Friday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv November 16th

Friday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv

November 16th

Pragya gives her mangalsutra, but it stuck in Pragya’s clothes. Tanu takes it out angrily and says you have given right to me now, remember this. She asks her to attend her marriage in sometime and says atleast Abhi will be happy to see you. If you see our marriage then it will help you to accept it, and asks her to change her clothes and come. Pragya looks sad.

Tanu’s mum shows her diamond jewellery to Mitali. Dadi says she can’t see this. Purab comes and says nobody cares for Pragya and tells Dadi that he will be happy if this marriage stops and goes to talk to Dadi. Aaliya asks Tanu where did you go? And asks if she has changed her decision. Tanu says I would have changed when Abhi confessed to Pragya. She tells that she went to Pragya’s home to get her stuff, mangalsutra. She says she is so happy. Aaliya asks her to go and get ready. Abhi is sitting in his room and tells that he will come…Purab comes and says you will not go anywhere, and asks if you wanted to do this, then why did you do that. Abhi says everyone is waiting for me. Purab says you have reached your destination and taken a U turn to marry a girl whom you don’t love. He says you felt bad to refuse Tanu, and not felt bad to ruin Pragya’s life. He asks him not to listen to his mind and thinks about people’s words. He says what you will reply to yourself. He says when you know that you both love each other, then why you are getting trapped in unwanted relation.

Purab asks him not to lose true love. He asks him to think how he will be happy with Tanu. He says I know you knows how to fulfill promise, but what is more important is to fulfill relations and says I know you will fulfill this relation even after death. Abhi gets up and hugs Purab. He says he was confused about two things, but he is sure of his decision. He says he loves Pragya and have never loved anyone than her, and says I can’t break promise given to Tanu and have to marry her only. He asks him to support her and goes.

Pragya sees Abhi’c pic and gets sad. Sarla comes and asks her to cry and take out her feelings. Pragya hugs her and cries. Sarla tells that may be God wants you to be his friend. Pragya says but I am his wife naa. Sarla says sometimes we think something, and it doesn’t happen. She says everyone don’t get complete world and asks her to trust God. Pragya says this had happened many times, but today I have no strength.

Pragya telling Sarla that she don’t know what to do and how to come out of this situation. She says when ever I try to think and live without him, her heart is shaken up. She says Tanu was right, If I attend his marriage then may be I will accept that he is not mine. She cries and says I want this to end as a bad dream and says I want to go in the past, when he told me that he loves me, but he told that he can’t do wrong with Tanu. She tells that the tomorrow is very dark and that she wants to stay with him and go to him. She hugs Sarla and cries. Sarla pacifies her. Aaliya checks her watch and tells Mrs. Mehta that they shall start rasam with Tanu. Mrs. Mehta compliments Tanu. Aaliya says she is looking so pretty. She comes to Dadi, Dasi and Purab and says you people are
standing altogether and giving shoulder to each other. She says I am missing Pragya and says if she would have been here, they would feel the challenge. She asks purab to invite her.

Mrs. Mehta asks Dadi to apply the haldi. Aaliya asks Dadi to come. Dasi asks why you wants to apply haldi. Dadi says let me do this, don’t stop. Dadi goes near Tanu. Tanu smiles and tells Dadi that she is glad that she will apply haldi firsts, and thanks her. She says you might be feeling bad to shatter your dreams, I am here to sprinkle salt on your wound. She says you called me cheap and characterless, and says your grand son is going to marry me. Dadi asks her not to be happy and says even if Abhi marries you, but I will never accept you as bahu. She takes much haldi and applies on Tanu’s face. She says I am applying haldi thinking it as black ink and curses her saying that Abhi will never accept her in his heart.

Tanu says she don’t bother and says she is happy that she is becoming Tanu Mehra now, and says I can’t take pragya’s place, but I have taken her name. She wipes the haldi from her face. Abhi comes there. Mrs. Mehta asks him to come for the rituals and makes him sit. She tells that she has grinded this haldi for him and is sure that he will look more charming. She applies haldi on his face. Purab is shocked and angry. Abhi thinks if Pragya came and thinks I didn’t ask her if she is coming. A fb is shown, Purab recalls Abhi telling that everyone is waiting for him. Purab asks him not to ruin three lives and stop this marriage. Fb ends.

Aaliya comes to apply haldi to Abhi. She asks what he is thinking. Purab tells that we couldn’t do anything. Dasi scolds him for his inability to stop the marriage. Dadi tells her that Purab have done so much for Abhi and Pragya, but now there is nothing in his hands and Abhi don’t have understanding about right and wrong. Dasi says what we will do, if we shall see the marriage happening and see Tanu and Aaliya controlling him. Dadi says we will not see this and will stop the wedding. She says only Pragya can stop this marriage. Tanu comes to Abhi and says she will apply haldi on him and says he will glow. She applies haldi on his face and thinks now marriage will happen, and enemy is not here to stop the marriage. Aaliya says how sweet. Tanu is making you have haldi with love and asks him to apply haldi to her to make the picture perfect. Abhi imagines pragya and takes haldi. He applies haldi on her face. Everyone is shocked. Tanu thanks Abhi for applying haldi on her face. Abhi thinks I am doing wrong with all three of us. He gets up and goes. Tanu smiles.

Sarla asks Pragya to have tea and says you didn’t have anything since yesterday. Pragya asks shall I go there? Sarla says I don’t have answer for your question and asks her to take a decision by herself. Pragya says she wants to go and tell him that she is his wife, but can’t lose him. Sarla says you are standing on two ways and says you can’t back off or move front. She says but you have to back off as you can’t tell him truth being scared to lose him. She says may be your togetherness ends here, and asks her to be happy thinking he is fine. She says love wants sacrifice also, and asks her to think that she is sacrificing in this birth.

Sarla asking Pragya to forget everything and move on, thinking that her life will be full of happiness. She asks Pragya to back off. Tanu comes to Aaliya and says Abhi applied haldi on my face with love and says may be Pragya will not come for marriage, and this is called ending someone from the roots. Abhi imagines Pragya and asks her if she came to meet him. Pragya says you missed me and that’s why I came. Abhi says yesterday I told…Pragya says I can hear what your heart says. She says I won’t let you fall and will keep darkness away from you. Abhi says you care for me much. Pragya says when I sleep, I see you and talks romantically. She says she is taking breath as her heart beats for him, so that her heart keeps on loving him. She says I love you…so much. Abhi says
really? Pragya says I can give life for you, but will not give as I want to spend my life with you. Abhi says you loves me so much and hugs her. He says even I love you very much and wants to spend my rest of my life with you and wants to give my happiness to you. He says I can’t believe, let’s start the beginning of happiness. Pragya laughs as Abhi tickles her. Pragya asks what you are doing and hugs him.

It was Abhi’s imagination and he hits himself on the bed mistakenly. He thinks he is missing her and thinks if she will come today. He thinks don’t know what she must be feeling, may be cursing her destiny and thinking that someone loves her, but didn’t want to marry. He gets teary eyes and thinks she shall not think I am not suitable for her and that’s why refused her. He hopes to meet her once before marriage.

Sarla is folding the clothes. She hears the door bell and asks Janki to see. She opens the door as Janki is not there. Dadi asks can I come inside? Sarla looks on upset. Dadi asks where is Pragya? Sarla says she is in her room, but you can’t meet her. Dadi asks her to understand and says I have less time, I have to take her with me. Sarla folds her hands and asks Dadi to leave Pragya alone. Dadi says I won’t let anything wrong happen with her. Sarla says I trusted you, but what happened with her. Pragya is Abhi’s secretary, fan and best friend, but not his wife. Dadi says you have trusted me and sent her with me as my bahu.

She says when Pragya have decided, why you want to make her sad. Dadi says Abhi is not married yet and I am still Pragya’s sad. She goes to talk to Pragya. Sarla thinks she wants to see her happy and is hopeful that Pragya gets back her happiness. She thinks she can’t see Pragya living with memories, and prays nothing bad happens more. Pragya sees Dadi. Dadi says I came to meet my bahu. Pragya says your bahu is someone else now. Dadi says hope have left you, but not us. Pragya says Abhi left me. Dadi says just because you let him do this. She asks if she is crying for Tanu’s win or her loss. Pragya says she is fighting with her heart and wants to make herself understand that Abhi is of someone else. Dadi says so you want to forget him. Pragya says yes. Dadi picks her marriage pic and asks then why did you keep this photo and asks why she is crying. She asks did I take you home for this. Pragya asks why did you take me and for what. She says she always given test for her love and marital life. She says I was never happy even for a day. She says when he chose Tanu, then didn’t I have a right to cry. She says she befriended him knowing that he loves Tanu, then when she came to know that Tanu is pregnant, then I left that home and gave a big sacrifice. She says my test is not ended there and tells that she returned and acted to be Abhi’s enemy.