Game of love Friday Update 4 October 2019


Game of love Friday Update 4 October 2019

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Bhavya says Shivaye did this right. Anika says it was an accident, he was sleeping and… Bhavya says after serving jail term, some people suffer from PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, its a condition that gets triggered after a scary experience, they often get nightmares and panic attacks, they like to stay alone, they don’t get sleep, their willingness to live almost ends, their behavior gets risky, the patient himself is at max risk, Shivaye is fighting a battle with the world and himself too, we can’t even imagine what he is going through.

Anika asks what shall I do to get him out of this. Bhavya says its his own fight, you can just support him, bring him back in his routine. Omru call Gauri and Bhavya. They go. Rudra asks for file. Bhavya gets it. She says you would have suffered

with acidity if I don’t remind you about having food on time. He smiles. Om says sorry to disturb, lets leave for office. Gauri stops Om and says you are forgetting something. She makes him wear glasses and says how do you forget it every day.

He says I forget it on purpose, so that you can make me wear it. Rudra says sorry to disturb, shall we leave for office. Bhavya says come soon. Rudra jokes. Omru leave. Anika looks on. Anika comes to Shivaye and asks why are you sitting in darkness, light rays looks so good. Anika says don’t you want to go office. He says I can’t go, the world still thinks I m a murderer. She says we have to show the world that you are biggest businessman, Shivaye, you will go office, you will wear this, I will prepare your breakfast.
Shivaye says no. She says you have to go. He says just for you. She says for us. He nods. Anika gets him out of the house. Khanna gets glad. Shivaye gets in the car. He leaves. He loosens the tie. Khanna asks if you are feeling hot, shall I increase the AC cooling. They reach office. Shivaye gets down the car and sees his office building. Khanna asks Shivaye shall we go in. Shivaye sees the staff. Everyone stares at Shivaye and gather. Everyone gossips and calls him a murderer. They click pics of Shivaye. Shivaye covers his face. Om is in meeting. Rudra looks on. Shivaye leaves.

Anika calls Khanna and asks did Shivaye reach office. He says yes. Anika says trust me, when Shivaye focuses on work, he will become like before. Shivaye sits somewhere alone till the day ends. Anika waits for him. Anika says maybe he got so busy that he didn’t see the time. Omru come home and get seated. Anika says both of them are back, where is Shivaye. Shivaye comes home. Anika smiles. She says I was waiting for you, how was your first day at office. He says good. She asks was there much work. He says yes, I was looking into financial statements. She says I knew it, your SSO mode will get on, you go and freshen up. He goes. Bhavya asks did Shivaye come office. Rudra says yes, he came just till the door. Om says he didn’t come in. Anika says it means Shivaye wasn’t at office. Police comes home. Inspector says call Shivaye. Rudra asks what did he do now. Inspector says call him first. Shivaye comes and asks what happened. Inspector says a lady is repeatedly taking your name.

Roop comes in. They all say Bua…. She smiles and hugs them. She asks how did this happen, who cast an evil eye on this family. Rudra says she is our Bua, where did you get her. Inspector says she was jumping off the bridge, we saved her with great difficulty. Om thanks him. He asks why did you do this Bua. Bua says I came to meet you all, mum told me about house division, I lost a brother and you guys lost one, this house is my dad’s dream, you broke it, you didn’t think about me, mum and Tej. She sees the partition and shouts this can’t happen, why isn’t this line getting erased, I was eager to meet Shivaye in jail, but I would have not tolerated it. Shivaye says I m not annoyed with anyone. Roop says maybe Lord is upset with us. Shivaye says whatever happens will be for our best, relations can get bitter, but can’t get broken. She says I believe you will make everything fine. She eats almonds. She says her usual lines. Shivomru say along and smile. She says stop imitating me. Anika says I have seen them laughing together after many years. Roop says there will be just happiness here. Shivaye asks her to take rest. Rudra stops him and says she will stay on our side. Roop says I m Bua of you three, I have equal rights on all three, I will stay here alternate day. Shivaye says no need, you stay with Rudra, I have no problem. Roop says my sensible boy. She asks Rudra to leave her to her room. She hugs Gauri and Bhavya.

Shivaye says I will go and see Bua once. Anika says she has already slept, we should also sleep. He says you go, I will just come. He thinks I have become a threat for Anika, I should stay away, I will come out when she sleeps. He thinks I can’t afford to sleep, I have to be awake for the sake of Anika. Anika lies to sleep. He washes his face. He sees Anika sleeping and goes out of the room. He sits on the pool side and recalls hurting Anika. Anika comes and holds him. She asks what are you doing here. He says I wasn’t getting sleep inside and thought of coming here. She says you think whatever happened yesterday can happen again, I m scared without you, not with you. He says I m scared of myself, I may hurt you, don’t argue, go and sleep. She says you should come with me, you are acting stubborn,

and I m warning you, go inside, else I will do anything to stay away from you. He falls into the pool and lies in the waters. Anika shouts to him. She cries. He signs her to leave. She recalls their moments.
Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays…. She goes. Om thanks Gauri and holds her hand. Saathiya….plays…. She asks do you want to say something. He says sorry. She asks why. He says there are many reasons, since Shivaye came, I vented out anger on you, sorry. She says I can understand your anger, why is my sister getting punished. He says I have no complaint against her, I feel very bad that two sisters are staying close and yet they are away, when I see Anika, I remember Shivaye and Tej’s dead body, Shivaye shot Tej. She hugs him and says I can understand your anger, hatred, pain and sorrow, try to forget the past, I can’t see you in pain. They hug.

Rudra says I have no clue why are you angry, behave as my wife too, not ACP. She says I m saying this by wife’s right, thanks to you, I m not ACP, you didn’t want your wife to work, its about Shivaye, not us. He says I don’t want to talk about that person. She says he is your brother, whom you regarded Lord. He says so he thought he is Lord, and took someone’s life. She says he has gone through the punishment, five years in jail are longer than five births for people who are raised in rich families, forget this anger and move on. Rudra says I won’t forget anything till he is in front of my eyes. Its morning, Anika asks Shivaye are you fine. He says yes, I slept well, don’t worry. She says I know you didn’t sleep all night. Roop comes and serves them food. She feeds Shivaye and asks him not to leave good habits. Shivaye eats. Rudra gets angry and goes. Roop asks what happened to him. She goes after Rudra.

She says you left the table without having food, have halwa. He says sorry. She says Tej just looked like you, you remind me of him, I know you are all alone here, you trusted Shivaye and he backstabbed you, Tej died, Jhanvi moved to US, Dadi spends most of the time in ashram, Om is busy in his life, you have no one, don’t worry, I will set everything fine. He smiles. Anika says I m upset with your behavior, what’s this, its enough. Shivaye gives her a rose. She smiles. O jaana…plays…. She asks what’s this. He says flower. She asks why. He says ask who is it for, this is for the one because of whom I m alive today, you are the reason for me to live, you give me courage, you are my life. She takes the rose and hugs him. He says sorry. She says why are you sorry, I m foolish, I know it will take time, I just want everything to become like before, let it be, get ready. He asks why. She says if you care for me, you will not question me.

They come to office. He asks why did you bring me here, I couldn’t enter the office yesterday. She says I should have not sent you alone yesterday, I will take you in, we will go. He says I will go. She stops him and says you can do this at least for my sake. He holds her hand. She makes him close eyes. She gets him to cabin. He sees his chair. She says you have sat here and taken the Oberoi empire to these heights, the chair is waiting for you since five years. Omru come. Rudra says this is my cabin. He makes Shivaye away and sits on the chair. Anika asks what’s this misbehavior. He asks her to take Shivaye and leave. She says its Shivaye’s cabin. He says its of the one who is running Oberoi empire, Om and I are working here since five years. He puts feet on the table. Shivaye looks on.

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