Friday Update on My Golden Home July Episode

Friday Update on My Golden Home July Episode

Thakur Uday Pratap Singh who owns a palatial house in Ujjain called Swarn Bhavan. He is very proud of his ancestral lineage and believes in living a lavish lifestyle. He lives with his wife Chandra Prabha, daughter Swarn Abha who have been brought up in a very comfortable environment and is attached to her family, especially her father and son Swarn Prakash. Uday Pratap has another daughter Swarn Lata who is married to Samarjeet. As the Singh family are preparing to celebrate 100 years of their ancestral house, Swarn Bhawan, the house is made of pure gold. Maintaining the family tradition, he decides to felicitate 10 best officers of the city on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Swarn Bhavan.

A big golden palatial palace is shown as many cars are parked outside the palace and inside the palace, Thakur Uday is sitting on a sofa and is talking to some police men, politicians, businessmen and other important guests. He talks of his late father, Thakur Pratap Singh and how he used to reward police officers during such previous occasions. Thakur Uday tells everyone that next week, he is going to reward some outstanding police officers. The guests starts talking amongst themselves with smiling faces. One guest comments that it is an honour for them to be invited to Swarn Bhavan. He says that Swarn Bhavan is the glory of Ujjain. Another guest who happen to be a policewoman asks Thakur Uday if they could see the inside of Swarn Bhavan. Thakur Uday instantly agrees.

The guests all walk together with Thakur Uday to see the inside of Swarn Bhavan. They are all very impressed with the beautiful and glorious interior of the palace. They see the servants glorifying and keeping the palace neat and tidy. The interior of the palace is later displayed while Yeh Swarn Bhavan song plays in the background. Thakur Uday comments to his guests that Swarn Bhavan is not just a house as it is a living history. Swarn Bhavan is full of personality and character. Thakur Uday further tells his guests about the rich history of Swarn Bhavan. He tells them that the house is made of 65 kg of gold and it took 10 years to build the house. He furthermore added that 100 workers work day and night to build it. The guests are all left in awe.

Thakur comments again that the traditions of the house is as old as the house. He brings the guests to the second floor of the huge palace. The guests stare at the beautiful interiors. He brings his guests to the ground floor of the palace and comments that for the people living in the palace, nothing is greater than the prosperity and well being of their household. The policewoman tells Thakur Uday that it was her life long desire to see the inside of Swarn Bhavan and it has finally been fulfilled and Swarn Bhavan is very beautiful. The guests are served with tea. While Thakur Uday is talking to the guests, his wife looks out from the 2nd floor of the palace.

The back view of a girl is seen walking to the wife of Thakur Uday and covers the eyes of Thakur Uday’s wife who removes the girl’s hand from her eyes. Thakur’s wife Chandra Prabha calls out her name, Abha. She asked her why does she still do such childish actions?. The main protagonist of the show, Abha is introduced who wants to tell something to her mum Chandra Prabha but her mum covers her mouth and signals her to keep quiet. Abha’s full face is shown and her mum softly tells Abha that her dad is talking to the guests downstairs. Her mother asks Abha if she knew what the code of conduct was for all of them in Swarn Bhavan? Abha whispers to her mother’s ears that the guests should never hear the voices of the women of the house. She brings her mother to listen to what she has to say inside her room. Abha complains about her new tailored dress to her mother. Her mothers look a bit angry and sits down to make adjustments to Abha’s dress. Abha’s mum tells Abha that she sometimes need to think far and asks her to sew the dress. Abha whines that she doesn’t know how to sew well. Her mother tells her that if she doesn’t learn sewing then how will she know how to sew for herself in the near future?. She further teaches her daughter sewing. Abha sulks after her mum leaves, Abha angrily throws her dress on her dressing table. She thinks of something and smiles to herself. Abha quickly walks downstairs. There are people dancing and singing in the palace. They are all rehearsing for the reward function next week. Thakur Uday’s son is sitting on a chair and is enjoying the performance. Thakur Uday’s son gets up and scolds one of the performers, Chandu, who was dancing badly. Thakur Uday’s son Chote Sarkar shows them how to dance. Abha is standing outside the room and giggling. Chote Sarkar see Abha and asks her why she was laughing like that? Abha tells her brother that no matter how hard he tries he can’t be like their father.

Chote Sarkar tells Abha that he has no time to argue with her and no joke is taking place there. Abha tells her brother that she has two dresses. One pink and one red, and she can’t decide which one to give their maid servant, Sundari. Sundari replies that both the dresses will suit her. Abha takes Sundari to her room so that they can talk. Meanwhile, Chote Sarkar resumes the dance rehearsals. Abha manipulates Sundari to sew her new dress but Abha’s mom comes in and tells her that it is Abha’s responsibility to sew the dress and asks Sundari to go. Her mother scolds her and Abha asks her mum why does she always makes her do chores. Chandra Prabha tells her daughter Swarn Abha to be a little foresighted and think of the future as she is aware that they can no longer maintain a lavish lifestyle. She tries to curb the expenditure of the ceremony and tells Abha to get used to it. But Thakur asks her to continue living her life lavishly. Her mother tells her that there is a reason behind all this but Abha wants to know the reason. A maid servant comes in and asks them to go for some important work. Abha’s mom tells Abha that she will tell Abha the reason behind all this soon and tells Abha to go for the important work. Both mother and daughter go downstairs. The important work is the veneration donation of coins. Thakur Uday tells Abha and her brother to do the donation as they have to keep the age old tradition alive.

Abha and her brother Prakash carry a red cloth filled with numerous coins. However, underneath all the joy, there appears to be a deep dark secret. Meanwhile, Abha’s mum recall Abha’s conversation asking her why does she need to do chores. Abha and her brother brings the coin filled with cloth to the prayer area. Thakur Uday starts to sing a prayer song and everyone prays to the gods of Golden idols of Ram, Sita and Laxmam. Everyone sings along. The priest chants a prayer. As the veneration ceremony is over, Thakur asks one of his men to donate the coins among the people of Ujjain, but the man goes outside with the coins and secretly calls someone. He has an evil smile on his face and the man ties up the coins filled in cloth.

At the dining area of the palace, everyone is sitting down to eat their meal. Chandu is cleaning Thakur Uday’s hands. Abha tells Chandu to use a softer towel. Thakur asks Abha that there must be a reason for her care and concern for him. Abha replies asking her father that how come her dad knows her so well. Thakur and Abha sit down at the dining table. Abha tells her father that she wants to complain about her mum to him. Thakur pretends to scold his wife. Abha asks her father if she can go to the shop to choose a new fabric for her dress. Her father who under no circumstances compromise on his pride and principles object to her decision and decline her. He tells her that girls of their house don’t go to shops. Later, the tailor comes to the house to show the fabrics for the dress Abha wants. Chandra Prabha comes and sees the expensive fabric Abha has chosen and she doesn’t seem to be pleased about it.

Meanwhile, Thakur does not care about the expenditure for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Swarn Bhavan. His wife, Chandra Prabha reads an article in the newspaper about Swarn Abha topping her exams. She tries to hide the article from her husband, Uday Pratap Singh but is unsuccessful. Uday Pratap is upset that without his knowledge, his daughter Swarn Abha has been studying in a local college. He informs Chandra Prabha that he plans to get Swarn Abha married.

Swarn Abha learns about her father’s plans through Sundari. When she questions her mother about the same. Chandra Prabha informs her that they are not as rich as they used to be and they are left with nothing other than the grandeur of Swarn Bhavan. Swarn Abha learns that her father has to repay a lot of debts but does not want to worry his family members by sharing his problems, adding that they need to stand by her father whenever he learns the truth. After hearing this, Abha accepts her fathers decision to get her married since she nurtures her father’s pride and informs him that she is ready to marry anyone whom he chooses for her.

Vikrams family accepts Abha’s proposal, eyeing Thakurs wealth. Thakurs elder daughter Swarn Lata arrives at her parent home. Lata tells her parents about her husband Samarjeets debt. Thakur decides to send Rs.25 lacs to Samarjeet.