Game of love Friday Update 11 October 2019


Game of love Friday Update 11 October 2019

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Anika says sorry I didn’t recognize you. Shivaye says Nani, thank God you have come. Shivaye greets his Nani. Anika asks is she your Nani. Nani asks who’s this girl. Anika says I m Anika, Shivaye’s wife. Nani says tell me, she can’t be your wife, you know that I promised Twinkle’s Dada that if he gets a granddaughter, I will get you married to her, how can you marry some other girl. Om says you mean you have fixed his marriage already. She says yes, in his childhood itself. Anika gets shocked. Dadi says but Shivaye is already married to Anika, now Anika is his wife. Nani says let it be, if you didn’t keep any relations with him, by what right are you saying this, you all left him alone, but I m with him, I will get him married to Twinkle. Priyanka asks but who is this Twinkle. A girl comes

and introduces herself as Twinkle. She says we can Dadi and Nani as Biji.
Shivaye stops her from touching his feet. She says you are my fiance, its my duty to take care of your likes and dislike, I will go and make special tea for everyone, just show me the kitchen. Nani praises her. Gauri says there are already three bahus here, you got an extra one. She asks Shivaye to tell Nani that Anika is his wife. He says yes, its true that Anika and I got married, but I didn’t regard her my wife, she has understood this. Anika says yes, I understood everything. She goes crying.

Nani says I will explain everything to Twinkle. Shivaye says thank God you have understood this, I have arranged a flat for you, pack your bags. She says I m packing your clothes, I want to keep your new clothes, we are already married. He says I don’t believe it. She says I know its your drama, you thought I will believe this. He says this is the truth. She says you both look like an uncle and niece, she is a young girl. He says I like young girls. She says don’t forget you are Shivaye, maintain some standard, think of something new, big. She goes.

He says why is she so stubborn. Twinkle comes and asks Bhaiya how did you like my acting. He says don’t call me Bhaiya, it would look awkward, as you have come here to act as my would be wife. She praises Anika. He says stop praising Anika, you remember why you are here. She says wow, your pic, such a cute couple, you both look amazing. He says Nani is impossible. Nani arranges her stuff. Shivaye comes and hugs her. She says I didn’t forget my promise, you made one call and I have come.

He thanks her. She asks why are you so sad. He says its very tough for me to do this drama, I know Anika is so good that she won’t leave me, but for the sake of her happiness, I have to make her away, I feel devastated, but I m going to do this for Anika’s sake, who have you brought here, what’s her name, Twinkle is… why does she address me as Bhaiya, if Anika hears this, the plan will fail. Nani says you didn’t give me much time, don’t look tense, keep smiling. Priyanka comes there.

Rudra says I will give money today, why did you come. The man asks him to give it soon. Rudra says how to give him money. Priyanka hugs Nani and says I m happy to celebrate Diwali with you. Nani says I m not happy seeing you, you have changed yourself completely, everyone changed, how did you even believe that your brother can kill someone, you should have stood by him. Shivaye says please don’t say anything. Nani says why, if his love didn’t change, how can you change.

Priyanka goes. Shivaye says everything shattered, you have to help me. Nani says I m with you. He says you will have to make Anika away from me. She asks him to think again, will he stay happy without her. He says my happiness lies in her betterment and that’s in going away from me. She says fine, I will do as you wish. Rudra sees Shivaye and says I want 50 lakhs. Shivaye asks by when. Rudra says right now.

Shivaye asks for what. Rudra says even the bank doesn’t ask this question while giving a loan. Shivaye says then take it from the bank. Rudra says I m not asking loan, but my rights. Shivaye says I m not refusing to it, but just asked the details, you have to tell me why do you want this big amount. Rudra says its my mistake to ask you for the money, I forgot that the man who can commit a murder for money, why will he give me money.

Shivaye says enough, no need to repeat this. Rudra says truth is you are a murderer. Shivaye shouts. Everyone comes and stops them. Shivaye and Rudra argue. Om asks Rudra to go to his room. Shivaye and Rudra leave angrily. Dadi comes to Nani and says you went away from us, how did you come suddenly. Nani says Shivaye stayed in jail for five years and didn’t let me come, he didn’t wish me to see him in that state, why did you remove him from family, you know he loves you more than me. Dadi says he killed my son. Nani says you believe this? You didn’t think why he has done this, what’s the reason for this, just Anika helped him and trusted him, she worked hard to get him out of the jail. Anika comes and asks who told you. Nani says Khanna told me, you did much for Shivaye, thanks for that, it doesn’t mean I accept you as bahu, I promised Girdhar. Everyone comes.

Roop asks what’s the Diwali plans, the house got divided into two parts. I have to attend both the celebrations. Shivaye says no one needs to take sides. He comes to Dadi and says I don’t care how they want to celebrate Diwali, I want to know how Dadi wants to celebrate Diwali, does she want Shivomru to celebrate Diwali separately. Nani says she isn’t going to say anything, when she needs to speak, she gets tight lipped. Dadi says I have a reason to be upset, its right I could have saved my family from breaking but I was broken too, I lost my two sons, you can’t understand my pain. Nani says I lost my daughter, but we have to move on. Dadi asks do you want me to forget everything. Nani says just forget it on Diwali, there can’t be a better chance. Shivaye says I also want this, but Dadi you do what your heart wants.

Shivaye holds Dadi’s hand. Dadi cries. He says please Dadi. Dadi says people pray to Laxmi ji on Diwali, how can I refuse to my house Laxmi, yesterday Anika, Gauri and Bhavya told me the same, I want that we all celebrate Diwali together this year. Everyone smiles. Shivaye says I will do as you say. He stops Rudra. He forwards hand. Om holds his hand. Rudra looks on. Shivaye says this year, your three grandsons will celebrate Diwali today, we will forget the bitterness once and make this house Ayodhya again. Anika comes to Shivaye and hugs. She says you convinced Dadi so well, no one can handle this family the way you can. He says fine, no need to praise me.

She says it would have been better if you handled our marriage too. He says I handle things which I should, like Twinkle. She says she

is very young. He says she isn’t a baby. She says tell me what are you going to wear on Diwali, so that I can also decide, we will we wearing the same colors. He says I want to match it with Twinkle, so I m going shopping with her. She throws a cushion at him. He asks how did you hit me, see my aim now. He throws a cushion at her. They have a pillow fight. Mann mast magan….plays….

They romance. Twinkle comes and says how cute. Shivaye says you mean how rude. Anika says she said cute. Twinkle says I said cute only to Shivaye. She asks what shall I say now. Anika asks will you ask this to him. Shivaye asks him to go and sit in the car, he will come. Anika says Shivaye take her anywhere she wants. Twinkle asks Anika to come along. He says Anika can’t come, go and wait. She goes. Anika says she is so cute. She laughs and says you know why I m laughing. He says Anika is smart and Twinkle is foolish. She says that’s why I asked you to think something big. She sees servant taking Shivaye’s shoes. She asks him to take shoes in a tray. He agrees. Gauri asks what’s this. Anika says I like troubling Shivaye, come with me. Rudra asks servant to get his charger, do his work fast. Servant keeps the shoes and goes. Rudra adds some ash in the shoes. Servant takes it. Rudra smiles. Shivaye says you got the shoes in a tray. Servant says Anika has told to do this. Shivaye takes the shoes to wear. The ash falls down the shoes.

Shivaye gets shocked. He thinks what’s wrong with me, I started imagining things again. Rudra looks at him. Shivaye thinks am I really getting mad. Rudra goes. Shivaye thinks it means I didn’t get fine yet. Om comes and asks what happened. Shivaye says nothing. Om asks ash? Shivaye asks can you see it. Om says yes, its ash. Shivaye hugs him and says I thought you won’t see it. Om says relax, I needed Gupta’s file. Shivaye says I will bring it, you may go. Bhavya asks Rudra where is he going, they have to go for Diwali shopping. He says I have to go now, I m in a good mood, don’t spoil it. He goes. Anika asks is everything fine. Bhavya says Rudra is behaving strange these days. Anika asks her not to worry. Shivaye says Om has seen the ash, it means I m not imagining it, that means someone is doing this so that I feel I m getting mad, who can it be.

Rudra gets attacked. The goon kidnaps him. Khanna comes and says someone kidnapped Rudra. They get shocked. Bhavya talks to ACP. She says I think this kidnapping is done for a ransom. Om talks to commissioner. Anika asks Dadi to drink water. Gauri asks Dadi not to worry. Shivaye asks Khanna to get CCTV footage of parking area. He checks the footage. He asks did they come to our house before. Khanna says yes. Shivaye says it means Rudra knows this man. Om comes. Shivaye asks do you know this man. Om says no. Shivaye says I think we don’t know the kidnapping motive, but Rudra knows it, I found unusual transactions when I checked his bank account, he got angry when I refused to give him 50 lakhs. Om says it means he has to give money to someone.

Shivaye asks about Rudra’s social circle. Om says he hasn’t share anything with me, I got to know about his bank transactions now. Anika asks do you remember anything Bhavya, if you found anything strange. Bhavya says Rudra used to talk on phone while watching cricket match, I think he is involved in betting. Shivaye asks betting? Now I understand this, he asked me for 50 lakhs and today he got kidnapped. Om says he must be kidnapped by those people. Shivaye asks Bhavya to find out the betting network, is that man a bookie or someone else. Bhavya goes. Its morning, Shivaye says no, I haven’t received any call for ransom. Om asks did you find out anything. Shivaye says not yet, I m sure we will find something. Gauri shouts to them. Shivaye asks what happened to Dadi. Gauri says Dadi was reading Gita and suddenly fainted. Shivaye asks Om to call doctor.

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