Game Of Love Saturday Update 1 August 2020 Mahi saves Shivaay from Ranveer’s thugs


Game Of Love Saturday Update 1 August 2020 Mahi saves Shivaay from Ranveer’s thugs

Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. The goons come there. Shivaye beats them. They hit him. Shivaye falls down. Some time back, Mahi says you are not understanding, if Anika did not come, Rudra, Om, Pinky, Jhanvi or Dadi would have come, they all give life for Shivaye, he is the foundation of that house.

She says you are praising them a lot. He says I stayed there for much time, I realized what’s family and love. He recalls everyone caring for him and thinks they all love Shivaye a lot. He says there is solid love between them. She says where there is money, love comes on own, all relations are selfish. He says no, family is not made by motives, but by love, so we did not make any family ever. She says great, you stayed between Oberois for 10 days and finding our family less. She scolds him.

She says if they come here finding you, there will be another problem, pity on us and leave from here. He asks where will I go. She says go anywhere, I recall my life’s biggest mistake seeing your face. He asks what are you saying Maa. She says your mum is dead, I don’t want to see your face, go from here. He gets sad and sees her. He leaves.

Shivaye asks Anika to say straight, what she means to say. She asks shall I say. He says yes. She holds his face. Music plays….. She gets up. He asks is it speech to stand up. She says you want to tell me that… He asks what, say it. She says don’t stop me, you want to tell me, Anika you are so beautiful. He says wait, what’s that. She says you said again. He cups his mouth. She says since you came in my life, colors filled in my life, when you come in front of me, my heartbeat gets fast. If I don’t see you, my breath stops, if I don’t talk to you, my day does not complete, you have spread everything in my heart, you made me Ishqbaaz. He asks really, do you think so. She says yes, you get nervous seeing me.

He asks why will I get nervous. She says yes, you turn from SSO to cute. He says you are affected by medicines, I m not like this, its so not me. She says you are Tadibaaz SSO, I knew you will not agree. He asks really, you think I have become Ishqbaaz. She walks back and says you became SSO from Billu ji. He walks to her and says my Kanji eyes tells everything to you. She says it tells all. He holds her hand. Music plays…… She says you just don’t want to say it. He says I won’t say. She says you will say it for sure. He lifts her in arms and makes her lie on the bed. O jaana….plays………..He gets close to her. Ishq hai aansun….plays……….

She says you will say it right, its ringing. He says yes. She says phone ring. He says oh yes, ringing. He answers call and says great, I m coming. He asks her to take rest till he comes back, Sahil has come, he will meet you in morning. She asks where are you going. He says there is some work, you take rest like a good girl. She says fine, but on one condition, you should be in front of me, when I open eyes. He agrees. They smile. He leaves. She calls him out. He comes to her. He says sleep Anika, and goes.

Mahi comes to Kamini and asks did you send goons to kill Shivaye, I told you not to do this. She says I told you not to show me your face. He says you can’t do his Gangaram. She asks will you tell me, why do you care if I don’t care. Mahi says because he is my……. She asks what, he is your… He says I won’t let Shivaye die and leaves.

Pinky sits crying. Dadi comes to her. She asks why are you crying. Pinky hugs her. Dadi asks what happened. Pinky says Shivaye is my only son, he went away from me, like he does not value me, Omru was special to him, then Oberoi family and then me, I was happy and relieved that my son cares for me, he fulfills my every wish, he used to come to me running when I was annoyed, he used to ask me not to be sad, I try to accept Anika, but don’t know why do I feel that since Anika came in his life, he got away from me. Dadi says you are crying for this, mad, don’t forget Anika is his wife, he will worry for her. Pinky asks does children forget mum when wife comes, I have fever, I told Shivaye, he did not care, he took medicines for Anika and went, he did not see me.

Dadi says Shivaye is alive today because of Anika, remember she got the bullet to save Shivaye. Pinky says even I can give life for my son, if he ignores me, I won’t feel good, what shall I do. Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. Lights flash on him. The goons come there. Shivaye asks where is Ranveer. The man says we will say. They surround Shivaye. Shivaye fights with them. They hit him with a metal rod. Shivaye falls down unconscious. Mahi fights with the goons. He says till Mahi is there, nothing can happen to you. Shivaye asks how did this blood come. Anika says Mahi is bad, but he is not mean, maybe he did this on someone’s saying. Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. Lights flash on him. The goons come there. Shivaye asks where is Ranveer. The man says we will say. They surround Shivaye. Shivaye fights with them. They hit him with a metal rod. Anika gets tensed and says Shivaye…… Shivaye falls down unconscious. The goons tie him to the chair. Mahi drives the bike and comes there. He gets down the bike. He says if you touch Shivaye, you will have to use one hand all life. The goons asks who are you duplicate, you do good comedy. Mahi says I do action better. He puts some powder and makes a line. He says this line is your border, if you cross this, I will do your Gangaram. The goon says we took supari to kill him. Mahi says I have sworn to save him. The goon says if you have courage, save him. Mahi says if you have courage, touch him and show. The goon to hit Shivaye with a sword. Mahi holds the sword in hand. His blood falls over Shivaye’s face. Mahi beats the goons with a big metal rod, to defend their attack. The fight goes on.

All the goons fall down. Mahi goes to Shivaye and sits. He opens the ropes. He removes his headband and does relief to Shivaye’s wound. He gets tearful eyes and holds Shivaye’s face. He sets Shivaye’s hair. He holds his own face and hair and cries. He says I m here, Mahi is here, till I m here, nothing can happen to you. He gets up. He takes Shivaye’s phone and calls Rudra. He says I m in old mill, come and pick me. He keeps back the phone in Shivaye’s pocket. He holds Shivaye’s hand and then gets away.

Rudra reaches there. He sees Shivaye and runs to him. He asks what happened to you, get up. He lifts Shivaye on his shoulders and takes him in the car. Mahi looks on from far.

Its morning, Shivaye wakes up. Pinky asks are you fine, we were worried, what happened, how did you faint, what were you doing in old mill. He asks where is Anika. Anika says I m here. He asks her to come to him and sit. Pinky sees Anika and gets up. Shivaye asks Anika to sit. Anika sits with him. Pinky stands with other family members. He asks are you fine. Anika says you are hurt. He says you are also hurt. She says I m fine. He says then even I m fine. Pinky cries. He holds Anika’s hand. He asks how did I come here. Rudra says courier guy delivered you, you just have one dashing brother. Shivaye jokes oh, Om got me here, how did you know I m in old mill. Rudra says you called me and asked me to come to old mill. Shivaye asks how did I call you, I remember, I reached there, some goons attacked on me, then I fainted, and then I woke up here. Rudra says it was your phone and even voice was yours. Shivaye says no, I did not call you. Rudra says maybe you forgot. Shivaye says I did not. He sees the blood marks on his shirt and touches his head. He says I have no wound, how did this blood come.

Mahi comes home and says Maa why are you after Shivaye’s life. He gets a call. Ranveer says its me, listen to me, I have gone underground, police is finding me, there is major problem, Kamini went somewhere, you also get underground before police reaches you. Mahi says she did not tell me and went. Ranveer ends call. Mahi says Maa went and did not tell me.

Rudra says this would be his blood. Anika says I also think so. Shivaye asks whom are you talking about. She says we are talking about duplicate/Mahi. Rudra says you called me, his voice is like you, it means he called. Mahi goes somewhere and cries. Shivaye says you mean Mahi saved my life, he is the same person who kidnapped me, he kept me in confinement, he tried to prove me fake, you are saying he saved my life. Anika says why would he kidnap you if he had to take your life, think Shivaye, you were unconscious, goons would have done anything, but someone came and saved you, he saved you, I don’t think he is that bad. Mahi plays mouth organ and cries.

Shakti says I think Shivaye is right, you all think why will any wrong man do a right thing. Shivaye says exactly. Anika says maybe he did this on someone’s saying, or maybe he was helpless, think he stayed here as Shivaye, but he never used this, he did not steal money, he always stayed away from me, he never tried to come close, he is bad, not mean. Pinky asks are you taking his side. Anika says no, I think there would be big reason behind this. Shivaye thinks why did he save me, what can be the reason behind this.

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