Game of love Friday update 13 December 2019


Game of love Friday update 13 December 2019

Shivaansh says I m responsible for the death of my parents, Radhika lost one of her eyes, Shivani became an orphan, everyone had to bear sorrow, because of me, I told my dad that I wanted to have an icecream.

if I hadn’t been adamant, maybe that person would have not shot him and my mum would have… Mannat hugs her and asks what happened with them. He says when my mum got to know about dad, she lost her senses and drove the car to meet him, she met with an accident. FB shows Anika’s accident. Mannat says you don’t blame yourself. He says I couldn’t get my dad’s murderer punished, I couldn’t even find him, I need some fresh air, let me go. He goes to kitchen and washes his face. He drinks some face. He thinks what was that sound I heard in the dream, does it have any connection with my dad’s

murder. He hears the same sound and gets tensed. Sahil comes and calls him out. Shivaansh look on and says this sound. Sahil asks what are you doing here, what happened. Shivaansh says I still remember the incident of dad’s murder, I got the same nightmare, I heard a sound. Sahil asks what was it. Shivaansh says it sounded like your crutch.
Sahil says my child and hugs him. He says the more you think about the past, you will feel more pain. Shivaansh says that dream seemed like truth. Sahil says I wish I had been with Shivaye that day, I would have been able to help him and save him, save this house’s happiness. Shivaansh hugs him. Sahil asks him to drink warm milk and have a good sleep.


He goes to his room. He calls and says Shivaansh has started to remember the past, we have to do something and hide the truth, else I wonder what he would do. Shivaansh oils his hair. Mannat looks on. He feels the pain. She cares for him. He says I couldn’t apply oil here. He hands over the bottle to her. She helps him. They have an eyelock. Music plays…. Phone rings. She gets away and goes to answer phone. He hands over tissues to her. She goes out and answers. She gets shocked and says I will be there.

Shivaansh asks Avi to fix his meeting with new stylist. Munni comes and says don’t know where is Mannat. Shivaansh calls out Mannat. He asks Khanna to find her. He says I will drop Munni to the school. Nani asks what happened. He says Mannat isn’t here, if she comes, inform me, I will drop Munni to school. Mannat cries, eats chocolate and cuts vegs. Shivaansh stops her from hurting her finger. He asks where were you. She says I has some work. He asks what was it, you forgot to drop Munni to school, whats the problem. She says nothing, I just went out. He says there is some problem. He checks chocolate and says she sprinkles salt on the chocolate when she is stressed, there is something fishy. She cries and hugs her childhood drawing. She says I wanted to meet you dad and talk to you, I didn’t know I will meet you in such a way.

FB shows Mannat going to meet her dad. She calls him out. They rush to meet. They are obstructed by the glass wall. Varun in bride’s disguise shouts surprise, its an emotional moment. He removes the mask. She gets shocked. She says you were in jail, how did you come here. He says by walk, imp thing is, your talk with your dad, I will do one thing now, as you can see, your dad is in my captivity, you know when your loved one is in my clutches, what you have to do. She asks what do I have to do. He says good girl…. FB ends. Mannat cries. She gets a call and says I will do your task, don’t harm my dad. Shivaansh comes and asks what happened, tell me. She hugs him. He asks what’s the matter. She says nothing, I just recollected something. She goes. Khanna says I have fixed the meeting with stylist and new director PK Gupta. Shivaansh gets the visual, someone asks PK to shoot. He calls commissioner and says I have to talk to you about my dad’s murderer. Varun scolds Mannat’s dad. Sahil comes there. Varun says good to see you partner, you have failed even Kans Mama. Sahil says Krishna’s enemy was Kans, same way, Shivaansh’s enemy is Sahil.

He throws the crutch and walks well. Varun says poor Shivaansh, he doesn’t even know that his biggest enemy is living in his house. Sahil says he is innocent, he thinks he has sent you to jail and got rid of danger. FB shows Sahil asking Varun/Ashish to marry Radhika. Varun says I m already married. Sahil says you don’t have to be married to her all life, you will get her property, we will share it equally. Varun agrees. He asks how will Shivaansh let her marry me. Sahil says Varun Mehra is your new name. FB ends. Sahil says Shivaansh will know you escaped from jail, he will remember the death incident, we should run away with the money, last time I had to change the plan because of you. FB shows Sahil hitting on Radhika’s head and fainting her. He gives the pill and says have it, you will seem dead for some time and Shivaansh will go to jail. FB ends. Varun says relax, even this time Mannat will write Shivaansh’s destruction.

The lady says commissioner Dixit has gone out for some imp work, she has handed over the case and details to me. Shivaansh says thanks, why did you come here to tell this. She says you said you recalled PK, PK’s name has come in our investigation again and again, PK is your dad’s murderer, if you remember anything, we can solve this case. He says I heard some strange sound, like someone is walking with a crutch, I don’t know if its true, its scary. She says you can keep me informed, I will reopen the case and start search for PK. He says who can be this PK.

Sahil says I feel Shivaansh and Mannat came close, so she won’t go against her. Varun says she will do what I say, because her weakness is with us. Sahil asks how are you, my old friend, PK, this watch disturbs me at wrong time, your

daughter will make me reach Shivaansh’s property. Pramod says don’t dare to trouble her. Sahil says relax, I won’t tell your truth to her. Mannat sees divorce papers and reads. She recalls Varun giving her the divorce papers. He says if you want to save your dad, you have to divorce Shivaansh and get all his property transferred to your name, look at your dad…… on the other side, your husband isn’t ready to accept you as wife. She cries. FB ends. Mannat says my dad is on one side and Shivaansh is on other side, Lord knows that I value the marriage and kept it without any hope, I feel upset with the thought of going away from Shivaansh, I can’t live without him, he said he wants a divorce from me, he doesn’t want me in his life, why does he wish for it. She prays. Nani asks Shivaansh what will you wear in Shivaye and Anika’s death anniversary. He says Mannat knows. Avi says we have to attend a party, when do we have to leave. Shivaansh says ask Mannat. Avi says we need to revise a new contract, what price to quote. Shivaansh says talk to Mannat. Nani and everyone tease him and laugh. Nani says its great that someone knows everything about you, you can’t live without Mannat.


Shivaansh says I can live without her. He attends a party and meets Chopra. Chopra says I have to block your dates for new movie. Shivaansh says ask Mannat, actually Avi manage the dates. He says I can live without Mannat, there are many successful and beautiful girls,Mannat Kaur Khurana will become Mannat Kaun Khurana, Shivaansh is funny and witty too. He imagines Mannat in almost everyone. Khanna asks what happened. Shivaansh says water…. The girl gives him a glass of wine. Shivaansh says someone has said, no matter whatever the question is, wine isn’t the answer, its bad. She asks who said it. He says Mannat said it. Avi and Khanna cough. Shivaansh drinks water. Sahil asks where is Shivaansh. Mannat says he went to some party, he didn’t ask me. Sahil says I will teach him a lesson today, he doesn’t value his beautiful wife, its wrong. Shivaansh comes home. He gets shocked seeing the chandelier falling down over Mannat and Sahil. He shouts Mannat and runs.

Sahil falls back. Shivaansh and Mannat fall down. Everyone comes and looks on. Tanha sa kuch…..plays…. Shivaansh scolds the servant. He says you know Mannat was standing under the chandelier. Sahil says I was also standing under it. Mannat says leave it, it was a mistake. Shivaansh says its your mistake also, if anything happened to you, I would have….. She looks at him. Jaanejaan….plays….. Nani asks then? Shivaansh says sorry. Sahil says I was saying, I was also standing under chandelier, I m joking. Nani says you chose to save Mannat. Sahil thinks he has really gone mad for Mannat, I have to remove her from Shivaansh’s life. Shivaansh goes to his room and talks to himself. He says I do care for her. Her purse falls down. He gets her diary and reads about her dreams. He says she writes her dreams in scrap book, how cute, stupid, who does this, five star hotel… I could make her smile by fulfilling her dream, I don’t love her, I care for her, love and care are entirely different things, I m smart as well, these things shouldn’t come close, should I fulfill her dream, I shall. He smiles.

Mannat says give me some time. Varun threatens her and slaps her dad. She says please don’t hurt him, Shivaansh doesn’t sign any paper easily. Varun says I want the job to be done by tomorrow morning, else your dad will be no more. She cries. She gets Shivaansh’s note and a dress. She says its such a beautiful dress. Mannat smiles seeing the clutch. She says Shivaansh had bought a gift for me, he is trying hard to please me, I m preparing to hurt him, what shall I do, I can’t see Shivaansh and my dad hurt. She gets ready and comes downstairs. Shivaansh looks at her. Jaanejaan….plays…..He says you look really… are you saying something. She says yes, what’s happening. He says I m taking you on our first day. She looks at him. She says I never went on a date before, I didn’t feel bad when you didn’t take me in the party. He stops her. He says you talk a lot, you look upset since morning, I want you to smile like this. She smiles and asks where are we going.

She says such a big hotel, five star, I never went to zero star hotel, I told you that day, you remembered it and got me here. She sees a girl and says people are wearing foreign clothes and talking in English, and I….. He says you are better than everyone, and you are with me. Fans click selfie with him. He holds Mannat’s hand and gets her along. He says since you are part of my life, you should be part of the picture too. She smiles.