been careful, Khanna stop the checking. Tia asks Shivaye for necklace. He says no, its precious, I can’t take risk to lose it, I don’t want us to not enjoy the party being worried for this necklace, its Tia’s necklace, we will not be scared to lose it. Pinky says yes, everyone has eyes on necklace, Tia don’t feel bad, its your necklace. Tia says its okay, I understand.

Pinky asks everyone to enjoy party. Dadi holds Anika and asks are you fine, I m sorry from Pinky’s side. Anika hugs Dadi. Shivaye signs Khanna to cut power again. He puts necklace back in the wine glass. Rumi takes the necklace and goes. Shivaye calls her and asks did you get it. She says yes. He asks where’s my chip. She says I have it, I m going upstairs, come and take it. Mrs. Kapoor stops him and asks do you think you are smart. He says I don’t think, I m smart.

She says you can fool Pinky and Tia, not me, you thought you will get necklace by Tia by excuse and I won’t understand it. He says its our necklace, I can keep it, give to anyone, or throw in sea, its none of your business. She says Tia has right on it, I won’t bear if anyone tries to snatch her rights. He asks what will you do. She says don’t forget I have that video. He says now I feel this threatening is a joke, I m marrying Tia, what’s your problem, just chill and enjoy the wedding. She says make sure nothing wrong happens this time. He says it won’t happen and goes. Shwetlana says he looks much confident, he is behaving like he knows everything. Mrs. Kapoor says or he is showing that he knows everything, he can’t do anything, till I have that chip, he will dance on my fingers, I keep that chip with me, in this watch, you want to see it. She opens her watch and does not find the chip. She gets shocked and says that chip is not here. Shwetlana gets shocked.

Shivaye sees Rumi. He follows her. Priyanka asks what are you doing here. He says nothing, go, I will join you guys. Rumi signs him to come. Shakti asks Shivaye where are you going. Shivaye says I had to attend an imp call. Shakti asks him to come soon. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana tie up Rumi. Shivaye enters the room. They hide under the bed and run away to hide. He does not see the phone fallen near the bed. He thinks where did she go, she came in this room. Shwetlana thinks Rumi’s phone is left there.

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