Friday Update on This is Fate 11th December 2019

Karan decides she will have to take a bit of tension, Preeta was right about Sherlin. He will now find a proof against her and expose her. He calls Sameer for help.
There, Dadi welcomes Rishab and goes to prepare tea. Preeta accompanies Rishab. Rishab says he wanted to apologize Preeta, he wasn’t with her when she needed him the most. Preeta says there is no sorry and thankyou in true friendship. She must instead apologize for being rude to him. She says she wonders what had happened to her that day, and was guilty. Rishab allows her to be what she is, he isn’t worth judging her. Preeta says sometimes she thinks he is the best man she could ever meet. Dadi and Shrishti discuss if Preeta really said I love you to Karan; Shrishti wonders what’s going on inside. Preeta asks them to come and speak in front of them. Dadi teasingly says she can speak about it, would she be able to hear? Preeta lets it go. Rishab says he heard a bit Shrishti said Preeta has fallen in love. Rishab asks Shrishti whom did Preeta fell in love with. Sarla comes saying Karan! Shrishti wonders how did she know, but Sarla came with Karan’s call for Preeta.

At home, Sameer stops Sherlin from leaving. Sherlin was hurrying outside but he asks some silly questions from Sherlin. Sherlin thinks she will go crazy if he continues.
On the call, Preeta tells Karan she was stuck with some situation that she got stuck in. Karan tells Preeta about creating a story in front of Sherlin, and about the phone call. He was sure she will meet the mystery man and they will catch her red handed. Preeta tells him to go and get Sherlin. Karan says he sent Sameer to follow her already. After the call, Preeta thinks no matter what Karan is a smart man.

Karan comes to appreciate Sameer’s effort to stop Sherlin until he comes there. Sameer was curious but Karan doesn’t share the reason.
Rishab tells Preeta he is aware about the tensions between them, but he came to apologize her from his family’s side. Sarla forbids Rishab to apologize, it makes them guilty. Rishab requests them to forget what happened. He wants them to be back home. Preeta assures she will be there, she is a doctor of Dadi as well. Shrishti says she won’t go there because of Kareena. Rishab requests Sarla to convince Shrishti. Sarla asks Shrishti who brought her back home, and who came to apologize her in jail. They all love her, at least they can respect their wish. Shrishti promises to come as well .Rishab thanks her and takes a leave. He then turns to ask Preeta whom she fall in love with.

In the car, Sherlin gets a call from her ex-husband. She politely speaks to him about just reaching. Karan was following her and thinks he was an idiot not to trust Preeta. He never backs up when he trusts someone. Sherlin thinks she isn’t effected by Preeta’s mistrust. Karan is with her, and Rishab is too simple. Even Kareena is unaware of her true intentions behind marrying Rishab. Karan was determined to find out about her real intentions.
Sarla asks when Preeta fell in love did. Preeta stares at Shrishti who stares back at Dadi. Shrishti asks if she should tell them. Preeta was worried what if she takes Karan’s name? Rishab tells her to give the name. Shrishti says Preeta always poses to be an elder and scolds her. Preeta first try to stop Shrishti then goes to shut Rishab’s ears. She soon realizes her act. Shrishti makes up it was just a joke, she was only teasing Preeta. Sarla’s phone rings at once, she goes to take Kappu’s call. Dadi also goes inside. Preeta apologizes Rishab for being childish. Rishab says even Karan does so. Shrishti says Preeta fall in love with Deepak. Preeta shouts at her for going insane and tells Rishab he will be the first person to know if she ever fell in love. Rishab replies I trust you and leaves.
Karan follows Sherlin’s car inside a hotel. In the lobby Sherlin shouts at a waiter. She senses someone behind the wall hiding from her and walks towards it. She thinks she was afraid for no reason, then thinks it’s all her fears because she is doing an ethically wrong act. Karan thinks he was right in his suspicions about Sherlin, she is about to do something wrong. A waiter stops Karan for an autograph as he was following Sherlin.
At home, Preeta was restless if Karan found Sherlin or not. Upstairs, Sherlin gets inside a room. Karan follows her upstairs but lost her track. He gets a call from Preeta but was in a hurry. Karan says a bye to her but she insists on him to share with her what he saw. Karan tells Preeta she was right, Sherlin came here to make a secret meeting at the hotel. She suggests Karan to make a recording or video. Karan asks if she considers him a professional spy or a detector. He says Sherlin is really cunning and gets really alert very soon. He tells her to cut the call now, he needs to find in which room Sherlin went inside. Preeta suggests him to go and ask receptionist. Karan says they have some rules and regulations are big hotels, they don’t share details of their clients. Preeta tells him to wait there, she will be there in a while.

Preeta comes out to hire an auto. Deepak comes there to apologize and says he loves her. Preeta hurries to leave. Deepak accepts he was wrong when he lied to her about scholarship, but she must trust him. He will soon become a good man. Preeta was getting Karan’s call, but Deepak requests her ten minutes. Preeta thinks she can’t speak to Karan in front of Deepak. She gets into the auto saying she has to go, Deepak asks whom she has to meet? Preeta asks who he to know is. Deepak curtly thinks why is she in a hurry to meet that cricketer, if they are having an affair?
Sherlin comes to the room where the hooded man stood.

Preeta reaches the hotel and asks if he has made a video or found something. They need to unveil Sherlin today. She then asks if he was really waiting for her. Karan says that was her own order. They have an argument about boys’ and girls’ habits. Karan insists one day Preeta will one day accept she loves him. A couple passes by and says Karan will have to say this, girls never express. Preeta asks if he knows them. Karan reminds he is a star cricketer. Preeta says she will now show him what girls are able to do. She will just find which room Sherlin is in.

Karan smirks as Preeta tells him to follow her in the hotel. She looks towards him and asks if he already got the room number? He nods. Karan shuts her mouth as Sherlin might hear this. Preeta asks how he got the room number. Karan says he found a lady and recalls stealing her purse. He goes to reception and asks about the room number of Sherlin Khurana., he has to return her purse. The receptionist asks Karan for a kiss; Karan says then she must tell him on whom name is it registered? Karan kissed the back of girl’s hand, the room was 402 and the room was registered after a company’s name.
In the room, Sherlin tries to provoke her ex-husband. Preeta asks Karan if he is going to room 402. Karan asks if Sherlin would be waiting for them and open the door so easily? They go to place their ears with the door, trying to hear someone speaking from inside. Instead, they share an eye lock.