Game of love Friday Update 18 October 2019


Game of love Friday Update 18 October 2019

Game of love Thursday Update 17 Oct 2019

Shivaay, Om, Rudra erase border that was drawn. All 3 hug each other. Their wives are happy. Shivaay says there won’t be any line in their house and there won’t be any distance between family members. Nani says there will be distance between Shivaay and Anika until they get married. Shivaay says that’s not fair, they are already married. Nani says they didn’t witness it. She asks his brothers to handle Shivaay. Om says they are not on groom’s side, they are on bride’s side.

Gauri and Bhavya say they will be on Shivaay’s side and watch what #TeamDulha does. Om says #TeamDulhan will be no less and asks Rudra right. Rudra says he won’t participate in wedding until Anika forgives him. He apologizes her for hurting her so much. Anika hugs him and says he’s her younger brother, she can’t be upset with him. Shivaay asks Rudra to forget what happened. Him and Anika got closer because of what happened. Nani asks Roop to do Shivaay and Anika’s aarti. Roop does aarti and thinks once more Shivaay spoiled her plans. She will see how this marriage happens.

Rudra and Om think how they will arrange Anika’s wedding dress, jewelries. They see Gauri and Bhavya and tell them to handle that. Bhavya and Gauri remind them that they are from #TeamDulha side and they are taking care of sherwani, pagdi, etc. #TeamDulhan can see about lehenga, jewelries and all. Om says they will arrange it. Girls wish them best and leave. Rudra asks how they will do it. Om asks him to relax, they will do it. Servants are moving things out of Tej’s room. Om and Rudra come to the room and see Roop ordering servants. They ask her why she’s getting things out of Tej’s room. She says finally they found time to come to their father’s room. They can forget what Shivaay did to Tej and be happy in Shivaay’s marriage, but she can’t forget what was done to her brother. She can’t keep Tej’s things here, so she is taking it to Delhi. Om says she won’t do anything like that.

Anika is going to get medicine for Shivaay. Gauri and Bhavya ask Khanna to get it. They make Anika sit and observe / judge her. Anika asks what they are doing. They say they have come to see girl for Shivaay and decide whether she’s okay for him. They make Anika do different tasks.

Roop tells Rudra there is still time. This is in fact best chance to take revenge. He tells her enough. He hasn’t forgotten anything, but that doesn’t mean he spends rest of his life hurting others. He leaves. Roop thinks she will do something so Shivaay dies and Rudra gets trapped.

Anika brings tea, but says Shivaay doesn’t drink tea. Bhavya and Gauri say it’s good she knows her husband’s choices and orders her to bring black coffee now. Om and Rudra says enough. Now they will judge whether Dulha is good enough for Dulhan. Bhavya and Gauri bring Shivaay there saying dulhan side wants to ask him some questions. Om and Rudra ask different questions to Shivaay. They don’t approve Shivaay. Gauri and Bhavya don’t approve Anika either. Shivaay says but dulha and dulhan have approved each other and that’s what matters. Rudra says if dulha and dulhan are ready then what they can do and everyone congratulates each other. Nani comes and says let marriage happen and first comes haldi ceremony. She has put haldi in kitchen and asks Bhavya and Gauri to bring it.

Roop mixes some liquid in haldi. Bhavya and Gauri come there to take haldi. Roop hides.

Nani tells Shivaay to go first and apply haldi to Anika. Roop watches from distance and wonders why he’s taking so long. Haldi color changes into red. Shivaay notices it and throws it away. He figures it out something was mixed in it.

Everyone gets shocked seeing the red haldi. Rudra says how did carpet burn by haldi. Roop says such a bad omen, Shivaye are you all right, thank God you didn’t touch this, Anika’s life would have got ruined if this haldi was applied to her. She says Aruna Maasi, I don’t think we should take some mahurat for marriage. Shivaye says I don’t believe in good and bad omens, find out who has got this faulty haldi. Omru leave. Shivaye asks Nani not to blame herself, nothing bad happened, so don’t get sad, its haldi function at home. Gauri and Bhavya go to get another haldi.

Shivaye asks Anika what are you thinking. Anika says we should fix a mahurat for marriage, Roop is saying right. He says we are already married, we are just conducting the marriage again, where is Priyanka. She says I called

her some time back, she didn’t answer. He tries to call Priyanka. He says her phone isn’t reachable. Bhavya says she went to Neha’s place. Shivaye calls Neha and asks is Priyanka there, I m coming. Bhavya asks what happened. Shivaye says I m going to get Priyanka. A cat enters the house. Shivaye reaches Neha’s house. She says Priyanka was here last night and got drunk, sorry, she doesn’t listen to anyone, she isn’t the old Priyanka, she got too stubborn, don’t know what has happened to her. He lifts Priyanka and takes her home.
Anika thinks to try Chunris. A cat catches the chunri in the paw. Khanna says I have brought your stuff. He shows Shivaye and Anika’s framed picture. Anika thanks him. He leaves. Priyanka stops Shivaye. He asks her not to worry, she is at home, everything is fine, take rest. She goes to sleep. He says I can’t believe that you are my old Priyanka, I m responsible for your state, its my fault, I promise you, I will make you the same one again, trust me. Anika says Nani, I will keep this photo in my room. Nani asks her to come for haldi rasam first. Om goes to get Shivaye. Anika keeps the photo frame and sits for haldi. Nani applies her haldi.

Roop comes there and thinks everyone is so happy, but I know how to ruin their happiness. She pushes the frame down and breaks it. Anika and everyone get shocked. Roop says the glass broke, its such a bad omen, I m really tensed, don’t know what will happen now, stop this marriage, else you may regret later. Shivaye and Om come. Shivaye asks what’s happening. Anika says this glass broke, its a bad omen. He says its nothing like that, so you did it. They all turn to see.

They see a little cat on the table. Shivaye says it was an accident, that happened because of this cutie. Roop thinks why did this cat come here at this time, it ruined my plan, I have to think of something else now. Rudra says I know your mood is bad, but it will light up by the evening party, I have organized a cocktail party for you. Shivaye and Om ask him to take their help. Rudra says I will manage everything, its your wedding party, you will always remember it. Shivaye says I m excited for it.

Shivaye comes to Anika and hugs her. He says we should stop meeting secretly now, my marriage is happening in two days, I don’t want to cheat my wife. She says even I m marrying in two days, who is your would be wife. Shivaye says she is a bit clumsy, crazy, she falls down often. She says it means she is very rocking. Nani comes and asks them to have patience. She asks Anika to get jewellery boxes. Anika says I didn’t forget, I was going to get it. Nani says a thief has stopped you on the way.

He says no, I just steal people’s hearts. Nani asks him not to dare trouble Anika. She asks Anika to try the necklace. She goes. Anika tries the necklace. Shivaye compliments her. O jaana…plays… She removes the necklace. The mangalsutra breaks off. She gets worried. She says this isn’t right, I can’t overlook this bad omen, its a big thing, this is the sign of my marriage. He says I will be fine, since you are with me, and I m with you, until we are together, nothing can go wrong, I will get this repaired. He wipes her tears. Rudra fixes lights and asks Khanna to switch it on. The lights flicker.

Rudra says switch it off, what’s the problem now. Om looks on and asks do you want help. Rudra says no, I will manage it myself. Om goes. Khanna says let me give it a try. Rudra says you go and see if they need more ice. Khanna goes. Roop sees Rudra and thinks I got an idea, Shivaye will die and Rudra will be ruined. Shivaye asks what, why doesn’t Roop want to come in the party. Roop says now Shivaye will get electrocuted and Rudra will be blamed. She connects some wires. Rudra shouts. Khanna comes. Rudra says it was just a spark, don’t tell this to anyone. Roop says marriage won’t happen when there isn’t any groom. She gets shocked seeing Shivaye. He asks what are you doing here.

She says I was going to temple. He asks who left the electricity board open. She says yes, I was just closing it, I was going to pray for you. He asks why aren’t you coming in the party. She says I feel restless, I wonder why I m missing Tej so much, you guys enjoy the party, I will go to temple. She goes. Rudra welcomes everyone. He asks them to have his special punch. Everyone dances on Nashe se chad gai…. Roop mishandles the wires. She drops one of the wire in the pool. She smiles watching them. Anika falls back. Shivaye shouts Anika.

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