Friday Update on The Promise Sept 14

Friday Update on The Promise Sept 14

People are telling the Thakur that they will not let the injustice take place with Maithili. How could he let her become homeless? The Thakur curses himself for having written over the land in his wife’s name, now nothing will stop her. JW drives in in his swanky car to see Ganga standing in his path. Adi and JW step out and Adi tells Ganga to move , she could get hurt. Ganga says that she will not let them take away her home. JW tells her to move out of his way and she refuses. He tells her that he’ll carry on on foot. He and Adi begin to walk but one of the neighbours drops garbage in his path. Adi asks him why this misbehaviour. The man tells him that he may have bought the land but not the street. This is where they’ve always thrown garbage and his fancy hotel guests will have to traverse this garbage to get to the hotel. JW tells Adi he understands their tactics. Adi asks for some water but no one offers JW any water. They go to a shop to buy water but the shopkeeper refuses to sell him any. They tell JW that those who don’t have access to the Ganga need to buy water. They have a real Ganga with them.JW tells Adi that these people don’t know him as yet .  Now he’s all the more determined to buy the land. And he’ll buy it no matter what the price. As he leaves the people are stumped They thought they’ll be able to discourage him but just the opposite he’s become more determined. Ganga reassures them that he’ll eventually agree coz he’s basically a good man.

The wedding is on and everyone is at the mandap. Jigz comes to Rano and Raashi and tells them not to look so happy and excited about the bidaai function as they are not to be part of it. She tells them to go upstairs and pack as they’ll be leaving for Mumbai as soon as JW’s deal is finalized. As they leave a waiter comes and tells Jigz that a child called Ganga is waiting to see JW. Jigz is intrigued at the audacity of a child who wants to meet the great JW, as most children are afraid of him. She sees a determined looking Ganga in front of her for the first time. Ganga tells them that I want him to save my dhaba and home. Jigz is very sarcastic and says how do you plan to stop him. Ganga takes out her piggy bank and tells her that  it holds all her savings for the past 5 years and gives it to Jigz telling her to give it to the uncle and return her home. Jigz pretends that the 5 year savings are so heavy, and that her hands are trembling with the weight, and that this little piggy bank will make JW really rich. Deliberately she drops it and Ganga cries out. It rolls and stops at JW’s feet. JW tells her that he likes people who value money and snubs Jigz for dropping the pigy bank. He’s overheard the entire conversation but he tells Ganga that the land has been bought and the hotel will be built. Ganga tells him that she’s not stopping him, she just wants her home back, but JW refuses. Ganga then says that if you are stubborn so am I and I will keep sitting here till you change your mind. She sits down and JW calls for the driver to take her and drop her home and Ganga is dragged out. Maasi and Bani are shown packing with tears in their eyes as both remember the happy times they spent there.

The wedding is taking place while JW is sitting apart looking at his watch. Adi brings a gentleman to him saying that he’s the Municipal Corporator and that after the wedding they’ll complete all the formalities for the requisite permissions. JW hears the rumble of thunder and goes to the window to see  a storm raging . He thinks to himself that its always been untimely storms which remind him of the painful moments of his life, the time he threw out Bani from his home and heart, the time he found out that Bani was the cause of the death of his children, the time when he killed the old JW, the time his kids died. He feels that wherever his children are they are looking down upon him and he feels their presence. He looks up to see Ganga snding outside the gates getting drenched in the rain. He rushes out and yells at the driver for not having taken her home. Ganga tells him not to yell at the driver, after all he’s merely left her in the rain. By making her homeless JW is forever stripping the roof from her head and she’ll always be in the rain. JW looks stunned as she says this. Adi comes and takes JW in saying that the wedding is over and everyone is waiting for him.

JW goes in and Jigz asks what kept him as all are waiting for the completion of the deal. She keeps urging him to sign as Ganga rushes in She begs JW not to sign and Jigz is furious. She calls for security to throw her out. Ganga says that this cannot be the end as her mother has always taught her that endings are happy and if they are not happy then its not the end its an interval. JW looks shocked to hear this but picks up the papers. As Ganga turns to leave defeated Jai tells her to wait. To the shock and horror of Jigz and the joy of Ganga JW tears up the papers and tells Ganga that he’ll never take her home away from her. Everyone looks happy and Meera comes up to Ganga and thanks JW. JW suddenly looks around to see everyone looking at him shocked. He makes the excuse that the hotel was not feasible and that he had no time for problems. He says that their work here is over and that they must leave.Dadi looks at the murtis of the Gods and thinks that this is a miracle that had to happen. Ganga grins from ear to ear.

Bani and Maasi are all packed when Thakurain comes and tells them that they have so much luggage she’ll get people to help them. As she goes Maasi looks for Ganga who drives up with Meera. They both come out smiling and Ganga tells Bani that the khadoos uncle changed his mind and that they are no longer homeless. Meera confirms and tells Bani that her husband is no longer buying the land. Bani thanks her for everything and Meera says that she’s lucky to have a daughter like Ganga, she can never be without a roof, she’ll always have blessings over her head. As Meera leaves, Bani  sees the Thakurain and her henchmen looking furious.

At the Shaadi Bari everyone is packed and ready to leave. Jigz comes and asks Karuna where Meera is, she? so difficult to find as she? so dark complexioned. Karuna ther that she? asked Dubeyji to install 4 halogen lamps outside Meera? room to make it easier to see her. Jigz says that when Meera laughs all that can be seen are her teeth. They laugh and Meera comes. Jigz welcomes her very sarcastically calling her princess and offering her refreshments. Meera opens her mouth to answer but Jigz tells her to shut up and go pack as they are leaving for Mumbai.As she leaves Jigz mimics her way of speaking.

The thakurain is throwing Bani? things out as Bani , Ganga and Maasi repeatedly beg her to have mercy on them as they have nowhere to go. The thakurain says that Bani and her daughter are unlucky as she? lost a crore due to them. She drags Bani by her hair and as Bani falls at her feet saying they have nowhere to go the Thakurain pushes Ganga roughly aside. All their things are being thrown out as the Thakur stands helplessly by. The thakurain forbids him to try and help. He tells her to fear God but she says she? leaving these beggars at God? mercy. Lights come on and the neighbours ask her what she? doing. She says that she? removing garbage and that not only the house but the street is also hers. The neighbours tell Maithili that she? welcome to stay in their homes but the

Thakurain says that anyone who gives shelter to Maithili will be thrown out as well.

The neighbours say that they?l all leave, But Bani stops them saying that they have already done so much for her, they needn? take on trouble for her. The thakurain then tells Bani to go to her nonexistent husband, if at all she ever had a husband. Maasi gets furious and tells the Thakurain that you don? know who you are casting aspersions at, Bani has the purity of Seeta. The thakurain asks then where is her Raam?? She? more like Draupadi, with many husbands. God knows who Ganga? father is, a rickshaw puller, a labourer, coz she does not look as though she? a child of a wealthy man. At that Maasi snaps and says that she? said too much. Bani;s helplessness is keeping her quiet but the Thakurais? atrocious behaviour will make her own children ashamed of her. She says then you don? need to throw us out, we will leave ourselves. The 3 of them pick p their bags and then leave.

Meera is getting into the car as Jigz comes and tells her that she has to talk to JW and tells her to go sit somewhere else. Meera smiles and goes. Jigz calls Karuna and tells her to make sure that Meera sits in the car with the staff and to tell her that these are JW? instructions. She says that Meera must know her position and she doesn? want another Bani in WM. She tells Karuna that just like some homes have a single earner, she is the only one with brains in their house.

As Bani/ Ganga and Meera are walking sadly thinking g of their happy life in Meerut the thakur comes and apologises for not being able to help them He gives them the address of his friend, a temple pujari in Mumbai, who? offered to have them. Bani wonders how they can go back to Mumbai.

Jigz is with JW in the car and she tells him that he made a mistake giving up the deal, people are wondering about him. JW tells her that in all the years she? known him, she should know by now that he does not give a damn about what people think and that he does as he pleases. The car comes to a stop in traffic and Jigz is horrified to see Bani cross the road. She cannot believe that Bani is alive and tells the driver to move before JW sees her. Bani is buying stuff from a shop. The car stalls due to a problem and Jigz is panicking that that JW will see Bani. She tells the driver to hurry and fix it. JW turns to get out of the car as Jigz tries to stop him. A gust of wind blows Bani? dupatta off and it lands on JW as Jigz closes her eyes in disbelief. JW asks whose it is and tells Jigz he?l return it but Jigz tells the driver to return it and tells JW to sit in the car as there? a lot of noise pollution. JW tells her that he? as keen as her not to miss the flight.

They sit in the car when JW sees Bani walking by and immediately identifies her. Jigz tells him he? mistaken but JW is insistent that he cannot be mistaken. He turns to get out and Jigz stops him saying that even if it is Bani she doesn? matter to you any more and you hate her. JW says that I have to show her the man I?e become all because of her and I need to thank her for making me what I am today.  Jigz is furious at the turn of events and her helplessness to stop them meetingHe gets out and runs behind Bani telling her to stop. She turns and its someone else. JW looks disappointed and apologises. He comes back and tells Jigz that I was sure it was her Jigz says its not possible it could be her and reminds him that they have a flight to catch. They leave as they show Bani in another shop. Jigz thanks God that they are leaving for Mumbai and that the deal in Meerut did not work out, and that JW did not see Bani. She promises herself that she?l never let JW come to Meerut .