Friday Update on Lies of the heart 29 May 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 29 May 2020

Urmi tells Shaurya not to be naughty and gives him guidelines what to do or what not while she goes to work. He tells her not to worry much, he’s grown up now. He will be okay. She’s ready to leave, but Shaurya asks her if he can also go along with her. She reminds him that he has to stay hidden from all. He tells her to go. Urmi goes out, but is still not satisfied. She hears voice from within to listen to her heart and her heart thinks all will be okay. She goes in and gives a tight hug to Shaurya. Shaurya reminds her it’s her first day and she will be late. Urmi finally leaves.

Samrat calls someone and asks to print Urmi’s Dadi’s death news. Shashi comes to him and asks if any news about Urmi. He gets mad as she always thinks about Urmi. He asks if she did work that he gave her about Aditi’s abortion. Shashi says she couldn’t do yet. He tells her to do fast as that house is not for snake’s eggs. Aditi hears it.

Gaurav is mad at Asha. She tries to make everything fine, but he shouts at her for ill-treating Urmi. Asha says she was doing it for Urmi only. Asha’s mum comes there and tells Gaurav to think about his job instead Urmi, their child is coming. Gaurav tells her to stay as a guest there. She doesn’t need to interfere in their personal matters and she doesn’t need to give advice to him for raising a child. He’s responsible enough. He leaves. Asha agrees with Gaurav. Her mum gets annoyed with her for agreeing with Gaurav all time.

Shaurya starts messing the room and runs in there. He doesn’t eat lunch either, and instead eats all chocolates that Urmi left.

Aditi comes to Amrit and informs him she’s pregnant. He gets happy thinking to make their child a pass to enter Samrat’s house. She further informs that samrat wants her to abort and she doesn’t want it. He supports her. She says she will leave that house and move with him. But he tells her he doesn’t want their child to born in this bad condition, and suggests her to stay in Samrat’s house for a while. He will think of something. She asks what she will say to Samrat till then? He doesn’t want child at all. Amrit thinks of something and smiles.

At work, Urmi is continuously hoping shaurya to be okay. She keeps getting a call from Gaurav. She finally picks up and tells him they both are okay, but she can’t tell him where they are. Her boss comes and tells her personal calls are not allowed while they are on duty. She apologizes. He gives a magazine or something and asks her to cut ads related to their hotel. She sees scissor and remembers she left one on table in her room. She fears Shaurya may have done something wrong.

She arrives to her room and is shocked not finding Shaurya there. Shaurya was hiding behind curtain and surprises her. She cries and asks him whether anyone does with their mum, she was so scared. He says he won’t do again. She then sees his face full of chocolate and lunch on table only. He tells her he wasn’t hungry. She asks if he does like this, then how she will be able to go to work. He promised her he’ll help her. He promises her he will eat and won’t be naughty. Urmi hugs him and says they will eat together today.

Later, she comes down. A girl leaves seeing her. Urmi sees news about her Dadi’s death in newspaper and is shocked. Other hand, Samrat is happy and thinks now rat will come out of her hole and this time he won’t spare her. He will take rat in his fist and no matter, she won’t be able to get out of it.

Annu’s residence
Devi is shocked to see granny’s obituary in th paper and saroj is equally shocked when she gets to know. They show it to granny, and she is shocked wondering who could possibly do this, and starts cursing the person behind this. asha starts lamenting at granny’s death, while they gets frustrated with her rant and shut her up. Anu is shocked to see the news too. Devi wonders who did this and why.

Jhansi working women’s hostel and annu’s residence
urmi rushes through the corridors of the hostel, and goes to her room, locking the door behind her and crying to pieces. She takes the phone from shaurya, and then dials the number. she wondeers why is noone picking up the call. she dials devi’s number too but doesnt get any response. shaurya asks whats the problem. she dials annu’s number too, but it doesnt get through. she gets ready and then comes out to find if anyone’s in the lobby. when there’s noone, she comes to take shaurya, asking him to be utterly quiet. She locks her room, and then stealthily walks out with shaurya, carefully measuring each step, hiding him, whenever a lady passes by. Finally she is able to make a successful escape.

Anu and saroj are tensed looking at the continuously ringing calls, which samrat isnt letting them pick. Anu asks why arent they letting her pick the phone. samrat says that urmi is flying and that its a tarp, to get urmi back to her limits. he starts smiling, while anu and devi and saroj are shocked. granny is tensed that samrat took resort to this. He tells anu that he wont let anyone pick the call, as he doesnt want urmi to know about his being here. devi asks him to let them attend to the phone, as people would starts swamping. Samrat says that he isnt bothered for other people, but for urmi, for whom she has laid out this bait and trap.

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