Friday Update on The Promise Zee World July 27

Friday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 27 Episode

Pia assures Jigyasa that she is no fool to take a Bani lookalike to be Bani! That the lady is not Bani but Durga Dasgupta. One look at Bani, and Pia is sure that it is indeed Bani. When Pia keeps on insisting that she is Bani, Durga slaps her. Pia vows to prove that Durga is Bani. When the priest gives Pia the offerings, Jai stops him. Jai promises Pia that he’ll bring Bani home, and Pia takes up the challenge. Pia, Jigyasa and Karuna vow to finish off Bani completely this time. Jai tells Rano that he would mention the truth about Pia’s blackmail to Bani once he’d meet her. Meanwhile, terrorists target the playschool and take Jai, Bani and the children as hostages.

Jai and Bani watch helplessly as the terrorist terrify the kids. The police wait for help. The terrorist puts the jacket with the bomb, on an unconscious Bani. Meanwhile ACP Javed and ACP Kavi reach the place. They save Jai, Bani and the kids. Jai is happy to find Bani.

The Walia family is worried. Deb does not like the fact that Jai and Bani are together. Pia tells Deb to keep Durga away from Jai. Deb decides to use Pia in his game. Jai comes out with Bani. Pia stops him. Pia tries to stop Jai and Rano slaps Pia and warns her not to meddle in between Jai and Bani. Deb introduces himself. But Jai takes Bani away. Jigyasa and Pia decide to do something about Bani.