Friday Update on The Promise Zee World August 3

Friday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 3 Episode

Jai worries that Pia will tell something to Bani. Dadi worries about Jai. Jai pretends in front of Bani to hate her. Pia wakes up to find herself in another place. When Bani wants to talk to Rano, Rano reminds her that she has not forgotten that Bani has killed Sahil. Bani tells Rano that she will destroy Rano too. Jai gets angry at Pia and tells her that he will only love Bani till he dies. Jai is happy to talk to his children. Deb calls him and warns him that the secret will be out soon. Dia comes to Turkey to be with Pia and takes her to a doctor. Jai goes to meet someone and it is none other than Pushkar.

Pushkar and Deb know each other. Pushkar is against Jai. Ranvir and Rano get a letter in which they are asked to come to a place to know about Jai’s past. Bani thanks Deb for being such a good man. Rano tells Ranvir that he should go back to Rashi. Pia wonders why the doctor tells her that she has Schizophrenia. Bani reminds Pia of all her past misdeeds. Bani tells Jai that Pia is mentally ill. Pia is shocked to see Pushkar. He invites them for a party.

Pia and Jai are roaming on the streets of Istanbul when a woman gives a lucky charm to Jai. Rano and Ranvir call Jai to meet them. Deb’s mother calls him. Pia drugs Bani’s coffee and plays the same game. Pia tells Bani that she will not let Jai go away from her. Bani is surprised to see Pushkar. He tells her that he knows everything about her.Ranvir and Rano show Jai the letter. Jai, Pia, Bani and Deb attend a party. Pushkar is there too. Pushkar taunts Pia.