Friday Update on This is Fate 4th January 2019

Sameer and Shrishti come together to fix the fuse. Sameer doesn’t hear her as she speaks rudely, Shrishti finally requests him for help. Sameer confirms she wasn’t looking and mocks an electric shock, he fell down. Shrishti attempts to wake him up and was tensed. Sameer wakes up making her relax. Sameer stops Shrishti from beating him as she complains she was worried. Sameer says she was crazy to find his heart beat at the right side though heart is at the left. They get to join the fuse then.
There, Karan and Preeta were playing Rishab and Sherlin. Rishab considers Sherlin as a model which she corrects. He proposes Sherlin then, Rishab thinks he never proposed Sherlin, then why are they doing so. Rakhi as Kareena insists on them to dance together. They give a dance performance. As

soon as the dance end, the lights get on. Shrishti pats herself for doing it all alone. Sameer argues with her.
Rishab thanks Preeta for making their story really interesting, the actual story was something else. There, Rakhi thanks Sarla for making a wonderful candle arrangement, the guests compliment the light had gone out of work but it was a good performance. Preeta turns to Karan and thanks him. Kareena and Sherlin watch curtly as Karan holds her hand and takes her aside. Preeta asks why he brought her here.

Karan says there was something between them today, she thanked him finally and realized Karan Luthra isn’t only a bad boy. He walks towards her, she backs up to rest at the wall. Karan says there is something on her face when she is afraid, they think about all the times they confronted, Preeta was about to fell down and was afraid. Preeta gets straight and pushes him back, saying there is nothing to be afraid of. Karan clarifies he did this as a payoff for what she did in the morning by saving him from the girls; and secondly it was for his brother. Preeta leaves.
Kareena comes to Sherlin in the room. Sherlin was curt over everyone calling Preeta’s name. Kareena was sure there was Karan’s hand behind this. Kareena assures to take care of everything. Sherlin says anything Preeta would do would be middle class and everyone would love her hospitality. Sherlin is in danger zone and she must get dangerous herself. She doesn’t share her plan even with Kareena. She comes out determined to destroy Preeta.
Sameer comes to Shrishti. She forbids him stalk and stare her. Sameer asks when she noticed, Shrishti says she herself saw her. Sameer argues she was also staring him then. Shrishti doesn’t agree, then says half thanks to him for helping him with connecting the fuse. Sarla comes to kitchen concerned about the food. Her brother assures it would be really tasty. He stops Sarla and blesses her daughters.
In the hall, Bee ji appreciates the efforts about handling such a problem. People considered it as a deliberate act. Sarla mentions it was their unity that made them work. Preeta says it was all Karan’s plan, he had arranged the dancing performance and taught her to turn this dark moment as beautiful. Shrishti was shocked to hear from Preeta and asks if she is fine that she is speaking well about Karan. Sherlin watch the family cheer, she decides after this function she won’t let the family be happy. This Kumkum Bhagya hall would be destroyed.

Sarla sends Shrishti to look after the lights and music and Preeta towards kitchen. In the corridor, Preeta confronts Karan. Preeta was annoyed about how Karan behaved with her when she thanked him. Preeta wasn’t able to tell exactly about his flirting behavior. They were arguing when Rishab comes there and asks about the matter. Preeta says Karan finally agreed about health benefits of bitter gourd and is craving for its juice. Rishab requests Preeta to arrange the juice from somewhere. Preeta happily goes outside. Rishab wonders when did he start to like such juice, Karan murmurs he himself didn’t realize when he fall in love with it. Preeta brings the juice and stay there. Karan decides he won’t let her enjoy, he acts to be liking the juice and gulps it all. Preeta leaves to check for


In the kitchen, the arrangements for cooking were almost done. Sherlin thinks she would ruin Preeta’s arrangement and reputation in the eyes of Rishab. She recalls getting rat poison and hopes it doesn’t take someone’s life and only cause food poisoning. Preeta comes to take everyone for catering. Sherlin takes a chance and mix the powder in all the three dishes. She was looking for sweet dish when Mohan comes there and watches the powder in her hand. Sherlin makes up its sugar free for the sweet dish for her mother. Mohan takes the powder and assures this would be used in her mother’s sweet dish. She walks outside and falls in front of Preeta. Preeta comes to help her and notices the stain over her dress, then notices it was through the decoration. She says someone won’t like to see his bride in a ruined dress. Sherlin curtly says there has been a lot wrong in the function, then resolved with anyone noticing; but this time there would be thunder and the electricity would fall over as well. Preeta doesn’t understand. Sherlin asks about the directions of washroom. Preeta wonders why she sounded upset.
On the call Shrishti was making floral arrangements. Sameer comes from behind. Shrishti turns to find him knelt with a rose in his hand. He smiles while presenting it to her. Shrishti was shocked then asks if he is presenting a rose flower. He must note she isn’t interested in his intentions. Sameer says he only wanted to help her. Shrishti says she noticed when he was staring at her while fixing fuse, and now when he spotted her working alone he followed her. Sameer turns to leave. Shrishti stops him and apologizes for considering him wrong. She wonders why she always consider him wrong. She presents him a bunch of thank you roses. Sameer holds it from above her hand, Shrishti’s hand tremble as she withdraws hers. Sameer smiles wondering if she was shy. Sameer was happy and decides to boast in front of Karan that a girl presented him with flowers, soon the thorns pricks his hands. Shrishti comes laughing at him and asks if she is as dumb as to trust him? Sameer was irked.
In the washroom, Sherlin was determined to accomplish her mission of engagement today and ruin Preeta’s reputation.

Rakhi brings Preeta to show Sherlin’s engagement ring. Preeta notices the diamond wasn’t set. Rakhi puts the ring in Preeta’s hand, she appreciates its look. Mr. Luthra comes to call them as its getting late. The ring was stuck in Preeta’s finger, Karan comes there while Rakhi was much worried. Karan mocks about getting the ring by cutting her finger. Rakhi suggests Karan to take Preeta to washroom and take the ring off. She sends Karan behind Preeta for anyone’s help. At home, Karan was complaining Preeta when Sherlin comes out at once. Karan holds Preeta’s hand with the ring and places it over his chest. READ SATURDAY> 5TH ON THIS IS FATE