Game Of Love Friday Update 17 July 2020


Game Of Love Friday Update 17 July 2020

Shivaye, Om, Tej and everyone get shocked seeing Jhanvi ablaze. Om says my mum did not burn in this fire, but her good son burnt and died, you would have seen a stone becoming heart, but today you will see this heart becoming stone. Shivaye hugs Om and Rudra, and says I will make everything fine.

Some time before, Tej asks Shivaye to stop the drama. He says you have leaked this video, who will get profit by this, you did not wish this deal to happen and I go ahead of you, when you got to know Rudra is married, you used this video for your profit. Om says you are forgetting Shivaye cares for this family respect more than you, he did not do anything to stain this family respect, I regret I can’t say this about you. Tej says oh really, I will prove truth in 2mins, I m going to call channel head,
he will tell me how the news leaked. Om says please do it. Tej calls Mr. Gupta and asks how did you get the breaking news about Oberoi family, can you tell me how did your reporter get that video clap and info, text me that number on my mobile, thanks. He says message will come and we will come who leaked the news. He gets the message and dials on number. A phone kept aside rings. Shwetlana and Tia smile. Shivaye asks whose phone is this. Anika says its my phone. She gets her phone. Pinky starts scolding Anika. Anika says but aunty ji, I did not do this. Tej takes her phone and checks. He says if you did not do anything, what is this video clip doing in your sent folder, very well played Shivaye, you did not go against your brothers and stood your wife in front, Shakti did you give this upbringing to your son, did you raise him to backstab me. Shakti says stop it, think and talk about my son, he never backstabs anyone, understand one thing clearly, my son is my pride, and you don’t challenge this. Pinky says Shakti ji you said right on time, Shivaye is a tiger, he is not one to backstab.

Tej asks really, you are denying even after knowing truth, Shivaye has sent this by Anika’s phone. Pinky says I m not denying Anika can do such cheap thing, but my son can’t do this. Anika says but aunty ji, I did not do anything really. Pinky gets angry and calls Anika worse than a dog. She insults Anika. Tej says I have no time for saas-bahu drama, have your phone Anika, just say why did you do this. She says I m saying truth, I did not do anything. Pinky shouts on Anika and asks Shivaye to end this marriage, and free them from this liar and fraud, why is she staying here, every day fights are happening. Shivaye shouts enough, I won’t hear a word against Anika now, I know she can’t do this, if any evidence is against her, I don’t believe it, Anika is innocent, whoever has to raise finger on Anika can do it, but remember he is raising finger on Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

Pinky says I told you this girl did magic on Shivaye. Shivaye shouts enough, stop wasting time on this useless things, better we find the person who leaked the video. Tej says okay, if I get to know you or Anika are behind this, then Tej will not sink alone, I will sink you and this entire Oberoi empire along. Shivaye says Bade Papa, you… They all get shocked seeing Jhanvi ablaze and running inside the house. Jhanvi falls down. Shivaye, Om and Rudra run to Jhanvi. Shivaye gets a blanket and puts on Jhanvi. Doctor treats Jhanvi. Priyanka cries and runs. Anika looks on. Shivaye asks doctor how is Jhanvi now. Doctor says she is out of danger, but it will take much time for burn wounds to heal, you have to take care of her, I will come tomorrow to see her. Doctor goes.

Dadi says what happened to this house, I did not imagine to see such day, elder bahu has… Shakti says I don’t understand what happened that Jhanvi had to take such big step. Anika comes and says Shivaye, I got this from Jhanvi’s room. Shivaye checks and says divorce paper.  Om sees the papers and looks at Tej. Shivaye asks do you want to give divorce to Jhanvi. Tej recals….. FB shows Jhanvi asking Tej to talk to Rudra and solve the problem, anger won’t solve anything. He says I m done with this, its all happening because of you, its all your fault. She says what are you saying. He says I m saying right, you could neither manage our relation nor children, so this marriage has no meaning now. He gives her papers and says I signed divorce papers, you also sign now, let’s end this for once and all. He walks out. FB ends.

Om says because of you, my mum is in this state. He holds Tej’s collar. Shivaye and Rudra stop Om. Om says I will not leave him. Shivaye says control yourself Om. Om says how to control, he has killed my mum and put her in this state, why did my mum bear all his tortures, because she loved this man, she broke to keep this house joined, you are a murderer Mr. Oberoi, you killed my mum’s happiness, I will not leave him. Shivaye hugs Om and calms him. He hugs Rudra and says nothing will happen, I will make everything fine. Priyanka comes and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says we will not let anything happen to Jhanvi, we will take care of her, we will keep her happy, we will become her support, Om nothing will happen, this is my promise to you.

Shivaye asks Tej why did you do all this. Tej asks are you asking this, everyone knows my relation with Jhanvi is just a formality, how long can a person bear such relation for formality, let me tell you, Jhanvi is the reason for this, she has made my son against me, the truth is Jhanvi increased distance between me and my children, I don’t seem to understand why is Om reacting this way and why did Jhanvi do this, divorce talk happened when Jhanvi made Shwetlana fall down stairs. Shivaye says Jhanvi did not do such. Tej says I know it better what she did, no use to argue, Jhanvi and my relation ended now. Shivaye says it did not end, you are ending it forcibly. Tej says its my life, with whom I want to live or vice versa its my decision, its better if you all accept this, that Jhanvi and I are getting separated, come Shwetlana….Tej and Shwetlana start leaving. Om calls out Tej. Om says I have hated you till now, that hatred could not become lava just because of my mum, as I wanted to become my mum’s good son, today my mum did not burn in this fire, but her good son burnt and died. Om’s old moments are shown. Om says that Omkara who lived for relations, love and emotions, he died in that fire, you would have seen a stone becoming heart, but today you will see this heart becoming stone, remember one thing, stone never has a beat, stone just breaks enemies, if you don’t want to break, don’t come in front of me ever. Tej smiles and asks Shwetlana to come. Tej leaves with Shwetlana. Everyone look on.

Dadi cries and says divorce did not happen in this house till now, my house is breaking, don’t know whose bad sight caught this house’s happiness. Pinky says its just one, unluckiness mountain, since her steps came here, this house got bad luck. She turns and looks at Anika. She says shameless, you are still standing here and seeing our drama, are you having fun. Shivaye says enough mom….. Pinky cries and says you don’t understand me these days, there is still time, else I would have to take same step which Jhanvi took. She goes. Priyanka hugs Dadi and cries. Anika takes them along. Shivaye and Rudra see Om.

Shivaye is on call. Anika throws his phone angrily and asks him to scold her later if he wants, but first listen to her. He says no one has dared to snatch my phone and throw. She says its Shwetlana’s engagement today. He asks really, Bade Papa…. She nods. Some time before, Shivaye asks Om and Rudra are they fine. Om gets away in anger. He then calms down and turns to Shivaye with a smile on face. He says no Shivaye, this time I will not fall weak, I will not lose, because whatever happened with my mum today, I m responsible for it, I should have become her support, but I fell weak, I was lost in my pain that I could not see her pain, I should have become her shield, I should have become Shivaye, I will not do this mistake again, I will not become her weakness,I will become her strength, Tej
shows he is a big Saudagar, I will show him what’s a real Saudagar. Shivaye says listen to me. Om says I m fine, don’t worry, I will make everything fine now. Om leaves. Shivaye and Rudra look on. Its night, Shivaye sits to rest. Anika asks are you fine, I got your medicines. He gets ache. She holds him. She asks is it aching. He says no. She says I know even if it aches, you will not say it, you can do anything for your family, you are big tadibaaz, but you are human and humans feel pain, especially when they get shot, have medicine. He takes medicine. He says who has sent that video, I know its not you, but who can it be, I m trying to think. She says you need rest. He says let me think, who was there, except our family and Chaddas. He thinks and leans to her side. She holds him. Tu aata na seene mein……plays……….

She thinks of their old moments. She makes him sleep in her lap. He gets up and asks why did you not wake me up, how did I sleep. She says you sleep now, you need rest. He says no, I have to find that person who has sent that video, how is this camera here. She says the cameraman who came with Chaddas forgot this, I got it here. He asks did you give your phone to someone. She says no, maybe I kept it somewhere. He says the videographer was shooting, camera would have something, we will check. They check the video. He says stop pause here. They see someone taking and keeping Anika’s phone. She says its my phone. He says who can it be. She checks again and sees bangles. She zooms and says its some woman. He says wait, Shwetlana…. They see Shwetlana behind Anika. He says it can’t be her. She says who can it be. He asks when did you leave it. She recalls and says Tia has collided with me, my phone fell down. FB shows Tia asking Anika to use her eyes.


Anika asks her to do her work. Dadi calls Anika. Tia asks Anika to do servant work. Anika goes. FB ends. Anika says I went to Dadi and came back to pick phone, my phone and Tia were not there, then when Tej called, I got to know my phone is lying there. He says Tia… She says it means Tia has done this, I told you she is not simple. He says I thought Shwetlana did this, but she got this proposal, why will she want this alliance to break, she wants to be in Tej’s good books, it can’t be here. She says its Tia. He says why will Tia do this. She says Tia is very clever. He says if Tia did this, it means two people are plotting against us, Shwetlana and Tia, do they have any connection. They get thinking.

Its morning, Shivaye is on call and asks security guy to find about Tia Kapoor. Anika comes to help him. Music plays….. They have an eyelock. He says yes, I want all info about Tia. He ends call. Anika leaves his hand. He says I can’t believe Tia can do this. She says yes, because you have not seen her real avatar which I have seen, she is cheap 2 rs girl. He says truth will come out. They hear sound and go to check. Rudra says how can it be my dress when I did not order. Anika asks what happened. He says why will I order dress for engagement when Roka did not happen. Anika asks who gave this. Servant says this came from designer, the man said Mr. Oberoi ordered this dress, I thought Rudra did. Rudra asks am I the only Mr. Oberoi here. Anika says if not you, who did it. Shwetlana comes and says I ordered it, its my dress. She thanks the servant. She says actually, its my engagement today, you guys are invited. Anika runs and bumps into servant. She runs ahead and reaches Shivaye. He is on imp call. She says things spoiled, its something imp. She takes his phone and throws away. He looks on shocked.

He asks did you go mad. asks him to scold her later if he wants, but first listen to her. He says no one has dared to snatch my phone and throw, breaking phone is my speciality, none has right to do this, if you want to copy me, I have more 10 good habits, try that, but this is my signature. She says be quiet, I m telling you I need to talk. He asks her to say, that phone is gone. She says I m saying something else. He asks her to say ahead. She says its Shwetlana’s engagement today. He asks what do you mean, Bade Papa…. She nods. He says just call Om, I have to go.

He goes and calls out Rudra. He asks did you talk to Om. Rudra says no. Dadi asks what happened. Shivaye asks her about Om. She says I did not see him since morning. He asks where is Tej. Shakti says Tej left for office in morning for some imp meeting. Rudra says Om is not answering. Shivaye says when he answers, tell him to come home. Dadi asks what happened. Rudra says I will say. Soumya asks Rudra what’s the problem. He says you. She asks why are you saying this. He says we have all problems because of you, why did you keep that mangalsutra, Anika has seen it. She says I did not tell her. He asks why did you keep it when marriage does not mean anything, since I decided to marry Sonia, you are behaving as if I did wrong with you. She asks what did I do. He says when Shivaye asked you, you showed as if this marriage means to you, and I m pressurizing you, when we both decided to forget this marriage. She says I don’t understand why you are angry, I said what you said. He says you have to believe that, you should have not come here. She asks do you think its happening because of me. He says yes, you are responsible for all this. Shivaye calls Tej. Shakti asks what’s the matter, why are you worried.

Shivaye says give me a min. He asks Anika did you talk to Om. She says no, I m trying, what to do. He says no one cares for Om. Dadi asks what’s the matter, will anyone tell me. She asks Anika to say. Anika says Dadi, Tej and Shwetlana are getting engaged today. Dadi gets shocked. Shakti asks what nonsense, you mean Tej is going to get engaged. He asks Dadi how can Tej do this. Tej comes and asks why can’t I do this…… They all look at Tej.

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