Friday Update on Lies of the heart 7 August 2020 Will Samrat be exposed


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 7 August 2020 Will Samrat be exposed

The next morning, Shashi thinks that everyone is busy and unawares, and maybe this is the right time, to steal out of the house, as she too would be reprimanded along with samrat, once he returns home. urmi comes with coffee for everyone. She gives it to tani, and asks her to relax, as samrat wont go anywhere and would definitely come back. tani takes coffee. she then serves damini and sandhya, while shsahsi angrily eyes urmi,a s she was after all this. urmi comes upto shashi and gives her coffee too. Anirudh comes down and urmi gives him too.

Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 6 August 2020

All are tensed for samrat’s absence. ishaan and alok come back, when tani hurriedly asks if they found samrat. ishaan says that they neither found samrat nor her car. She is tensed. Shashi begins to rant that they were unnecessarily doubting him. urmi says that they had to doubt as he wasnt at the hospital too. Urmi tells anirudh that they can inform the police, and then they can trace his phone, and get his whereabouts. They like the idea. ishaan asks on what ground would they file the complaint, and how would they deal with the interrogation that follows. tani says that she just wants to know somehow where is samrat and whats he upto. When samrat finally returns with the cuts and bruises, all are shocked. Tani eyes him angrily. The screen freezes on samarat’s tensed face.

Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat comes in and shocks everyone with his condition. tani grabs samrat angrily by the collar, and reprimands him for lying and betraying her, and asks where was he all night. Samrat thinks and deduces that urmi created havoc behind him, and instigated everyone. urmi asks why is he dumb, and asks him to respond where had he gone last night, and not stand speechless. Samrat is tensed, and at a loss for an answer. samreat gets into a rant of pretentious acting and grief, that he is so wounded, and yet they doubt him and his intentions. anirudh asks him to clarify, where he was and how did he get hurt. samrat says that he was in an accident, and all are surprised. he emotionally blackmails tani. shashi asks him to tell how it happened. urmi and ishaan are irritated. ishaan says that they agree he was in an accident, but where had he gone, as he wasnt at the hospital where he said he would be. shashi asks them to stop the questioning. urmi tries to speak, but shashi shuts her up, saying that she is behind all this. Tani says that shashi is right, and that noone shall say anything to samrat. he tells tani that she is an angel, and they both take him, away, while he eyes urmi evilly. Urmi stands tensed. sandhya and damini are frustrated.

In the room, damini is frustrated and rants her irritation before everyone, as to how could they let samrat off the hook so easily when they all know he was lying. ishaan says that tani is under samrat’s spell, while they all know that samrat is lying. She vents out that they should have dont something or atleast find out where he was. Anirudh says that he cant pretend the wounds though. She is furious and says that they should find out where he went. Ishaan says that they did go but its coming to a dead end. Anirudh tells her that maybe she is overreacting. She asks urmi if she too believes samrat. She stands tensed.

In the room, samrat continues with his rant as to how only tani and her love for him saved him today. Tani too is all caring for him and gives him turmeric mixed milk, for faster healing. shashi asks tani to be with the pretense, and reminds what all she had said. tani is apologetic, while samrat pretends to be horrified, while shashi exaggerates and tells what all tani said. samrat emotionally blackmails tani, while she says that based on what happened yesterday, she felt he was fooling and cheating on her. he asks how dare she think that he can cheat her and gets into a verbal romantic discouse for hjer. he says that he is very disappointed. She apologises and promises on his demand, that she wont ever doubt him ever. he and shashi are happy. he then accepts the apology. Shashi pretends to be very tired. tani says that she shall arrange her a SPA, for relaxation.

Later, samrat remembers the last night scuffle, when urmi comes in asking that he must be thanking his starts that he got saved yet again. he asks her to stop her nonsense, and then taunts her. she asks him whats bothering him, as his crimes have become too much to take now. He talks about his accident. she says that he deserves worse, and asks if he really had an accident. He gets tensed. She says that it feels tht he got beaten up. he remembers the scuffle last night and asks her to shut up, as noone dares that. she says that he can fool everyone but not her. He asks her to think whatever she wants, as whenever she tries, zshe falls flat on her face, as the god is kind and on his side. she asks him not to be so over confident, as uhe would fall flat. she says that she isnt worried for him, but worried for tani. he asks her to think about herself and her life. she asks him to look in the past, and remember what had happened to him. tani hollers for him, and he leaves downstairs. She stands tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Asha excitedly serves him tea, while hoping to hear something, but he doesnt respond. she fumes that he doesnt even remember the anniversary. The doorbell rings and gaurav sees that its the courier fellow, with a post from alisha, his secretary. she is fuming. he finds that its a letter, asking him to meet at a retsaurant, at 8’o’clock urgently, as there’s a surprise. he is confgused as to what could it be. he asks her to give the breakfast as he is getting late. he leaves for his room. she comes and reads the letter and is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Samrat comes down to see that tani is apologising to everyone for what she said about samrat. He is super thankful, and urmi is tensed. She asks them all to treat samrat with the same respect as ever. Damini is furiously thinking that he wont ever do that. urmi too comes and says that this is right actually, and they shouldnt judge samrat so much. She says that she ferels she should go and meet samrat’s friend, the one who is injured, and that they should go together, as his friend would like it. Shashi and samrat are tensed, while anirudh and damini, sandhya are amused. Tani agrees and tells samrat to rest before they leave. urmi is amused. samrat tells that everyone believes him, but not her, and is consistently instigating her still, to doubt samrat and what he said. tani asks if this is the reason. shashi too sides with samrat. tani says that she trusts samrat and she wont go to meet the friend. urmi says that she should go, but tani asks her to back off, as she doesnt want misunderstandings between her and samrat. he too amusingly tells urmi to back off. Just then, his mobile rings. Samrat gets the same person’s phone, who mugged them last night, taunting him, while he is super scared. The screen freezes on samrat’s tensed face.


Samrat gets nervous and them excuses himself to receive the call. He pretends not to recognise, while the blackmailer identifies himself as James, and then demands 5 lakhs by tomorrow evening. samrat chides and cancels the call. he turns around to find shashi snooping on him, and he gievs the excuse that it was a wrong number, but she isnt convinced, and gets doubtful when the phone rings again and samrat cancels it. she tries to gtet it out of him, but he snubs her away. Meanwhile, urmi calls asha to wish her on her anniversary, a happy married life. Asha tells about the letter to urmi tensedly. Urmi says that if its true then tonight they shall find out for sure, what gaurav is upto.

Downstairs, while sandhya and damini are cribbing of all the nonsense that they have to face everyday either due to samrat or due to urmi, Tani comes back with lots of gifts for samrat, saying that since he is so depressed these days, she got them since he had been mugged and lost all things. Damini is frustrated but doesnt get a chance to talk about it. Tani excitedly shows her the gifts.

In his room, samrat decides to call kiran, and find out whats going on. samrat finds that Kiran’s number is switched off. he then gets james’ call, and he frustratedly cancels it. shashi sees this and wonders who is this who’s been calling, and he is continuously cancelling. she gets an idea, and enters his room, and pretending to be talking to someone on the phone, she sys that the person should be calling on samrat’s phone if hey wish to speak to him. samrat gets scared that it must be James’ call. he takes the phone, and asks her not to dare talk to him, and then vents out his frustration in the phone, but then realises that he is getting no response. Shashi reveals that she was just doing drama, and then asks him who is this person who is bothering him. He gets angry at her, for poking her nose yet again. she then shuts the door, and again asks him. finding no other option, he narrates everything. She then gives him advise that he shouldnt engage in such stuff, and then goes on a rqant, as to what would happen if anyone finds out. he warns her that noone should know about this at all. She agrees.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Gaurav finally arrives at the restaurant, where he finds the ambience romantica, and drapes saying that someone loves him. He finds a card from his secretary that she loves him very much. he gets irritated. he finds the silhouette of a lady, who has her back turned towards him, and vents out his frustration at her, that she shouldnt even darev to think like this, as he has a wife who he loves very much. She lifts the drape and its revealed that its asha, in tears. He is boggled andasks whats he doing here.

urmi coems and says that she got asha here. gautam is boggled, while asha is in tears. he asks about his secretary. urmi says that she was behind all this plan. gaurav is shocked, and she explains how asha’s doubt had to be cleared and like this, and then apologises for doing this. He is angry. Urmi then turns to asha that gaurav purchased a saree that day for her only. He asks asha how could she think like this. urmi says that he too is to be blamed for this. She says that her belief waivered since he stopped paying attention to her, and started ignoring him. urmi says that anytime complex can creep in and that he should prioritise his family too with work. he agrees and says that he got too busy with work. he than takes asha’s hand and apologises and hugs her. urmi begins to leave so as not to disturb her. but they both hug her.

Location: Ishaan’s residence
Tani comes and asks samrat, whi isnt his phone going through, as anirudh wanted to talk to him. AShe finds his phone switched off, and asks why and then goes onto switch it on. He says that he doesnt wish to speak to aanyone. She says that he can keep it on silent for that. Samrat is tensed. just as the phone is switched on, it starts ringing. She picks the phone, thinking that it must be the father. the blackmailer, James calls up on samrat’s number, and tani picks up. He asks her to give the phone to samrat, saying that its his friend. Samrat is shell shocked as he hears the name, and then finds tani talking to him, about samrat’s accident and injuries last night. the blackmailer meanwhile taunts tani that there a lot of things that she doesnt know at all about her husband, which he keeps hidden. She asks if its true, and is boggled. samrat hears this and is scared, and tries to take the phone. tani ignores samrat and asks james to elaborate. he says that samrat didnt tell about the accident, and also didnt show up, as they were to meet today. he wishes to speak with samrat. Tani gives him the phone, and leaves downstairs. James chides with him, and again asks him to take him seriously. Samrat gets angry and asks how dare he talk to his wife. James warns samrat that if he gets even 5 minutes late to get the money, then his infidelity shall be exposed to his family when he lands up at his house tomorrow, with evidence, and asks him to think. He cancels the call. the screen freezes on samrat’s shocked face.