Friday Update on Twist of Fate 21st August 2020


Friday Update on Twist of Fate 21st August 2020

Abhi following Pragya. Pragya speaks to Tanu who insists her to come and meet her right now. Pragya says she has to meet Bulbul first. Tanu says she does not know all that. Tanu turns back and sees Aaliya there who asks why is she not picking her call and where is she. Tanu tries to divert her attention and says Pragya got Akash and Rachna married against daadi’s wish and even insulted daadi, says hopes daadi’s condition don’t worsen. Aaliya says she does not believe it as it is not Pragya’s nature and there is some more to it and she will find it out. Tanu gets tensed.

Rachna (holding Guinness record for longest human pregnancy, surpassing elephant’s 21 months pregnancy period) happily works in kitchen. Mitali comes and asks her not to ever think of befriending her. Rachna says she wants to work and will do whatever she says. Mitali gets happy and says they will share work. Rachna asks what taiji likes. Mitlai laughs and asks her to lure Akash instead with her cooking. Taiji comes and asks Rachna not to try to lure her with cooking as she has not considered her bahu yet. Abhi follows Pragya and sees her entering an garden restaurant. He finds Pragya with a woman and silently listens to their talk. Woman talks about her pregnancy and Pragya agreeing to let her marry her boyfriend. He thinks who is this shameless woman talking about her pregnancy. He pays attention and is shocked to hear Tanu’s voice. Tanu asks if she will get her married to Abhi. Pragya says yes. Tanu says she has not told Abhi about her pregnancy. Pragya realizes her mistake and misunderstanding Abhi. Abhi angrily walks from there and while traveling in car reminisces all the incidents where Pragya tells him about her pregnant friend and asking if her boyfriend who is already married should accept her and he says yes, etc., and thinks Pragya is sacrificing her love for Tanu. Daadi comes down and asks Daasi if Pragya came. Daasi says not yet. Daadi says if Pragya thinks she is wrong, she will apologize her. Daasi says though Pragya is thinking she is right, she should not have insulted Daadi. Pragya comes and Daadi tries to speak, but Pragya walks towards her room saying she is tired. Daadi feels dejected.


Tanu comes back to her house and happily thinks that Pragya fought with daadi for her and thinks if she should tell about her pergnancy to Abhi, then thinks she should wait till Abhi hates Pragya and then she will tell him. She hears sound and sees Abhi on sofa. He asks if she does not like surprise. She says yes and says she is shocked. She sits on his lap and says he forgot her, she prayed got to let her meet abhi and says she will not irk him again. Abhi says she is hiding something from him. She says no. He says she is.

Tanu if she is hiding something from him. She says no. He insists, but she denies. He says he heard her and Pragya’s conversation and asks how can she lie that she is pregnant. She says she is. He says he clearly told she they cannot get intimate before marriage. She says they were when he came home inebriated. He gets irked and says he came as he was alone that day, but remembers he never slept with her. She asks him to believe her. She says he is not Pragya to believe to believe her lies and says he regrets meeting her and asks her to get out of his life.

Pragya reminisces insulting Daadi and cries. Sarla calls her from hospital and asks why did not she reach there yet. Pragya says she got busy. Sarla says Bulbul is getting her dressings changed and tells about her mischief. Pragya laughs. Daadi comes and hears Pragya laughing on jokes and sadly walks back. Tanu panics reminiscing Abhi rejecting her and asking to get out of his life. She thinks she cannot take Aaliya’s help. Pragya goes to sleep and reminisces lying to Abhi and he slapping her. She falls asleep on sofa. Abhi comes home and thinks he should wake her up and ask why did she lie. He thinks since she is walking on a wrong path, he should also use a wrong path to wake her up. He goes out and enters getting worried for daadi and crying. Pragya runs to check daadi, but does not find her in her room. She asks Abhi where is Daadi. He asks her stop being fool and know the truth. She asks what truth. He says Tanu is making her fool and she is not pregnant. She says she is. Abhi says he is involved and knows well. She tells him about hospital incident where doc checks Tanu and says she is 1-1/2 months pregnant. He says it must be a drama. She asks if he loves Tanu. He gets nervous. Pragya says even Akash had made mistake and Rachna got pregnant, now same case with Tanu. He says he knows Tanu is lying and takes her to Tanu’s house to prove it.


Akash and Rachna’s bubbly romantic talks start. Taiji sees that and thinks before Rachna controls Akash completely.

Pragya travels with Abhi and thinks she should stop Abhi from troubling Tanu, else she will think of abortion again and her promise of getting daadi a grandchild will fail. She asks Abhi to calm down. He says he will not until he proves Tanu is not pregnant. Tanu enters her car and starts moving when Abhi comes and stops her. HBe takes her to her house and asks her to tell the truth, but she does not. Pragya asks him to stop tensing Tanu, but he says he knows she is not pregnant.

Abih asking Tanu to get her pregnany test again. She says she will not and continues crying foul that he always used her and was never there for her when she needed. He says he always needed her, but she never wanted their relationship out and was worried more about her career. He asks her again if he wants her to believe her, she should get the test redone and leaves. She says she will not and shouts. Pragya asks her to calm down, else she will harm her child. Tanu says she will abort her child as Abhi does not care about her. Pragya asks her to agree for the test. Tanu yells that she will be a second woman always as even Daadi will not accept her child. Pragya says she will get her respect and will make daadi accept her child. Tanu’s drama continues. Pragya requests her again to get her test redone. Tanu agrees.

Pragya walks on the road and thinks how to get Abhi reaccept Tanu. She reminisces Sarla and and Biji praising Abhi and telling their are their son than daamad. A passerby lady gives her child to speak over phone. Pragya thinks she felt good holding this child, so even Daadi will accept Tanu’s child if she holds it. Abhi reaches home and sees Daadi crying and Daasi consoling her. He asks what happened. Daasi says he is acting as if he does not know anything and keeping quiet even after Pragya’s misbehavior. Daadi says she wants her old Pragya back. Abhi says even he does not know why Pragya is doing it. He can make her speak out in 2 min with his style, which they will not like, so he wants them to wait for 1 days until he makes Pragya speak out the truth. Mitali hears that and thinks Abhi is keeping quiet even seeing Daadi crying and sundar/mundari tanu/aaliya are also not seen since many days, so something is wrong.

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