Game of love Monday Update 11 November 2019


Game of love Monday Update 11 November 2019

Aditi asks aunt to take care. Aunt says your uncle is alone at the hospital. Aditi says I m going there. Aunt says you have to go on duty too. Aditi says we have a habit to stay awake all night, you take rest. Aunt says I was thinking to keep a small puja for your uncle. Aditi gives her money and says you can ask Mohini to bring all the puja items, I will come. Mohini says you just had 1000rs, you gave 500rs to aunt. Aditi says aunt will feel bad if she hears this, she is already worried for uncle, don’t worry, I will manage. Nani asks Avi to call Shivaansh. Khanna thinks Shivaansh has gone to doctor to examine his fatal heart, he is undergoing tests, I can’t tell this to anyone, I have to handle everything. Avi asks where is Shivaansh, so its his secret day out, where does he go every week, you must

be knowing it, is he having an affair with some girl, tell me. Khanna says I don’t know. He thinks Shivaansh made me promise, that I don’t tell anyone about his illness. Avi says when will he come back, do we have to do puja without him.
Radhika comes and says I m ready. Nani asks where is your mangalsutra, bindi and sindoor, you are newly married, you don’t look like a suhaagan. Radhika says I will get marriage certificate if you say, don’t expect me to do bridal makeup. Dhruv says when Varun comes back, she will deck herself up. Nani laughs and says let Varun come, I will get a photographer to click your pics. She asks where is Shivaansh.

Avi says he won’t be coming on puja. Khanna says Shivaansh left for urgent meeting. Nani asks how will we do puja without him. She blames Avi. Avi says I didn’t fix this meeting. Khanna gets Shivaansh’s call. He asks when will you reach, everyone is asking me, I didn’t say anything, what did the doctor say. Nani asks doctor? Khanna says I was talking to my friend, I have all phones of Shivaansh. She asks is he in trouble. Khanna says no, I will be with him in trouble. She worries. Radhika says come, pandit is calling. Nani says I think we have to do puja in his absence. Khanna says this puja is for him. Nani asks what did you say, stop hiding things. Khanna says I meant, he caught cold yesterday. They laugh. Nani asks Radhika and Dhruv to imagine Shivaansh, I wanted you three to do maha aarti like my Shivomru used to do. Radhika and Dhruv do the aarti. Deva shree ganesha….plays…. Aditi does aarti. Aunt and Mohini pray.

Aditi gives prasad to aunt. Aunt asks will your uncle get fine. Aditi says nothing will happen to him. She goes to attend a call. She asks doctor to shift uncle to private ward. She says I will come and deposit money, nothing should happen to uncle. Mohini asks what happened. Aditi says uncle is critical, I asked them to shift him to private ward, aunt should not know this. Mohini says it will have much expenses. Aditi asks her not to worry. She takes her gold earrings from cupboard. She goes to sell it. The jeweller says it looks old. She says it belongs to my mum. Aunt says I m going to hospital, I thought to make something for your uncle. She sees the fridge empty. She says Aditi is managing expenses of two families, and we are here, we have become a burden on you. Mohini says don’t say this. Aunt cries.

Aditi comes and says family isn’t a burden, but a responsibility, burden seems to be heavy, not responsibility, its my fault that I forgot to fill the ration, I got everything. Aunt says even my daughter would have not done this for us. Aditi asks her not to cry. Aditi asks Mohini to help aunt in cooking. Mohini asks how did you get money. Aditi says I had it. Mohini asks how did you manage all this. Aditi asks her to go and help aunt. The receipt falls down. Mohini checks and asks did you sell the jewellery. Aditi asks how can I sell them, it belongs to mum, I just kept it mortgaged. Mohini says it was precious to you. Aditi says not imp than relations, jewellery is to use in tough times. Mohini hugs her and says you are a wonder woman, you don’t even tell anyone. Aditi says my family is my power, I can do anything for my family. She hugs Mohini.

Shivaansh meets Gupta. Gupta says we had a meeting today. Shivaansh says I have to go out, I don’t want to do romantic movies, I decided to do action movies, consider some other star for your movie. Avi says I told you already, SSO will do action movie. Shivaansh says I have to go to police station. Radhika asks how would you go there, a place without luxuries isn’t meant for you. Nani asks how are you talking like Shivaye. Shivaansh says Radhika is still our little doll, I got late. He goes and says Aditi will scold me. He doesn’t see her and gets on the table. He acts like her. Aditi comes and asks what’s going on her. He jokes on their hate chemistry turning into late chemistry. She says I went to meet my informer, you came late.

Gaitonde says madam came before, you were not here and she asked about you. Shivaansh says I thought you will ask about thieves, I hope I didn’t steal anything from you. She says you did murder of my patience. He says what a line, I will use this in my next film, sorry. He gives her a cup of tea and says I noticed that you take a cup of strong tea. He also drinks and says I m an actor, I have to take care of my body and health. She talks to Gaitonde. Shivaansh looks on. Nana gets his wife’s call. He asks can I go home before 12, my wife says we see that same person’s face whom we see first on new years’ beginning, my wife wants to see my face, I want to see Katrina’s poster. Aditi says I will suspend you, then you can see anything all the year. Shivaansh laughs. He says its all nonsense Nana, its not true. Nana says its true. Aditi says that’s not true, for a change, Shivaansh is saying true. He says I will take you to hotel grand. She says no thanks. She calls to get passes. She asks what do you mean, we won’t get passes. Gaitonde says people make bookings two months prior for the new year party, how can we go then. Shivaansh calls Khanna and ask for his phone. Aditi asks were you here. Khanna says I m always with Shivaansh. Shivaansh calls and arranges the passes.

Shivaansh says you will need my help in this case. She says I handle my cases on my own. He says you will need help in this one, will you go like this in new years party. She asks what’s wrong with this dress. He says your dress is shouting that you are a cop and have come to catch a criminal, do you want everyone to know this, dress like girls. She says I know how to get ready, I m going for rounds, meet me directly at hotel. He says don’t get late, I don’t like two types of girls, one who come too early and other who come too late. She goes. He says I swear…..

The reporter tells about the new years party. Aditi and Shivaansh make an entry together. He poses for the media and asks Aditi to do this with him. She asks what. He says please smile for my sake. She says my smile isn’t needed.

The reporters ask him who is this new girl, is she your new GF. Aditi and Shivaansh argue. She looks for the criminal and says its matter of many lives. She meets Reporter FD. FD says I don’t believe that you are with Shivaansh today. Aditi says even I didn’t believe when a so called honest reporter got bribed, it was my mistake to trust a film reporter. She goes. FD says I have promised Shivaansh that I won’t tell anything about her dream, I hope you understand Shivaansh some day. Shivaansh comes to Aditi and says I m done with photos. She asks him to stay with his fans and click pics. She sees someone and says I think he is Gajni. The lady makes an announcement and asks them to play a game, write a wish and put the chit in the box. She asks Shivaansh to come on the stage with his date and tell his new years wish.
Shivaansh and Aditi go on the stage. He says lets do this. Aditi says if wish got fulfilled this way, I would have done this since childhood, shall we finish this soon, I have to find Gajni. She recalls her dad and thinks if my wish can get fulfilled, I just want to know what happened with my dad. He thinks why did she write Baba. He thinks to make Shivika memorial hospital dream true, he needs 500 crore for this. A girl hugs him and says the person you see first when new year begins, that person is with you for the whole year, I want to see your face. She clicks a selfie with him. His chit falls down. Aditi picks the chit and thinks what did he wish for, 500 crores, he has much money and even then he is greedy for money, its better I stay away from him, media will make stories about us. She puts the chits in the box. She sees Gajni and rushes after him. Shivaansh looks around. The girl says its going to be 12, I have to find SSO.

Shivaansh thinks to stay away from that girl. The lady says new years countdown has begin, we have dimmed the light to make this game interesting. Find your partners in darkness. The girl says I have found you in darkness, will you dance with me. Shivaansh thinks how to get rid of her. He gives her another guy’s hand and says okay. He rushes away by fooling her. The countdown ends. Aditi says you can’t go anywhere now. She holds Shivaansh’s hand. Lights come. Shivaansh and Aditi see each other. Na wo akhiyaan…..plays…. She says Gajni was here, I was catching him and you came in between. He says he would be still here, we will find him. The lady stops them and says I request you both to come and cut the cake. Everyone chants SSO and claps. Shivaansh asks shall we…. Aditi holds his hand. She says I have come to catch a criminal, I m doing this for you. He says we will find your Aamir Khan. She asks Aamir Khan. He says Gajni, we will catch him, just chill, its not a film, not reality, if this was my film, a dead body would have fallen down. She asks what. A dead body falls down. They all get shocked. He says its Honey, my stylist….

Aditi stops everyone and asks them not to click pics. She calls Nana and asks him to send back up at hotel. She asks Shivaansh to please leave. He says he is Honey, not a dead body. She says you have to go, please. Shivaansh looks at Honey in shock and holds his heart. He goes. Its morning, Shivaansh pays money to Avi for the hospital bills of Honey’s mum. He says tell her that her another son is still there, I will take care of all her needs. Avi goes. Khanna says it didn’t happen well, a mum breaks down when she loses her son. Dhruv and Radhika come to ask about Honey’s death. Shivaansh says we won’t discuss this at home, if Nani and Dadi know this, you know Dadi worries so much for me and Shivani. They say we know you both are Dadi’s weakness, and we are your weakness. Shivaansh gets a call from Shivani. Dhruv takes the phone and says Shivani steals our love. Shivaansh asks how are you, Om uncle, who is it, Gauri aunty? You both are legends, and your children want to become like you. Dhruv and Radhika ask what are they saying. Shivaansh says they will succeed if they try hard. He gets some shock.

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