Friday Update on Twist Of Fate 28th December 2018

Sangram Singh tying everyone. Abhi says you are doing wrong. Munni thinks to call Police somehow. Sangram asks where is she going? She says to bring water for Dadi. Sangram asks her to stand back. He asks his men to light house on fire once Disha is found. Disha worries for everyone and thinks Pragya haven’t come till now. She hears goons coming there and thinks to go infront of them and save everyone. She then thinks about Munni giving her promise. Abhi tells Sangram that he is doing wrong. Sangram says once he finds Disha, he will kill Purab, Abhi and then Dadi. Sarla is in auto and calls Pragya/Munni. Goons call for Disha and asks her to come out. Munni says if the goons don’t find Disha then they will leave. The goons are about to open the almari. Munni gets worried.
Other goon comes and tells him that she can’t be in the locked almari. They leave. Disha is worried. Sarla comes there and is shocked to see Abhi and Purab along with their family tied up. She says she has blessed Disha and nobody can separate them now. Sangram says once Disha is found, he will marry her.

Sarla slaps him hard. Munni thinks now he will not speak. Sangram asks his men to tie Sarla also. Disha thinks she can’t risk everyone’s life and thinks to break the lock and get out. She thinks nobody shall happen to him. Rishabh calls Abhi for the contract. His mum comes. He says he is on call. Sangram tells that he will burn everyone. He asks Abhi who is Rishabh and asks you want to talk. Abhi asks him to open hands. Rishabh tells that phone is off now. They decide to go to Mehra house. Sangram points gun at Abhi. He says he will kill him first. Purab asks him to leave his Bhai. Sangram is adamant to kill him.

Munni asks him to leave Abhi and says she knows where is Disha. Sangram smiles and asks her to tell. Abhi asks her not to tell and says they have to unite Purab and Disha. Munni says if anything happens to you then how I will live without you. Aaliya thinks if she is thinking herself to be his wife and gets angry. Munni says she will bring Disha here. Sarla asks her to stop and says what you are doing? She says you knows what these goons can do with her. Aaliya thinks Munni handled the situation, once she handovers Disha to Sangram, she can marry Purab.

Munni comes to room and opens the almari. Disha asks if everyone is saved. Munni signs her towards goon. Disha asks her to tell what happened? Munni says Sangram Singh tied everyone and threatened to kill them if you don’t go to him. She apologizes. Disha asks why you are apologizing and tells that she will make everyone free, and is ready to go to him.

Dadi and Sarla worrying for Disha. Abhi asks Munni not to bring Disha there. Purab says I can sacrifice my happiness for this family. Disha is brought there. Sangram slaps him. Purab shouts. Sangram asks if she forgot how she took revenge on her and says who are this family infront of me. He asks Disha if she thought she will run away from here also and says you don’t know me or understood me, now you will see real me. He says he will burn her today in the havan and will make ashes of her. Purab asks him not to kill Disha, but can marry her. Abhi says this thing is done by unmanly guy. Sangram calls him unmanly and says Disha will be burnt first, followed by others and says tomorrow headlines will be that everyone died at rockstar’s house. Munni says you have promised
not to harm anyone. Sangram says he will burn everyone and asks goons to bring kerosene oil. Dadi, Abhi and Purab panic as Sangram Singh pours kerosene oil on her and is about to burn her. Aaliya thinks it will be good now, now she can marry Purab. Mitali thinks how can anyone burn someone alive. Disha cries. Munni laughs. Sangram asks what happened?

Munni says proverb shall be changed, intelligence is big or buffalo. She says it shall be changed to buffalo is bigger than Sangram Singh. She says who will believe if you tell your villagers that you have killed Disha. She asks him to marry her instead. Sangram Singh gets thinking. Munni says if you gets married to her then People will think that there is no big man than you, and you can take revenge from her all life. Abhi asks what you are saying? Munni asks him to get married now itself and says in the newspaper, it will be published that Sangram Singh’s revenge. Sangram Singh asks his goons. They agree with Munni. Sangram Singh says now he will marry her. They bring Pandit ji there.

Pandit ji asks him to leave him. Sangram asks him to get marriage done fast. Pandit ji says she was about to marry Purab. Munni says she will handle and asks Pandit ji to do the marriage silently. She says Sangram Singh is gundo ka raja etc. Sangram Singh asks what you are saying? She asks him to think that he is getting kalyug ravan’s marriage done. Munni says she will tie the ghatbandhan. She ties ghatbandhan and asks Disha to marry silently. Abhi wonders what happened to her. He thinks why she is happy, she can’t be his pragya. Sarla says you are doing wrong. Dasi also says the same. Pragya says I am doing this for everyone’s life and asks Sangram to leave everyone as a shagun. Sangram Singh says he will think. Munni says I did ghatbandhan and asks Pandit ji to do the marriage. Mitali thinks Pragya has taken a wrong decision. Abhi thinks she has risked Disha’s life for him and thinks she can’t be his Pragya.

Munni lights the havan fire and signs everyone to put hand on their noses. She puts some powder in the havan fire. Sangram’s goons take gun from him. Munni then asks them to take rounds. Everyone coughs. Sangram falls down. Mitali calls Raj and Aaliya. Dasi calls Police and asks Inspector to come to Mehra house fast as they are kidnapped. Munni hits Sangram with stick. Sangram Singh says you have fooled me. Abhi points gun at him.