Friday Update The Promise Zee World July 20

Friday Update The Promise Zee World July 20

Deb says that he looked after Bani so carefully for 5 years, only to seek revenge from Jai, and not for any selfless reason. Maasi invites Jai for a religious ceremony but he declines. Maasi feels bad at the way Jai has destroyed himself. Deb encourages Bani to continue having her nightmare so that she can prepare for her revenge. Deb gets sadistic pleasure thinking about how Jai is rotting in Bani’s grief, and how Bani is planning her revenge from Jai

Deb announces at the dinner table to his adopted three sisters and Bani that they will be returning to India the next day to meet their mother. Bani prays that the fate of the three sisters does not change on reaching India. Bani keeps the ashes of her past in an urn and promises revenge. Jai assures his grandma that memories of Bani are enough to keep him alive. When grandma asks Jai to attend Bani’s death anniversary, he replies that Bani is not dead for him. Pia looks at Bani’s photograph and says that it was important for one of them to die. Bani reaches Mumbai and prays to the Goddess to let her be victorious against evil.

Richard, a British businessman, wishes Deb all the best for the biggest bid in India. Deb assures him that only he would win the bid. Aditya requests Jai to come for Bani’s death anniversary. Jai can’t figure out why he’s feeling strange; like Bani is close to him. Gayatri wants to attend an award function in Mumbai and meet the film stars. Pia’s car breaks down, so Jigyasa and Karuna take a cab for the award ceremony but Pia manages to get a lift from the start-struck Gayu. Seeing the three sisters reminds Pia of her sisters and herself. Meanwhile, Deb urges Bani to seek her revenge.