Friday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv November 30th

Twist of Fate Zee World Tv November 30th

Damru stabbing the grass dummy and tells that he will do his first professional killing of rockstar Abhi. Pragya hears on the walkie talkie and gets shocked. Abhi thinks they are planning to kill me. Damru tells that he will be relieved with his Ram Pyaari knife. Abhi says who am I? Rockstar Abhi. He says if you kill me, then you will not be saved by Police. Goon tells that his wife is Abhi’s biggest fan and tells that he didn’t get anything from her, not even love. He tells that this rockstar has ruined his life. Damru says we will take revenge for you also. He says you will meet your wife, but Abhi will not meet his Pragya. He says she loves you very much, and used to cry badly. She told her love story also and made everyone sleep. He says if she would have been here, we
would be happy to kill you both as every love story have a sad ending.

Goon asks Damru to kill him. He is about to kill Abhi, just then Nikhil comes there wearing mask and stops Damru. He says you will not kill him. Abhi finds his voice familiar and asks if he is Nikhil. Nikhil is shocked. Pragya comes to the place and thinks how to go inside. She hits rod on the goon’s head. He faints. Other goon comes there and goes to inform Nikhil. Pragya thinks if he is in the same place as me. Abhi says are you Nikhil? Nikhil laughs and says I am Nikhil for you, and says you are talented to identify the man hearing his voice. Goon comes there and informs that other goon is unconscious. Nikhil thinks Aaliya came there. He tells goons that he has to go for some urgent work and asks them to keep eye on Abhi and don’t let him elope. Goons say ok. Abhi still doubts that he is Nikhil. Sarla thinks why is her heart feeling restless and thinks to call Purab.

Sarla tells Dadi and Beeji that Pragya escaped from there, but Abhi is caught by goons. Dadi is shocked. Sarla tells them that Pragya went back to save Abhi. Beeji says she should have call Police or Purab. Dasi says she did wrong. Dadi says she did right and tells that she did what a wife could do for her husband. She says how can Pragya leave her husband there, and says they can’t stay far. She says one day they will be united as they are made for each other. She asks Sarla not to worry and says I am very happy for my bahu, who is Lakshmi and also Durga Maa. She says abhi’s enemies can’t harm them. Dasi asks them to do their aarti. Beeji says they are together, but in enemies clutch. Dasi says we shall send Purab with police. Sarla tells that his phone is not connecting. She calls him again.

Purab talks to Inspector and tells that he fears that Abhi is in danger. Inspector says we can’t do anything before 24 hours, but trying our best. Purab says Abhishek Mehra is a rockstar and have a huge fan following and asks him to take any action immediately, else he will call media. Inspector says he will handle the case personally and will inform you. Aaliya comes to the place and thinks how dare he to kidnap my brother. Pragya is hiding and thinks where was that room. Aaliya sees goon on ground and thinks no wonder this is how Pragya eloped. Pragya thinks to free Abhi. Aaliya thinks where is Nikhil and gets his phone there. Nikhil comes infront of her. Pragya don’t see them. Pragya enters there silently. Goon informs Damru that someone hit rod on other goon Vijay’s head. Damru says he might be fallen unconscious after drinking. Pragya thinks what to do and thinks to light the grass on fire, then thinks no. She sees honey bee hive and thinks to make honey bee disturb. She aims at the hive.

Pragya disturbing the honey bee as she aims on the hive. Aaliya scolds Nikhil for Abhi’s kidnap and calls him incapable and asks him to retire. Nikhil says Pragya cut your nose and escaped from here. He says they would have gotten married if I had not kidnapped Pragya. Aaliya asks him to escape from here and leave Abhi. Nikhil says nothing can happen to me until Abhi is in my captivity. Aaliya warns him to leave Abhi else…Suddenly honey bees attack the goons, Aaliya and Nikhil. Pragya covers herself and go inside while goons are trying hard to stop honey bees from attacking them. Pragya comes to the place and see Abhi tied. Abhi thinks if this man is Nikhil or not. Pragya comes inside covering herself with rice bag. Abhi asks who are you. Pragya thinks she will not show her
face to him and thinks she will see until when he will not identify her. Abhi asks her to show her face and says he is not scared of her. He gets tensed and asks if he/she is a ghost. Pragya says I am a ghost and came to save you. Abhi says friendly ghost and asks her to show her face. He says I want to see how the talkative ghost looks like. Pragya shows her face and hugs him. Abhi says fuggi and laughs happily. Main Phir Bhi Tum ko Chahungi plays….

Aaliya asks Nikhil if he did this deliberately. He calls Damru. Damru and other goons bring the spray to kill honey bees. Aaliya asks them to move and goes inside. Pragya and Abhi have an emotional and happy hug. He asks why did you come here if you had eloped. Pragya says I escaped from here, and must have reached home by now. Abhi says I came to save you. Pragya says you have trapped yourself here etc. and tells that she will open his hands and then will fight. Abhi asks if you was making me understand or taunting me. Pragya asks did you come here and got kidnapped. Abhi says I thought you will hug me and call me your hero. Abhi and Pragya have an argument. She says this is happening because of you. Abhi says who will put himself in trouble. He says someone hit on his head and then tied him. Pragya gets emotional and tries to see his wound. Abhi refuses to show his wound. Pragya thinks he got angry.

Nikhil tells Aaliya that he is doing this for everyone’s betterment. Aaliya and Nikhil are in car. Tanu calls her and asks where is she? Aaliya says she came to her marriage and asks if she didn’t come. Tanu asks what nonsense. She asks if you met Nikhil. Aaliya says she will never talk to him. Nikhil says he can kidnap her like he kidnapped Abhi. Aaliya and Nikhil fight verbally. Tanu tells them that Pragya didn’t come home. Nikhil asks her to keep eye on the family members and wonders where is Pragya.

Pragya tells Abhi that she was joking and says if you will agree that you are brave and came here like a hero to save your friend. Abhi says not friend, but girl friend. Pragya asks if he will agree if she tells that even she was worried about her. Abhi says he will not agree. He asks her to hold her ears and says sorry. Pragya argues and then apologizes to him. He tells that she is his super heroine. Pragya says she don’t want to be super heroine, but his heroine.

Pragya finding the door locked and wonders what to do. Purab comes to Dadi. Dadi and Sarla tell her that pragya eloped from kidnapper’s clutches, but again went back for Abhi as he is kidnapped. They think they can’t call Police as kidnapper will get alert and might escape hurting Abhi and pragya. Purab says I think we shall go there, and call Police seeing the situation. Tanu hears them and tries to stop them. Abhi scolds Pragya for returning back and says this is called getting in trap. He says you would have sent Police instead. Pragya says if anything had happened before Police come and that’s why she came to save him. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi plays….Tanu says you calls me clever, but you are more clever than me. She says my marriage is broken, my parents are
upset, I don’t know where is abhi. She says you all are my enemies. Purab asks her not to show fake concern and says what do you want that we shall give news to you so that you can make plan. Tanu asks are you doubting on me. Purab says I am accusing you and says Abhi is missing because of you. Tanu asks what do you mean that I got him kidnapped. She says I will tell everything to Aaliya, and will tell her that you people are hiding things from her. She thinks she shall call aaliya and inform her to go from there.

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