Friday Update on Lies of the heart 27 March 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 27 March 2020

Location: Samrat’s residence
Diwaker, urmi and samrat’s father are shocked to see the news clip. urmi asks if they know the girl. She is told that this is aditi. She is shocked, but samrat’s father confirms it. Urmi thanks that she reached in time that day. Diwaker asks if aditi is alright. All compliment her for having saved aditi. But all are serious when samrat’s mention comes. He calls shashi, who is oblivious that its aditi who she saved. When she sees the newspaper she is shocked herself. He reprimands shashi that its her own daughter who urmi saved.

Shashi frantically asks urmi how’s aditi. urmi asks her to relax saying that nothing has happened and aditi’s completely okay. shashi thanks her for this favour. urmi asks her not to say this, as it isnt a favour. He says that they are fortunate to have had her as the daughter in law. shashi remembers how she had reprimanded urmi for taking active interest. shashi regrest that she had said all that to urmi. But urmi asks her not to feel like this, while diwaker praises urmi for being the person that she is, and says that they are proud to have her as family. Both urmi and aditi talk to their respective tensed mothers, as to how this news got blown out of proprotions.

Aditi thanks the lady while talking to shashi about the lady, who had helped her immensely. Shashi tells aditi about the relationship that they share. saroj too is shocked when she hears that the girl that urmi saved is her sister in law. saroj thanks the lord and tells buaji about aditi and urmi’s encounter. She asks urmi about aditit, and she reassures her that aditi is safe. Aditi tells shashi that urmi is very nice, and asks about samrat’s reaction to all this. urmi too expresses her tension about samrat’s reaction when he knows it. Saroj and others start discussing about aditi. They all compliment urmi for having saved aditi.

Scene 2:
Location: Anu’s residence
While anu is getting ready, trisha asks her to finsih her milk before leaving. Trisha asks her to come along too. Trisha asks what would she do. Anu insists, despte trisha telling her that she’s very busy and would talk in the evning. Sensing her tensed, trisha asks what the matter. Anu hesitatingly tells that some guys tease her on the road, and she is scared to go to college now. Trisha is shocked and asks if she had told anyone. Anu says that there’s no point in telling family, as they would blame her only. She asks trisha to come along. trisha agrees saying that she doesnt need to be scared, as long as she is with her.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Anu identifies the person who teases her the most, and is scared that he mightnt see her. trisha says that from today onwards, he wont dare to cast his eye on her. Trisha moves towards the guy, venting out her frustration. Anu realises that the person that she was talking about has gone away, and another person wearing the same tshirt bears the brunt of trisha’s anger who slaps him tight and gives a big lecture. anu comes and clarifies, and trisha is completely ashamed. He says that its okay and walks off. as other people start reprimanding her, she turns around and finds the person gone.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s Office
While working in the office, samrat gets to know that the newspaper has come today and is boggled as to why it didnt come at home. While going through the newspaper, samrat comes across the news about urmi and aditi and is furious beyond disbelief.

Scene 5:
Location: samrat’s residence
All are waiting anxiously and scared of samrat’s return. They all are hoping that he hasnt seen the newspaper or he would vent out his entire frustration by screaming at them. Hearing the car honk, they find out that samrat is back. samreat enters with a stoical face, while all get to calming him down. Samrat retorts back at the seemingly normal statements of the members. Shashi asks him to go to his room and rest, while urmi serves him tea and snacks there. He says that he can have it here too. all get tensed, when he doesnt give in if he knows about it or not. When samrat sits down and is served water by urmi, he sips it silently, eyeing him curtly. urmi offers to get tea for him. Samrat asks urmi to wait for a minute and when she does, he asks if she had hidden the paper. urmi is stunned and unsure what to answer. All are shocked that he knows the truth. samrat’s father notions her not to oblige. She is about to lie again, when samrat stops her midway and reprimands her for now beginning to lie even. All are silenced. samrat says that the silence speaks all for them and their scare. he retorts urmi for having joined the gang too. Shashi tries to take her side, but samrat silences her too, saying that all are conspiring against him. urmi says that it isnt like that. He asks her whats this then. He reminds her that he had told her not to go to the police or create any more drama. Samrat reprimands urmi that for going to shop she takes his permission, but to go to the police station even after his telling them not to do so, she didnt feel that need. he asks why did she go then. Urmi is speechless. His father stands and says that he had told urmi to go. Samrat is shocked to hear this. He says that now samrat must also know that she had saved the daughter of this family. Samrat says that the girl she saved, means nothing to him, if at all to others. He says that urmi is his wife, and that this isnt wifely of him, but sheer betrayal. urmi is shocked to hear this.

Location: Samrat’s residence
Urmi is hurt at samrat’s anger. shashi asks him to stop this and calm down. He says that he is tired of everyone’s interference in their relationship and stop making it complicated, as if she continues to play with his respect and she wont tolerate it. Kanchan tries to convince samrat otheerwise, that its his sister that urmi saved. samrat asks her to silence. diwaker asks kanchan to stay quiet too. urmi speaks up finally and says that she could have apologised for what she did. Samrat’s father says that she did them a favour, and shouldnt feel sorry. urmi says that she isnt sorry for that, but that she went without his knowledge and should have asked him, and apologises again. Samrat is satisfied that she realised her mistake and asks her to take care next time, as if it is repeated, it would be foolish on her part, and he wont like it. He leaves, while all are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Anu’s and samrat’s residence
The next morning, the entire family is praying. After being done with it, they engage in frivolous family banter. Devishankare’s mother asks the lord to forgive him for being so childish, today on his birthday. all greet him and are happy with the festive spirit of the family. Devi is sure that he would eat the cake only when urmi gets it for him, as it would be incomplete then.

urmi too is busy making the cake. samrat’s parents wish him and tell him how excited urmi is for the cake for her father. Samrat compliments urmi for having made a beautiful cake, and other too ask her to give their wishes also to her father on his birthday. Urmi gets calls from anu asking her to hurry up. Urmi asks the servant to pack it up now, and samrat too instructs him to take special care of the cake that his wife has prepared. She takes their permission and leaves finally. Kanchan says that she too would have gone to urmi’s house with her, had her daughter been a little older, as she was really excited to meet trisha, who’s going to be a police inspector soon. Urmi tells her that she too can go later on when her daughter is a little older. This alarms samrat when he hears trisha’s name who he hates severely. as urmi is about to leave, samrat asks her to stop. urmi gets tensed and turns around to face him, while all get tensed, sensing his anger. he motions her to come back. she comes back. He says that she was trying to befool him, and trick her way out of this house. he asks her how dare she tried to go to the house, qwhen trisha is there, and how did she think that he would go there too when trisha is there. urmi is baffled at his anger. He asks why didnt he tell that trisha was there too, and why did she hide this. urmi says that she had told that trisha was coming. Samrat says that she didnt say that trisha had actually arrived. Urmi says that she had told others but due to family scenes, samrat didnt get to know it. All confirm that they knew about it from urmi. samrat asks them to shut up. He tells her to be seated as she wont go. urmi is hurt and shocked and says that its her father’s birthday, and she has told that she would be there. he asks her to sit silently, as till the time trisha is there, she wont go and thats final. urmi is shocked.

Meanwhile, all are excited for birthday party preparations in annu’s residence. Granny orders them all around with prepartion instructions. All of them are also very tensed not to upset samrat at all this time, just like the last time, when he had gotten angry. Trisha is tensed at his name. They all are alert with tending to samrat to the fullest. anu asks her father to go and dress up like a Birthday boy for the party. she blackmails him into dressing up so that he can join the party and eat the cake too. trisha tells him that anu wants to post pics on social networking sites with good captions, and anu too teases him regarding the same. they manage to convince him and he agrees to dress up.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence and office
All are angry with samrat’s behaviour, after he has left. Urmi sits hurt and disappointed. shashi reminds the last time she had given urmi permission and samrat had created a ruckus due to this. Samrat’s father and urmi insistently request, ask and coax shashi to call samrat, as he must have calmed down by now, so that he can allow urmi to go to her father’s place. Shashi hesitates and tries to talk her way out of it, but finally complies and calls up samrat. Hesitatingly, she brings forth the request that urmi wants to go to her parents place, after trying to get him to a good mood and samrat gets alarmed at this. shashi too senses the tension in her voice. samrat says that there’s no point discussing it as he wont give permission. She tries to convince samrat, but he says that they can send the cake, but not urmi. He asks her to tell urmi that she has to do what he says or else face the consequences, and asks her also not to favour urmi. When urmi hears about this, she gets sad and all get tensed.

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