Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Sept 7

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Sept 7

Doctor checks Pragya and says she is fine and asks her to walk. Pragya gets happy and excited, says she will go to office tomorrow. Sarla says no. Doctor asks her not to walk much. Pragya says it is desk job. Purab says I will drop Doctor out. Beeji goes to drop Doctor. Purab asks Pragya to rest for some more days. Pragya says she will get bored if she takes much rest. He says we will go and have coffee. Pragya says okay and says she will come now, and asks him to take out his car. They come to the restaurant. Pragya says weather is good naa. Purab asks why you are appreciating weather and atmosphere. He says there is something definitely for sure. Pragya gives some reasoning. Purab says I feel that you are happy about something and asks her to be happy always….

Pragya being happy writes something on a paper. Bheegi Bheegi Sadkon pe plays……..Just then paper flies away. Pragya runs to get the paper. Purab comes back and thinks where is Pragya di. He asks waiter if he saw her. Waiter says she went out just now. Purab thanks him. Paper flies and reaches Abhi. It gets stuck on to his shirt. Pragya tries to take the paper. Abhi turns. Pragya is surprised and stunned seeing her.

Pragya’s poetry paper falls on Abhi. Allah Wariyan plays…….Abhi gets the paper. He looks at Pragya. Pragya looks on surprised seeing him. Abhi reads the poetry written by Pragya for him, oblivious to the fact that she has actually written poetry for him. Pragya is happy and thinks she can’t believe that he is standing infront of her and reading poetry which she wrote for him. Abhi asks for whom you have written this, and asks boyfriend? Pragya says no, it is for me. Abhi says it is your personal matter, but it is good. HE says I am thinking to hire you as lyricist, but your poetry is old types and very much meaningful. He says nobody reads heavy dialogues now. Pragya says I have written it for myself. Abhi says if you are my fan, then what did you like in my songs.
Pragya says I like people’s nature and says when we like someone then we do like unmeaningful song also. Abhi says what do you mean? I am praising your poetry and you are making fun of my songs. Pragya says I didn’t mean that. They have an eye lock….Sanam Re plays……………..He asks what you was saying?

Pragya asks him to return the paper. Abhi says it is my paper as it is in my hand. Aaliya comes and collides with someone, while trying to see Pragya’s face. Pragya asks Abhi to return her paper….Abhi asks her to get it and moves his hand. Pragya jumps to get the paper and falls in his embrace. Allah Wariyan plays…….They have an eye lock. The people gather there and clap seeing them romantic. Abhi smiles.

He asks Pragya if you have fallen down so that I hold you. Pragya says no. She asks him to return his paper. Abhi says it is in my pocket…He says when I am taking your paper, I will gift you something. He takes out cap from his car and says you can keep it. Pragya says I don’t want it, and says cap suits you. Aaliya wonders who is she? Abhi and Pragya argue…Pragya says she will come about him to Mr. Sethi, and Abhi says I will complain about you too. Purab comes and takes Pragya, without seeing Abhi. Pragya asks him to come.

Beeji gets happy after clearing the stage in the game. She shares her happiness with Sarla. Sarla is teary eyes and tells that she is feeling bad for Pragya as Abhi thinks of her as just his fan, as he is unaware that she is his wife. She says don’t know what destiny has in store for her. Beeji explains to her that Pragya doesn’t want to meet Abhi, but God made them meet again and will soon unite. Sarla says yes, but we have to handle few things. She tells that Aaliya threatened to harm Pragya and says she can’t lose her. Beeji asks her to think about Pragya’s happiness and says she got happy only after meeting Abhi. She says we should encourage them to meet. She asks Sarla to go and make food, and then she starts playing game again.

Aaliya and Abhi are in the car…..Aaliya asks Abhi about the girl with whom he was talking to. Purab and Pragya are in the car. Purab asks Pragya about the guy with whom she was talking to. Pragya says he was a nice guy and helped her. Abhi says she was a fan. Aaliya says okay. Abhi sees Purab’s car coming. He sees Purab with Pragya, but couldn’t see her face. Purab sees Abhi and drives car fast.

Abhi thinks why did I see in her eyes, I am unable to get her out of my mind…Pragya talks to rockstar you and says Abhi got the poetry which she has written for him. She thinks she would have asked him from God. Abhi reads her poetry again and thinks it is a strong poetry and thinks she wrote so nicely when she is not in love, and thinks how well she would write when being in love. Pragya thinks if Abhi understands her feelings, then he would meet her surely. Abhi thinks to use her poetry in his song and thinks it is wrong. He then thinks to gives her money for the lyrics, and decides to hire her as lyricist if the song becomes hit. Tere Sang Yaara plays…………..while Pragya recalls their happy moments after his memory loss.

Abhi asking Purab with whom he was yesterday. Purab says there was no girl with me. Abhi asks him to tell truth. Aaliya comes and asks why you are troubling him. She says I didn’t see any girl with him. Abhi says I have seen girl, but couldn’t see her face, just saw her long hairs and dress. Aaliya thinks it is good that he didn’t see her. Purab thinks it is good that Abhi didn’t see Pragya’s face. Later he tells Aaliya that he wouldn’t have stopped Abhi from meeting Pragya. Aaliya asks him to make abhi meet Pragya and then his heart will stop beating. Pragya is going for work. Sarla asks her to resign from the job, and take any other job. Beeji says your decision is not right and says I will decide. She says Pragya will work there only. Sarla asks her not to
interfere. Beeji says I am thinking about future. Sarla says I am thinking about present. She tells Pragya that Aaliya came here to check if you met Abhi, and threatened to ruin your life if you meets him. She says Abhi’s life is not in danger because of you, but your life is in danger.

Sarla cries and says Aaliya tried to kill Pragya before many times, but she was saved. She says Bulbul died because of Aaliya and says she don’t want to lose her daughter again. Pragya asks her to trust her and says I can’t live being afraid. She says you might be scared with Aaliya, but I am sure that I will end this fear. Please trust me. She promises to call and inform her that she is fine, and goes to office. Sarla continues to cry. Beeji says you are Pragya’s biggest enemy and can’t see her happiness. Sarla cries even more. Beeji says I was joking, and asks her to stop crying. Pragya thinks what to do, as she doesn’t know how to maintain distance with Abhi. Abhi comes to office and asks the employees to sit down looking at Pragya, and then asks them to stand up and go back to work. Pragya is lost in thinking, sees Abhi and gives him water and then chocolates. Abhi asks if you have birthday today? Pragya nods her head. Abhi asks about her leg pain. Pragya says fine. Abhi asks where is your concentration and asks if you was thinking about me. Pragya says no. Abhi asks her to go and bring his coffee.

Pragya accidently bumps her head on his head. Abhi says ouch…Pragya apologizes and says she will go and bring coffee. Abhi says 1 min and stops her. Tere Sang Yaara song plays………..Abhi holds her face. Guards and the employees leaves. Abhi and Pragya have an eye lock. Abhi bumps his head with hers. Pragya realizes that Dasi told this before. She asks Abhi who told you this. Abhi asks her to go and bring coffee. She thinks Abhi remembers many things even now and thinks he might remember me. Aaliya thinks where is she stuck? She thinks she can’t go to office with Tanu, as she lied to her that Pic was old. Tanu insists to see Abhi. Aaliya asks her to go to parlour. She drops her on the way. Aaliya thinks it is good that Tanu left and goes to office. Saira asks Pragya about her leg pain. Pragya says she is fine now, and going to make coffee for Abhi. Saira thanks her. Pragya says it is okay. Aaliya comes to office and asks Saira where is receptionist. Saira says she is in canteen.

Aaliya goes to see Pragya’s face. Just then Mr. Sethi calls her name and tells that he liked Abhi’s song. Aaliya comes to canteen and holds a girl calling Pragya. The girl turns and says she is not Pragya. Aaliya wonders where is she? Pragya comes to Abhi. Abhi is about to record song and gives break to everyone. He drinks coffee and says superb. He stops Pragya and asks her to give feedback about the song. Pragya is surprised. Just then Abhi’s guitar string breaks. Pragya asks him to give his guitar and says she will make string set on the right place. Abhi asks are you sure? Pragya asks him to drink coffee. Aaliya sees Abhi with Pragya, but couldn’t see her face. Pragya repairs his guitar and returns to him. Aaliya is shocked to see her face.

Abhi telling Pragya that you have attached the strings like an expert, and asks who taught you. Pragya says you, and tells that her friend. Aaliya says since when she is meeting Abhi, and thinks she can’t do anything to Pragya now infront of people. Abhi says this is the second time, you have impressed me, firstly you made my favorite coffee, and secondly this guitar. Pragya is about to go. Abhi calls her Nikita, and then Chasmish. He stares her adorably….Allah Wariyan plays…………..Pragya says what. Abhi thanks her. Aaliya fumes and goes. Saira tries to speak, and sees her gone. Aaliya thinks Pragya and Sarla are playing game with her, and thinks she shall drag Pragya home to Sarla. She then thinks she has to think of an idea to get rid of Pragya and sits in car
and goes. Pragya thinks she is feeling hungry today, but haven’t brought tiffin today. Saira brings pizza and asks her to eat it, says I know you are hungry. Pragya thanks her. Saira says I am leaving now and asks her to go after work.

Abhi comes and looks at Pizza. He asks Pragya if she got it made at home, says it is with extra cheese, just like he wants. Pragya says it is for you. Abhi says can I eat it? Pragya says you can eat. Abhi eats pizza, and thinks he shall ask her to have it too. He asks her to eat it. Pragya says no, and asks him to eat. He asks for cold drink. Pragya says I will give you better thing and gives orange juice. Abhi gets happy and says you gave good party to me, sometimes I feel that you comes to office for me, as you works for me only. He says I will go before I explode…and thanks her for party. Pragya thinks he behaves like before only. She thinks what to tell to Sarla. Just then she finds his car keys on table, and runs to give him. Abhi also comes just then and collides with her. She falls in his arms. Allah wariyan plays……

They have an eye lock. Abhi asks did you get hurt? Pragya says no. Abhi says I forgot that I came to get something. Pragya says keys. Abhi says I shouldn’t tell, but you are more like a wife than a fan. You makes me remember my things. He says I can give you lift. Pragya says no, I will go by myself.

Aaliya thinks about seeing Pragya and thinks if Abhi remembers her. She thinks Abhi might not recognize her, but Pragya came closer to him knowing about his likes and dislikes. She thinks I have to end her second innings for forever. She says I won’t let her come closer, things are in my control, and have to know what he is thinking about her. Pragya sees Abhi’s car on road and gets down. Abhi is talking on phone. Pragya comes and asks what happened? Abhi says why you are following me? Pragya says this is the only way to come from office. Abhi says his car is punctured. Pragya asks him to get his other car. Abhi says I can’t wait till car comes. Abhi says fan shall be like you, and sits in car. Pragya says it is wrong and I have stopped this auto. Abhi asks auto driver to decide and shows 500 rs note. Driver says I will go with sir. Abhi says bribe is wrong, and says he will pay money meter wise. He asks driver to start auto. Pragya stops it and sits in auto. Abhi asks her to share meter charges.

Auto driver drives fast. Pragya falls on him. Abhi asks him to drive properly. Driver says that he tried to save auto from car. Abhi says cars’ licence should cancel. Pragya says your licence will be cancelled too as you drives like this only. Abhi asks how do you know this, and calls her hawai. Pragya asks why? Abhi says just because you are my fan…..Purab comes to Aaliya and warns her not to hurt Sarla again. Aaliya gets angry. Driver stops auto and asks them to get down as his auto is punctured. Abhi says it is good and says I will drink tea. He asks Pragya to come. Pragya asks will you drink road side tea. Abhi asks why not? Pragya identifies the tea seller and thinks he might identify us. Tea seller identifies him. Abhi says he is my fan too. He tells tea seller that I forgot when I came here lastly. Pragya scolds the tea seller and asks him to go and bring tea.

Abhi comes to his room, and switches on light. He asks Aaliya what you are doing here? Aaliya says I was waiting for you. She asks why did you get late? Abhi says he had to take auto to get back home as his car stopped. Aaliya asks about his recording. Abhi says it was good. Aaliya asks about Saira, others etc…..Abhi says everyone is good. Aaliya then asks about receptionist. Abhi looks on.