Friday Update on Lies of the heart episode


Friday Update on Lies of the heart episode


EPISODE 379 -380

Ishaan’s residence
All are concerned for tani’s ring, when samrat walks in. tani asks if he saw the ring, and he feigns ignorance. Samrat asks her to forget about it, as they shall buy a new one. Sandhya points out that it was of diamonds and it isnt that easy to forget about it. samrat remembers about james, and asks if it was actuallu of diamonds. Tani says that the ring was worht ten lakhs. He gets berserk and shocked. urmi says that it isnt a small amount. Tani offers for a police complaint, and samrat is scared, and then makes her sit down. Samrat says to tani that they should first search the house. urmi says that they have already done that, and there’s no harm in involving the police now. samrat eyes her frustratedly, and asks her to let him search first and that he shall handle it. damini gives him a chance and if they dont find, they shall have to report to the police. samrat is tensed.

In the room, Urmi narrates this all to Ishaan, and is tensed, while he asks her to stay out of it, and not interfere too much, knowing tani and samrat’s nature. Urmi says that its a matter of the house. he asks her to handle, as he is a little busy in work. she asks if everything is okay. He says that he is handling the divorce case of Vikram Singhania, who wants to divorce his wife, but she doesnt want to. She says that its very difficult to understand their personla equation. he is tensed. She says that she is sure that he shall handle everything. He smiles at her.

Tani meanwhile shows some pics from the almirah to damini. Shashi too shows interest. urmi asks what are they looking at. Shashi makes a asnide comment on sandhya’s complexion and then goes on a rant, while sandhya hears this from a distance. urmi asks her not to talk like this. Sandhya is hurt. She finally speaks up, saying that she is a widow, and still dresses so gaudily. tani asks her not to take it seriously. urmi says that sandhya is right, and that dark complexioned girls are liked everywhere, even in the beauty paegants. shashi pretends to be indifferent, and again taunts. Sandhya gets instigated. they enter into a verbal scuffle. damini asks them both to shut up. urmi asks shashi to never say things like that, as people arent characterised by colour anymore, and that a person is known by character and not colour. shashi says that colour only determines character. Sandhya asks if she should tell everyone what she truly is. shashi then boldly asks her to go on. Sandhya asks if she should tell what happened at the dinner table, the day she tasted rajma. Shashi gets scared and then apologises, while sandhya says that she finally came to line. tani asks what happened that day. Sandhya says that she doesnt wish to elaborate. Shashi pretends to be outraged, and thinks that she wont sit here. She rushes away. They all pester her to speak, but she is in tears and doesnt.

In her room, Sandhya goes on a rant of frustration, as to how she has always been differentiated on the basis of her colour, while urmi tries to compose her, saying that she shouldnt take shashi’s words by heart. she asks sandhya if she ever felt insulted, and she denies, ever having gotten insulted in this house. Urmi says tht Lord. krishna is himself dark, and yet he is the creator of the universe. She asks her to look at the positives, but she keeps cribbing on her colour. urmi is upset for her.

Kiran is shocked to know that samrat gave ten lakhs, while he gloats about it. She asks why and howcome he didnt tell her, as they could have gone to the police. he says that if they involve the police, she would be humiliated, and that Vikram singhania too would have known. she hears tensedly. He pretends to be a sacrificial martyr, while she praises him galore. he says that everyone cant be like him, and he understands hjer pain and assures that everything shall be alright. Inside, he is frustrated that he is in this mess due to her.
James taunts samrat as he comes, and demands ten lakhs now, and he shall stop bothering him. samrat says in anger that he has gone mad.james warns samrat that he should get 10 lakhs by tomorrow, or else he would show up at his house, with the ring and the hotel evidences. samrat is tensed.

Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan and urmi are talking about some minor issues at the hotel, while sandhya taunts to shashi that there are people like urmi, who get by both the arena, house and office perfectly. samrat baregs in with the ring, saying that he finally found it. Damini is shocked as to how he got it. All are shocked. shashi takes it leeringly. she asks him teasingly if he himself hid it. he fumes at her humour and she composes that she meant it as a joke. she keeps asking how this happened. he pretends to be very heroic. He takes it from shashi, and gloats aabout how this is tani’s ring, and hence most important to her. ishaan and iurmi are surprised. Shashi is boggled as to what is smrat upto, first stealing and then giving it himself. Urmi asks where he found it. he names a place. damini asks how is this possible, as tani said that she never took off her ring. But he distracts them all, but urmi is still boggled, as she remembers checking it there itself, and then counters samrat with it. All eye him suspiciously. he asks if she can sworn to irritate him, and asks whatshe needs, to find the ring or not. Shashi too sides with him. ishaan says that they are happy. urmi keeps arguing, while shashi says that what matters is they have the ring. samrat thinks that he managed the ring somehow, now he has to get rid of james somehow.

the next morning, ishaan finds urmi getting ready, for sandhya’s meeting with a dermatologist. she opens the door to find shaurya, with the breakfast table, and wishing a happy mother’s day, and how important this day means to him, for his love towards her. She is overwhelmed with his gesture. They both eat the breakfast, and urmi oemotionally says that this is the best sandwich she has ever tasted.Dermatologist’s office
Urmiand sandhya ask about the treatment.READ ON PAGE 2