Game of love Monday Update 14 October 2019


Game of love Monday Update 14 October 2019

Doctor treats Dadi. He says I think she fainted by low BP, make sure she doesn’t take any stress. He goes. Shivaye says I understand your problem Dadi, don’t worry, Rudra will come back, I will find him. Dadi asks but when, its Diwali and Rudra isn’t here. He says I promise, your three grandsons will do the puja together this time, just get fine and prepare for puja. He asks Gauri and Bhavya to be with Dadi. He signs Anika to come with him. Anika goes to Shivaye. He says I need your help. She says you should demand me to help you. He says I m going out to find Rudra, in my absence, the house responsibility is on you, handle Dadi and Bhavya.

She says don’t worry, I will manage everything, just wait here. She goes and gets an idol. He asks what’s this for. She says its lucky to gift Laxmi

ji idol on Diwali, I got this for you, keep it safe, give this to Rudra, Laxmi Maa will help you two. He says you still think so much for Rudra, after what all he did. She says it was his immaturity, what should I think of that, why shouldn’t I think what he did for me, there is no place for hatred where love exists, you still love Rudra a lot, after staying with my husband, I have become the same. O jaana…plays…. He stops himself from hugging her and goes.
Bhavya stops him and says the man who came to meet Rudra is a bookie, his name is Tony. Shivaye says it means we have to find Tony, he will take us to Rudra.

Om says I will come along. Shivaye says its imp for you to stay here, I will bring Rudra back. Om says Rudra is my brother. Shivaye says he is our brother, one of us should stay back. Om asks him to be careful. Shivaye signs him to support Bhavya. He goes. Bhavya cries for Rudra. Om hugs Bhavya and says nothing will happen to Rudra.

Gauri and Priyanka ask Dadi to have food. Nani asks Dadi not to trouble them more. She says don’t eat if you don’t want, you think we don’t worry for Rudra. She taunts Dadi. Dadi says its better to eat food than hearing your taunts. Dadi eats food. Shivaye reaches some cafe. He catches Tony and asks where is Rudra. Tony asks who is Rudra. Shivaye says you have come home to meet Rudra. He threatens of police.

Tony jokes and says you want your brother, I want money. Shivaye says I m against what you do, you tempt people to make money and ruin them. Tony says don’t waste my time and give me money. Shivaye says I won’t. Tony says then your Rudra is gone. Shivaye hits Tony. He threatens Tony and goons. Tony says I don’t know, I gave the contract to someone else, I just know a bit. Shivaye leaves.

Om says Bhavya, Shivaye has called, he said Rudra’s phone is not able to get tracked. Bhavya says his phone is off, his watch has a tracker. Shivaye asks watch, fine I will check. He gets the location. He says don’t worry Rudra, your brother is coming to take you. Bhavya thinks of Rudra and cries. Anika thinks Bhavya is worried, I need to do something to make her mood better. She goes to Bhavya. She asks Bhavya to come with her. They make floral rangoli. Nani says Rudra is kidnapped, and you three are busy in making Rangoli. Anika says we are preparing to welcome Rudra, I trust Shivaye, I m sure he will bring Rudra back.

Nani asks is Shivaye any superman, what will he do alone if police isn’t able to find him. Anika says police is finding Rudra, but Shivaye is finding his brother, when it comes to his family, Shivaye is no less than a superhero, those three brothers will do Diwali puja together. She asks Bhavya to hurry up and finish it quickly. Nani goes and asks what happened. Twinkle says Anika is so lovely, she takes good care of anyone, why is Shivaye doing this. Nani says its Shivaye and Anika’s personal matter, just focus on the drama. Twinkle says I feel bad for her. Nani says don’t talk much, go. Twinkle goes. Nani says even I feel hurt, Shivaye has got such a good wife, why is he wanting to lose her. Shivaye stops the car and says the location is showing up here. He gets Rudra’s watch. He says it means Rudra is around. He calls out Rudra. Rudra says you won’t get money if you keep me captive here. Goon taunts and hits him. Rudra screams. Shivaye hears him and gets in. He says I can’t be scared of darkness, I have to save Rudra.

He sees some bars and recalls past. He says I have to think of Rudra, I promised Dadi. He sees Rudra inside. He rushes in and opens the ropes. Goons attack him. Shivaye beats them up. Goon takes a gun and shoots at Shivaye. Shivaye bends down and gets saved. He holds the idol. Anika lights diya and protects it. Police arrives in time and stops the goon. ACP says its good that Bhavya has alerted us, we reached on time, else he would have shot you. Shivaye says when someone’s prayers are along, nothing can happen to that person. He holds the idol and thanks ACP. Shivaye sprinkles water on Rudra’s face. Rudra gets conscious and says thanks for saving my life officer. ACP says we didn’t save you, but your brother did. Shivaye asks are you fine, I m upset, betting is illegal. Rudra says I know I made a big mistake. Shivaye asks him to rectify the mistake, reveal the connections of those people to police, so that they can end this racket. Rudra says I m ready to confess, but can I go home first. ACP says sure…

Om asks Dadi not to worry. Shivaye gets Rudra home. Bhavya cries and hugs Rudra. She says we were so worried, I won’t talk to you. She hits him. He says I m hurt. She says sorry. He jokes. Om asks did you learn a lesson now. Rudra says yes. Dadi hugs Rudra. He says sorry, if Shivaye hadn’t come to save me, I wouldn’t have come back today. Nani says I told you Shivaye will make everything fine. Dadi asks Bhavya to get aarti plate. Shivaye and Anika go aside. He says I saved Rudra’s life, but do you know who has saved my life. He gives the idol to her and says you did. They hold hands. Dadi calls him. They go to everyone. Dadi says you fulfilled one promise, its time for another one, you had said that all three of you will together do the Diwali puja. Shivaye says I will fulfill my promise, this

Diwali there will be just happiness here. Priyanka gets aarti plate. Anika gets the idols.
Bhavya asks at which temple will the puja happen. Shivaye says puja will happen at one place, only at one temple, neither the rituals, not the house or our happiness will be divided, from now, we shall have just one temple in Oberoi mansion, is that right? Anika says you three brothers do this auspicious thing. They see the partition. Om asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye, Omru take the idols to the temple. They pray. Anika goes for fixing the Toran. She gets tangled in the garlands. Shivaye thinks she always ends up in troubles. He asks may I? He helps her. Ankhon ki gustakhiyaan…plays…. They smile and get close. Twinkle coughs. Shivaye gets away. He thinks what’s wrong with me, I have to get away from Anika and I m going close to her. He says you, we were decorating the door, Toran are so big these days, you got laddoo for me, stop blinking and feed me, don’t shy. He eats the laddoo and says its delicious, I could spend the rest of my life for you just for this reason. Anika says I made the laddoo, isn’t it delicious, I know it. Shivaye asks Twinkle to have it.

Everyone gathers. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya compliment each other. Om says we don’t mind any praise coming our way. They joke. Shivaye comes and looks at them. Rudra goes to him. Dadi asks the three jodis to sit in puja. Shivaye forwards hand. Anika goes to give her hand. Nani stops Anika. She says this time, Twinkle will sit with Shivaye in Diwali puja. Dadi says but Aruna… Nani says this is my and Shivaye’s wish as well. She recalls… Shivaye coming to talk to her. He says Anika isn’t taking Shivaye seriously, she thinks this is a drama. She says she is right. He says our plan will flop this way, I want to do something that would shock her, you should do it. She asks what. He says you have to tell her that Twinkle will sit in Diwali puja with me. She says I understand the drama, but you should it with Anika in puja. He says you have to do it for my sake. She says fine, who am I to stop you, I m with you. FB ends.

Anika cries and removes her bangles. Shivaye worries and says its bleeding, what are you doing. She says you are hurting my heart every day, I know you are doing this for my betterment, but there is a limit to tolerate, its my right to sit in Diwali puja with you, if you do puja with someone else, you are insulting me and our relation, today you broke my heart. She goes. He says I m hurting myself as well. His hand bleeds because of broken bangles.

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