Game Of Love Sunday Update 19 July 2020


Game Of Love Sunday Update 19 July 2020

Anika sees some pics and thinks I think he is Tia’s Dushyant. She goes to some house. She hears sound and says it means someone is inside. Some time before, Shivaye asks Tia what are you hiding. She says nothing, I just wanted my phone back from Anika. Anika says sorry Tia, I wanted to make you happy, as you were saying about Dushyant that day. Tia says that’s fine. He asks who is Dushyant. Tia says he is just a friend. He says I know all your friends, I never heard his name. She says he is old college friend, you know her mental condition is not stable, she assumed wrong.

Pinky comes and asks Tia did you faint, I told you to take care, are you fine, how is baby. Tia says I m fine. Pinky says I went Tirupati to pray for Jhanvi. She asks Anika what are you doing here, give me glass, go from
here. Anikaa goes. Tia drinks the juice. Mrs. Kapoor says I told you not to answer this phone, just do what’s told to you. Someone is seen tied to the chair. Anika asks baby? It means Tia is pregnant, so she was so sad that day, she was crying thinking of Dushyant, maybe they got distant, but she loves Dushyant a lot, I think he should be with her, he is father of her child. He says why are you using mind when you don’t know anything. She says I know Tia is missing Dushyant, but she is alone, don’t know Dushyant knows this or not, poor baby got away from father before birth. He says stop it, you lost memory and got Tia’s kundli, how do you know about Dushyant. She says the way Tia was upset, I know. He says stop it now. She asks why are you angry. He says because I m saying this. She says but…. He asks again but…. shall I get knife. She says I understood and runs. He says she will make me mad.

Anika says the man who does not talk well, how will he understand love, but I should not say about my husband, Lord tell me what shall I do now, he asked me not to get into this, I can’t see Tia in this state. Whatever he says, I will unite Tia and Dushant. She goes to Tia’s room. She sees Tia sleeping and says don’t worry Tia, Dushyant will be in front of you soon.

Rudra is with Jhanvi. Shivaye asks Rudra how is Jhanvi. Rudra says better. Shivaye says I got this for you. Rudra says I got Nandini’s call. Shivaye asks when are you going. Rudra says how can I go. Shivaye says its your childhood friend’s marriage, be there, I think you should go. Rudra says Jhanvi is in this state, Om went Bareilly and …. Shivaye says and Soumya, I know you got much affected, I want you to go for some time, you will attend this marriage, I will manage everything, I will take care of Jhanvi, stay touch with Om and get Soumya back, you will go. He hugs Rudra.

Anika hides down the bed. Tia’s purse falls by her. She keeps purse back. Some pics fall down. She sees a guy with Tia and thinks he is Tia’s Dushyant. Shivaye comes to room and calls out Anika. He says where did this girl go and leaves from room to look for her. Anika keeps pics back in the purse. Tia turns her side. Anika gets Tia’s phone. She smiles.

Shivaye looks for her. He asks maid. Maid says she went towards Tia’s room. He says she will not change, I asked her to stay away from Tia. He comes to Tia’s room and calls out Anika. He goes. Anika hides and checks Tia’s phone. She says Tia also called Dushyant, it means she really loves Dushyant, I have to tell this to Dushyant. She goes out. She says I will call Dushyant for a meet, I can explain him well. She calls Dushyant. The man gives phone to Mrs. Kapoor. Mrs. Kapoor answers and asks did you go mad to call on this phone again and again, I asked you not to call. Anika says I…. The courier guy asks address and delivers a post. Anika hears address. Mrs. Kapoor ends call. She asks the man to lock house. Anika says strange woman, why was she scolding, I think she is against Tia and Dushyant’s love and does not want them to meet, I have to do something. She recalls address. She keeps Tia’s phone back. She notes down the address. Tia turns. Anika hides and leaves.

Shivaye looks for her. Anika leaves from home. He does not see her. She hires an auto and goes. He calls out Anika. Dadi asks what happened. He says don’t know where did Anika go, she is not here, I tried calling her. Priyanka asks what happened. He asks did you see Anika. He says no. He asks servant. Servant says don’t know. Anika is on the way. Shivaye says what do you mean don’t know, Anika went out, where will I find her, she lost her memory. Dadi says try calling her again. He calls Anika. Dadi says her phone is ringing here. Maid says Anika’s phone was in kitchen. He says she did not take phone, how to find her. Anika asks a man for address. Priyanka says I got this from your room, its some address, it looks Anika’s handwriting. He says maybe Anika went there.

Anika reaches the house and sees the lock. She says how to find out Dushyant stays here or not. She tries to open a window. She hears some sound and says it means someone is inside, door is locked, who can be inside, Dushyant needs help. She gets a brick to break the window glass. Shivaye comes and holds her hand. He throws the brick away. She says you…. what are you doing here. He says I should ask you. She says I just came, I did not run away. He shows note and says you would have thought to come here and enter someone’s house as thief. She says there is someone inside, maybe Dushyant. He says I told you not to get in this matter. She says I heard some sound from inside. He says its house, someone will be there. She says house is locked. He calls her mad. She says maybe poor Dushyant is inside. He asks her to sit in car and come with him. She refuses. He asks not coming? She says no. He lifts he and takes her to the car. They leave.

Pinky says new drama daily, Shivaye leaves business and becomes her guard. Dadi says she is not well. Pinky says she should be at home, why does she go home, don’t know where is Dushyant. Anika and Shivaye come home and argue. She says there was someone, I heard sound. He says maybe it was some animal, you did not know, how can you enter any random house. He says no, I heard address when I called Dushyant. Tia gets shocked. He asks why did you call. Anika says I wanted to unite Tia and Dushyant. Pinky asks what is she saying. Anika says yes, Tia and Dushyant love each other a lot, Tia is pregnant with his child, I just wanted to unite them. Pinky gets shocked.

Anika asks am I a Baanch/infertile, I could not give you a child, so you had to take Tia’s help. Shivaye says stop…… Tia says I think she is walking in sleep. Shwetlana sends Anika. Shwetlana and Tia hide. Shwetlana says you won’t get better chance to get rid of Anika. Anika reaches the open end of the balcony. Some time before, Anika says yes aunty, Tia loves Dushyant and is going to become mother of his child, I want to unite them. Pinky asks what’s she saying. Tia says its nothing, Anika leave it. Anika says no one is thinking about the child, who got away from father before birth. Pinky says stop it, Tia’s child’s father is him…. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Anika says Shivaye is my husband. Pinky says that’s for namesake, he is Tia’s child’s father. Shivaye
asks Pinky to stop it. Anika asks Shivaye are you really Tia’s child’s father. Pinky asks did she really lose memory, she became Ghajini. He goes after Anika. Anika sits upset in her room. Shivaye gets food for her. He asks her to have food. O jaana…..plays…….She says I m not hungry. He asks how, just see what’s the food, I made your fav Aloo puri. She asks why. He says you like it. She thanks him. She takes food plate and turns. He asks what happened, look at my side and have food. She says I can’t, I m scared of you, especially by your Kanji eyes, its strange, it scares me and gives me courage too that everything will get fine. He holds her face and says everything will get fine, trust me. She asks how, everything got complicated, I was thinking why do you stay angry, its happening because of me, this is happening with Tia, you and this house, I m responsible for all this, because I can’t give you a child. He looks at her. She says I don’t remember why I could give you a child, am I a baanch. He can’t take more. She says I could not give you a child, so you had to take Tia’s help. He gets back and asks her to stop it.

She says I could not give an heir to this house, so you had to take Tia’s help, so Tia and Dushyant, two lovers had to get away. He says its nothing like that. She says I could not do my Patni Dharm and could not give happiness to my Pati Parmeshwar. He holds himself. She says even after all this, you made Aloo puri for me, you are really my Pati Parmeshwar. He says stop it. She says if we had children, your mood would have been fine. He says my mood is fine. She says maybe you would have not drunk that bitter coffee. He says espresso. She says maybe I won’t be so scared of you, if we had a child, you would have colored in his color. He says be quiet. He says our baby would have had Kanji eyes like you. He says Meri Maa, be quiet. She says I could not become a Maa. She holds him and says its my mistake, if we had a daughter, her name would have been Shivika, Shiv of Shivaye and Ka of Anika. She holds his hand and says I can see Shivika, she is like me, but this dream will be dream, because I m Baanch. She cries. He says ssh…. and makes her sit. He asks her to calm down. He gets a tape and fixes to her mouth. She cries and says I m a Baanch. He says I will remove this tape when you promise you won’t say anything about baby, baby’s father, Baanch, say yes. He removes the tape. She says if we had a son, his name would have been Ansh, An of Anika and Sh of Shivaye. He folds hands and says please spare me, I beg you. She says what’s this relation and holds his hands. She says what’s this marriage, I don’t remember anything, I could not give you a child, everyone is upset because of me. She hugs him and cries. O jaana….plays…….. He asks her to stop crying and cups her face. He says I m not upset with you, I don’t care whether you give me a child or not, forget this, promise? She says promise. He asks pinky promise….. She says pinky promise, but I don’t know meaning of this pinky promise. He says you don’t remember anything, we call a true promise as pinky promise, you won’t think now and sleep. She nods. He wipes her tears and makes her lie down. He asks her to sleep. He sits by her side and says I told you, I can’t see tears in your eyes. He holds her and kisses her forehead. Similar old moment is shown. Ishq hai aansun…..plays………. They have an eyelock. He asks her to sleep now. She nods. He goes. She sleeps.

Later at night, Anika wakes up and leaves from the room. Tia says I don’t know what was Robin’s phone there with mom, when I asked her, she got annoyed, I feel something is hidden from me. Shwetlana says its not like that. Tia says its like that, Anika went there, mom was there and why did she answer Robin’s phone. Shwetlana says you are saying about Anika, who does not know herself. Tia says atleast she knows my pain. Shwetlana says Anika does not know Robin died, but you know this, he can never come back, forget Robin and concentrate on Shivaye, use Anika to get close to Shivaye. Tia says I don’t love Shivaye, I just love Robin. Shwetlana says just shut up, if anyone hears, it will be a problem. Anika enters their room. They get shocked seeing Anika.

Tia says what are you doing here. Anika says nothing is fine, I can’t give child to my husband, Tia had to get away from Dushyant, I had to say sorry to Tia. Shwetlana hides. Tia asks why did you come here at night. She signs Shwetlana. She asks Anika again. Anika says I had to say sorry to Tia, her life got ruined because of me, she got away from Dushyant, I have to say sorry to Shivaye. Tia checks her by waving hand in her sight. Shwetlana comes and checks Anika. Tia says I think she is sleepwalking. Shwetlana takes Anika outside.

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