Friday Update on Lies of the heart 26 June 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 26 June 2020

Police station
Samrat tells him that he is completely innocent and is saying the truth. urmi tells the inspector that whatever he is saying so far, is completely wrong and a lie. Urmi says that she is living proof herself, that samrat has fired at her. Samrat asks if anyone saw him killing her.

Shashi comes in with a bag. samrat shows the inspector the tickets, the boarding passes, and the hotel stay. the inspector inspects them and is baffled, while urmi vehemently demands that all of this is a lie. She starts shouting at him, and samrat asks why is she blaming him without evidence. Shashi too reprimands urmi, and asks her to let the family alone now. urmi asks shashi to shut up, and asks her to fear the god a little. Shashi reprimands her in turn, for being characterless. ishaan says that he is very apologetic, but he isnt able to believe that samrat is being given solace by she herself.

Shashi is frustrated, while ishaan asks how can she say such things. The inspector says that the mother would do anything to save her evil son, which is what she is doing. Samrat asks him to shut up, and says that he has given proff and that he cant bedetained anymore, and says that urmi has lost her sanity in her revenge for him.

Ishaan says that out of friendship, he is giving one advise, that he shouldnt play around with the law, and gloat about it. the inspector too says that he is actually oversmart, but he would set samrat straight. the inspector says that he is letting samrat go right now. Urmi furiously says that this cant happen, as she herself has filed a complaint. ishaan places his hand on her hand, asking her to let go now, and samrat and shashi are shocked. the inspector expresses his helplessness. Samrat asks if he can go, and when the inspector allows, he tries to take shashi along, while the inspector says that he should start thinking of a new way to save himself, as he wont spare him. samrat determinedly asks him to try whatever is needed. He leaves with shashi. urmi sits dejectedly.

Samrat’s residence
Samrat is frustrated that both are alive, and that now if he tries to kill them, the inspector would get at them, so he cant do anything else too. Shashi comes and presents him with Shashi asks what happened all of a sudden, that he tried to kill both of them, and its good that they were saved, or else he would have been spending his sentence behind the bars. Samrat says that it was full proof and with complete planning. Shashi says that the law is very cruel. samrat asks her to shut up. shashi hesitatingly asks him what happened that he got in such a fit of rage, and insistently asks what happened. samrat tells her that Urmi is pregnant with Ishaan’s child. shashi is shocked. Samrat asks which male would be able to bear that. shashi sympathises with him. While samrat is tensed and frustrated, shashi continues to instigate him, asking him did he focus on killing urmi, as he should have rather aimed at killing the child, as that would have killed her half as it is, since the killing of a child in the womb has not legal provision of a complaint or a case, as children keep being conceived and dying in the womb, but there’s nothing to be done officially about it. Samrat finally starts to see sense behind shashi’s instigative idea.

In her room, aditi breaks down apalled and distraught, at the betrayal that amrit did to her, in such a condition, as he didnt leave for anywhere, and that due to him, she managed the guts to keep this child, and now this. Radha passes by and finds her like this, and goes inside to ask what happened. she hesitatingly asks aditi whats the matter. Aditi composes herself, and says that its all okay. Radha asks if she is okay healthwise. Aditi complies. radha sits beside her, and asks the reason of her worries, and if she is crying due to a failed marriage, and asks her not to worry, as her brother would get her another groom, given his good nature. aditi wonders how to tell samrat, what she did, and how he would kill her.

The next morning, while Radha is watering the plants, samrat comes out, attending a business call, and she hides behind a pillar. samrat notices her in the rear view mirror, and turns around, and she ducks behind the pillar, while he keeps vieweing her in the rear view mirror. He thinks that Radha is herself watching him from hiding, and she would be attainable very easily. He turns back smilingly, and she gets flustered, embarassed at having been caught red handed. she ducks behind the pillar. samrat hollers at her, and she rushes inside. He self gloats about his own smartness, and wonders what urmi wants, when every other girl throws herself at him.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
ishaan, urmi and sushma and her husband are discussing about what happened at the station today and how samrat is so well planned in his conspiracy. urmi says that she has faith on god and the law, and he wont be saved. sushma says that she is very tensed, about samrat’s next attack. Urmi says that now he would think ten times before doing anything, as the inspector is already against him, and if he tries to act smart, the inspector woul nab him by the throat. Ishaan advises her not to invite trouble, and be extra cautious. Urmi says that he is infact doing this, for her, and that she is extremely apologetic for his condition due to her. he asks her not to do this, as she isnt to be blamed, and that he is doing this for himself. Sushma says that she too is tensed, that samrat is after him, as he is helping urmi. ishaan says that he knows that this is right. Mr. Tiwari asks them both to be extra careful. urmi wonders that they dont ever know till what low levels samrat’s minds have dropped to insinuate that she is carrying ishaan’s child. She thinks that ishaan is being implicated for no reason. ishaan takes leave, but sushma says that he wont go anywhere as there wont be anyone to take care of him in the hotel. urmi too insists, and then ishaan decides to stay back. shaurya gets extremely happy.

The next morning, ishaan and sushma talk about how hard urmi is working. ishaan offers help to urmi, to deliver the boxes, as she wont be able to recover so soon. ishaan insists, and then urmi finally gives, while he levaes to get his jacket and phone. sushma too asks urmi to take him along, as they would have to faith that she isnt alone. urmi complies.

Scene 4:
Location: In the multiplex
Urmi arrives and takes two boxes and decides to hold the lift, while ishaan offers to get the rest of the boxes. She reaches the lift, and presses it. As urmi holds cake packet in both hands and enters the lift, a hooded man too enter the lift, and she requests him to hold the door, as the person accompanying her would come inside too. But he doesnt pay heed, and urmi is shocked as the lift door almost closes. She asks how can he not listen to what she is saying, helpless herself due to held hands. She starts commenting that he could have atleast told her, if he couldnt wait, as she wouldnt have boarded the lift then. she asks him to press the button for the fourth floor. It is revealed that the person is actually samrat.

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