Friday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv August 24

Friday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

August 24 Episode

Mr.walia telling bani he respects her decision of shifting to the outhouse and he will shift with her.Masi tells them no one is going anywhere and this is bani’s home and she is not leaving it.The outhouse is for outsiders and if anyone will stay in it it will be pia.She asks Rano if that is ok with rano?and Rano says yes.Jigyasa tries to object but Masi does not listen to her.

Bani is standing at the terrace remembering what all pia did to her and is crying when Veer comes and tells her he does not want to live with pia and wants to live with his papa and masi.He adds that the last time piaPia met him she told him that she will take him away.Bani tells him he is not going to go anywhere and hugs him,he tells her she is so sweet and he loves her.Bani remembers an old memory of Pia when Pia came to her and bani asked her what she wanted as she was talking to her so sweetly.Pia said she wanted to go to the pub,Bani tells her she went to the pub last week.Pia tells her that was last week and now she is going to a new pub.Bani tells pia she is very jidi but Pia tells bani she loves her.Veer nudges Bani and asks her to tell them a story.She says ok.

She is in the children’s room with atharva and krishna lying in her lap and veer next to her and she tells them the story of a king(her father) who was not very rich and had three daughters(bano,pia and rano) and goes on until the part where pia runs away from the mandap and Bani sits in her place when she realises the children are asleep.She gets tears in her eyes remembering all the sister  moments and Jai who is at the door comes in and sits next to her  and asks her why is the eldest princess crying?she tells him because she does not know what she did that the middle sister did so much to her.Jai says that that question has no answer and not to think about it.

Rano is in her roon when Ranveer charges in.She asks him doesnt he have manners to knock on the door before entering someones’s room?he tells her she is his wife and he does not need to knock.She tells him Rashi is his wife and he does need to knock.He tells her just because he doesnt tell her anything she tells him whatever she wants and now he can show her his rights as a husband and he catches her,Rano is struggling but he forcefully catches her.She tells him she will scream and to leave her ,ranveer says to scream and let everyone see.She gives him a tight slap and Jigyasa comes and asks her how dare she?she tells rano she has no rights to slap ranveer and she is a pauper and not to act to smart and that she crossed all her limits today.

Rano tells Jigyasa that Ranveer crossed his limits today,when jigyasa yells at her to not talk to her in the high tone.Ranveer says he can make his own decisions who he wants to live with and tells jigs not to interefere in his matters.He goes away telling Rano he will take revenge for what she did today.Rano is going when jigyasa stops her saying that when the three sisters came in the home,she thought rano was the most innocent but behind her specs she is the most cunning.She killed one of her sons and now is after Ranveer and that Rano must be very happy ranveer hates her now and backanswers her.

Dadi and masi are on the table when Rashi offers them food but they say they are fasting for janmashtami.Jigyasa comes and dadi asks her whether she is fasting too?she says no and dadi says she doesnt even do karva chaut!Rano is going somewhere and dadi asks her to eat and whether she is fasting?Rano says she is not fasting but she is not hungry and she is going to the outhouse to clear it up as Pia is coming home today.Bani and Jai come and dadi asks her whether she too is fasting?bani says yes.Masi asks jai why isnt he eating?he says he is fasting too.Dadi tells jigyasa love should be like this and look at her.Masi tells Jai that lets celebrate krishna and atharva’s bday with janmashtami today with a puja.Jai says yes.

Bani is making atharva get ready and has dresses him up as lord krishna.Atharva is worried his dhoti may fall down!!but bani tells him krishna’s mother made him dress liek this and nothing will happen and not to worry.Seeing Atharva, Veer laughs but Bani tells atharva he is looking very cute just like lord krishna.Jai comes in and tells atharva he is looking too good and takes his picture.

Rano is in the hospital when Pia’s doctor tells her to take good care of pia and make sure loads of love is given to her and to be patient with her and not make her get stressed.Rano says she will take care of Pia when pia comes on a wheel chair totally expressionless.The doctor tells Pia she should be happy her sister is taking her home today but pia does not respond and Rano pushes her wheelchair.

Bani is at the puja looking very worried and remembering what all Pia did to her when pia’s ambulance enters Walia mansion

Everyone gathered in front of the Kishan murti for Puja. Bani is looking a little worried and lost in her own thoughts. Jai comes from behind and looks at her lovingly and pats her reassuringly. Maasi then tells the two of them to rock the jhoola. Both Jai and bani pray together while stealing glances at each other. Jai looks very very happy. At the same time they show Rano wheeling Pia to the outhouse with a nurse and settling her in. Rano tells the nurse to keep an eye on her and leaves.

At the puja Atharva is enthusiastically wagging his head and knocks over something on Bani. He apologises and she leaves to get it fixed. Ranveer comes upon Raashi and asks her if she’s spoken to her parents. She says that her father has told her that it nust be done legally and that she’s entitled to a hefty alimony, which amount she will decide. Only then will the divorce go through. But since the Walias are in a mess financially she doesn’t think this is the right time to make any demands. Ranveer sees red and says that he’s never done what other’s want and is not afraid of anything.Bani sees them arguing from a distance and wonders what the matter is. Ranveer is telling Raashi that he can see through her ploys to stay on. Just then Rano comes and requests Raashi to take some soup to Pia as she wants to do Pooja. Raashi agrees and Ranver overhears this.

Ranveer comes back to the puja and his mind is thinking of all the times that Rano has pushed him away ending with the great slap. He’s looking very angry and Jigyasa notices that her son is burning in his own hell. She goes to see what Rano is doing.

In the kitchen both Rano and Raashi are dressed in orange sarees and Rano thanks Raashi for looking after Pia. She tells her she’ll quickly finish the puja and get back to the outhouse.Jigyasa lands up and starts off on how both women dress alike its difficult to understand whose the patni and who’s the woh. She tells Raashi that Rano is smarter than you because she won’t give up her husband like you did. Raashi and Rano both look upset and leave.

Ranveer goes to the outhouse and gives the nurse some money and tells her that he’ll keep an eye on Pia. He goes to the kitchen and opens the gas pipe and shuts the windows. He then returns to Pia and puts her in the wheelchair and takes her out of the room.

Bani and Jai are doing the pooja and Bani sees the nurse leave. She walks out towards the outhouse and Jai sees her go. On the way all the memories of Pia’s viciousness come back and Bani returns to the puja. Jigyasa meets her at the door and says that I may hate you but I also feel sorry for you b’coz you are trapped in a dilemma. On the one hand Pia is your sister whom you promised your parents to protect and on the other she’s your souten, the person who left no stone unturned to harm you. Jigyasa relishes seeing Bani in a trap from which there is no escape and tells her that no matter what she’ll find it difficult to stay away from Pia. Jigyasa says that Bani needs to decide fast what to do coz time won’t wait for her.

Raashi is in the outhouse kitchen beginning to make soup, and Ranveer is watching from outside. The matches refuse to light. Just then Rano arrives and tells Raashi that she’s finished praying. Ranveer is horrified and the lights go out. Ranveer sees an orange sari clad woman come out of the kitchen and when he sees her slippers he’s relieved coz he recognizes Rano’s slippers. In a mini flashback Ranveer earlier in the evening helps Rano up from a fall on the stairs that’s why he recognizes her slippers. He heaves a sigh of relief and leaves and the outhouse explodes behind him. He aplogises to Raashi in his mind but says that he wants her out of his life at all costs.

At the pooja all are praying and as Ranveer enters he sees a woman in orange doing arti. She turns and Ranveer is horrified to see Raashi. At the outhouse both Pia and Rano are trapped in the flames and Pia is helpless in her wheelchair. She looks horrified at the fire around her and finally cries out for Rano.