Friday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 23

November 23

Friday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Ganga enters her room and is not happy. She is sarcastic about the size of the room. Ganga complains about there not having AC, TV, Bed everything.. Rishi tells her that it is big enough for her ..He will sleep on the floor as he is used to it… Rishi is being really nice to Ganga… he tells her to take rest… The Walias return home and Jai is saying that house looks different. Adi says whether Jigs is home… Jigs is not amused… but she tells him that I have changed and become better. Jai asks her how she came earlier than them. She tells Jai that she changed the house and made it the old times Walia Mansion and she also did Navratri puja. Jai asks her where Pronita is.. She tells them that she is not at home. Krishna reminds Jai that he has some important work. Jai says he will be back soon. There at the chawl, Rishi’s parents are getting ready to play garba..

The neighbours tells them to call Ganga as they want to do the puja with her hands. Ganga is not happy. She refuses to go.She tells him that he fells uncomftable there. He tells her that he will lie for her.. She finally agrees and says that she needs to change but he tells her that she looks beautiful as she is.. they go… Pronita is at the samadhi laying flowers and talking to her kids.. she says sorry that she could not come and meet them all these years but she is happy today as their killer is behind the bars. She says dont worry and very soon your father will be here with me to meet you.. Jai comes there and is getting out of his car.

Pronita is leaving but her saree gets stuck at the samadhi.. she tells the kids that she will come back with their father.. she walks away one way and Jai comes there.. Jai sees the white lillies and he thinks only me and Bani did this.. he wonders how this can happen.. Pronita is going home and thinking that very soon everyone will know that their Bani is alive. She thinks that soon everything will be alright…

Jai is thinking of all the moments he spent with Ganga since her childhood… till the time he left her…he thinks that she will always be in his heart and he will pray that she will be always happy. There Krishna comes to her room and seeing her mess, she remembers her time when Ganga would shout at her for cleaning up.. Vidya comforts her.. Vidya tries to tell her that every girl has to go to start her new life and also so that the yonger one gets a chance to grow up.. then she says ohh now I understand why you are crying.. you dont know who will clean up your room.. I shall scream at you as Ganga used to.. she says that I have to teach you before I go too ..

Together they clean up Krishna’s room… Then they go down to get ready for the puja. There Rano is talking to Banis pic.. she says that just as you wished, Ganga’s marriage took place at Mt. Abu house.. there were some probs but Rishi came on time and took care… He is a nicve boy and he will take good care of Ganga… and you will be happy wherever you are.. The Walias are downstairs … puja preperation is going on and Jai keeps looking at his watch. He is waiting for Pronita..

Jigs comes there and with a very serious face tells them that she watnts to tell them the truth about Pronita… She says our family is already sad about Meera and thats why I want to tell you this truth… She says Pronita is not Pronita.. she is not what we think about her.. she is not Bani’s friend.. she knows everything about you and Bani and how much you loved each other.. Jai asks how she knows everything.. She says I will tell you how.

Pronita comes to Walia mansion.. she is very emotional she sees Welcome Bani written at the door in flowers.. she is happy to see the family and the family is also happy to see her … Dadi does her aarti… Pronita remembers the time when she had gotten her memory back. Dadi tells her that she had recognised her then itself.. Rano remembers the time when Pronita had written the verse on Ganga’s painting.. they hug.. she says this time you did not let me help you fulfill your kasam… Krishna hugs her … and remembers the time when Pronita had saved her at the mall … Jigs tells her that everyone is happy but Jai is angry at you .. go and pacify him. Jai asks her why you did not tell me.. so many times I cried for Bani in front of you.. but you never once told me you are Bani.. She tells him to forget whatever happened .. she tells jai that once you filled Pronita’s mang with sindoor.. now today Bani is standing in fron of you.. And Pronita wakes up ….

She enters the house and the Walias are waiting for her.. she remembers Jigs words… she is happy to see them all .. jai walks towards her and says that you kept us in dark all these days .. but better late than never.. he hands her a cheque for 20 crores… he says you did all this for money.. he says ask more if you need . the family is disgusted at her. Pronita is speachless and dosent understand what is happening.. she trie to tell jai the truth… but no one listens to her … she tells Rano too but she dosent hear .. she tells Jigs to tell everyone the truth. but Jigs tells her that this is the truth.

Jisgs says lets go Pronita.. Pronita says that you were to tell everyone the truth.. Jigs drags Pronita out of Walia mansion.. she says whatever is happening now is the truth.. how can I let go this opportunity of destroying you Bani… Pronita is confused .. but Jigs says she is so dumb.. she says I told the family the truth.. the truth that you dont know and came from my head . that which is actually a lie.. she recaps telling the family that she hired Pronita .. the family was against her and she had to get Meera exposed so she trained her and taught her everything.. Jai is shocked… Jigs(that liar.. ) even tells him that she also taught her to go to the grave… Jai remembers the time when he felt Pronita was Bani… the screen splits in two with Bani and Jai…