Friday Update on Lies of the heart 24 July 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 24 July 2020

urmi talks on the phone that she made a huge mistake, as she shouldnt have married ishaan.She says that she took a very wrong descision, that is haunting her now. gaurav hears this and is tensed. Ishaan comes and hears this and is shocked.

Ishaan recalls Urmi saying on phone that she made a mistake by marrying him. He sees her doing sindhoor. He goes inside and tells her there is no need to do drama by putting sindhoor and mangalstura. He talks coldly and says he’s not that type of husband who keeps his wife with him forcefully. Damini gets happy. Urmi says she accepts she made, but what did she say that he’s behaving like this with her. Before Ishaan could answer, Damini comes in and tells Urmi to give coffee to Anirudh. Urmi leaves. Damini tells Ishaan that she thought he would be happy after his marriage, but now she feels she shouldn’t have said yes for marriage as he seems to be lost more nowadays. Ishaan doesn’t say anything.

Urmi gives coffee to Anirudh. He sees her upset and asks what’s the matter. Urmi tells him about Ishaan’s odd behavior. He says he also noticed there’s something wrong and encourages her to sort it out before it’s too late. Urmi says she tried a lot. He asks her to try harder and Holi is coming too. He is sure their problems will sort out in Holi.

Ishaan meets Gaurav at a cafe. Gaurav asks him where he is these days. He’s lost after marriage. And now they are relatives, they don’t have to meet in a cafe. Ishaan is in serious mood. He says he came to talk about Urmi. She is not happy with this marriage and she’s free to leave him. Gaurav asks what’s the matter. Ishaan tells him about her phone conversation with him. Gaurav clears his misunderstanding that she’s bothered by Samrat, not marriage with Ishaan. She meant she shouldn’t have married Ishaan as Samrat is bothering him and his family too now. Ishaan is still not convinced. He says he thought he would keep Urmi happy after marriage, but Urmi is not happy. Gaurav asks him to give some time to Urmi.


All play holi in much fun and frolic. But ishaan stands in one corner. sandhya and damini come, and watch ishaan in one corner. She asks him to cheer himself up for today. sandhya continues to taunt and instigate ishaan, along with damini. But ishaan asks sandhya to steer away from his personal life with urmi. Ujala comes and tells him that Sanaya is searching for her. He goes to look for her. She teases him that its not just him in love, its urmi too, and its just a matter of time, before he realises it. he wards it off.

Inside, urmi talks to ishaan’s pic, that today she has decided that today the first colour she shall have from him, and the vice versa, and after that she shal confess everything too, that she loves him very much, and then everything would be fine. She is super excited. In the corridor, damini and sandhya are super tensed that maybe things actually work out for the new couple, urmi and ishaan. Anirudh too comes and says that he hopes to god, urmi and ishan shall resolve all diferences and be on today. Damini eyes them going tensedly.

Holi puja begins. Urmi hopes to do puja with Ishaan and burn all their bitterness in fire. She imagines her and Ishaan doing puja happily. Ishaan comes there with Sanaya, keeping their hands in each other arms. All are confused while Damini loves it. Ishaan talks with guests. Sanaya goes and meets Urmi. She says she was excited to see Holi, so came with Ishaan. Urmi says good she came. Sanaya then says she will go and do puja with Ishaan as Urmi must have done it. She doesn’t let Urmi say anything and goes to Ishaan.

Ishaan tells her he will do later, but she takes him forcefully. Urmi looks away. Ishaan thinks Urmi doesn’t care at all. It’s their first Holi and she is not interested. Damini is pleased seeing Ishaan and Sanaya together. Sandhya asks her if she did this or destiny did. Damini doesn’t answer directly. Anirudh sees Ishaan with Sanaya and goes to Urmi. He wants to talk to Ishaan, but Urmi stops him and says she will talk later. Sandhya tells Damini she will have to do something to get Anirudh out of Urmi’s trap. Damini says once she gets Ishaan out of the trap, all will come out. Urmi can’t see Ishaan with Sanaya and leaves.

She cries alone. Sanaya comes there and asks why she’s crying. Urmi says she didn’t expect this from her. Sanaya asks what she did.. why she’s talking like this. Urmi says she was waiting for Ishaan and she came and started doing puja. This is her first Holi with Ishaan and thought to do puja with Ishaan. She questions Sanaya why she did puja with Ishaan. Sanaya asks her why she was waiting? And what does it matter if she does puja or Urmi? Urmi is shocked.

Sanaya further says she’s also Ishaan’s friend like Urmi. There is no difference. Urmi says they are husband and wife and she has right on Ishaan. Sanaya says that Urmi only said there is no relationship like husband and wife between them. And when she doesn’t love him, then why she’s getting all serious? Urmi has nothing to say. Sanaya then says and no one had problem either nor anyone felt bad. Urmi says, she doesn’t know about others, but she felt very bad. Sanaya asks why? Like how Ishaan is Urmi’s, he’s hers too. Urmi gets angry and tells her enough.

Ishaan’s residence
Urmi is shocked by sanay’s betrayal, but her constant provocations that she is just a friend, and hence shouldnt mind her closeness to ishaan at all makes urmi finally break and confess out her undying and unending love for ishaan. Sanaya says that she was aiming fo this all alopng, where a little jealousy would make urmi accept the truth, and stop her from fighting it for herself. rai comes and tries to put colour on her, but she shylu says that she shall play with ishaan first. Finally, ishaan comes down and wishes everyone. Rati then asks him to put colour on urmi, so that they too can play.

Ishaan ignores and asks them all to come along. He says that he shall go out. rati expresses urmi’s request and asks ishaan to finish up their work soon, but he again moves along with others. urmi calls out to her, but he leaves with the men. sandhya and damini come to her and taunt her, while she says that ishaan shall put on the first colour, come what may. they both leave. Gaurav comes and tells urmi, that ishaan has tried a lot to keep her happy, and if they find one, they shouldnt let him go, and he only wants them both to be together and asks them not to be upset due to her past. She tries to give her opinion. he asks her to keep samrat out of the question. she asks him not to bother, and is sure that she shall rectify everything.

Inside, when sanaya finds urmi busy in serving food and swearing that the first holi shall be only intentionally hurts urmi, by saying that ishaan is playing outside. urmi asks what does she mean, and if she doesnt believe what she said. sanaya asks her to go andf checkout herself.

Ishaan’s residence
Instigated by sanaya’s words, urmi hurriedly walks out and finds him mingling with guests. She thinks that sanaya was right. urmi turns him around angrily, saying that she is waiting and he got himself coloured. But then is shocked to find him without any colour. the friends tease them, while she is boggled, and eyes him. His friends give them privacy. she shyly smiles and then looks at him. She takes colours, and then smears it across Ishaan’s face, while he eyes her curtly, and tensedly. she shyly turns away giving her cheek in front of him. but he shoves the plate aside and leaves. urmi is hur and disappointed. But then, asha distracts her, while she sees him mixing with gaurav. asha finds that urmi is sad as ishaan didnt put colour on him.

She asks urmi to go and get her work done. urmi eyes ishaan and gaurav, and then an idea comes to her mind. she progresses towards them, with the plate and stands behind him. She calls out to him, and extends the plate of colours out to him, while gaurav watches them. he nudges ishaan to put the colours. gaurav attends to other people. he asks her to go ahead and play, and leave him, as this isnt needed. urmi feels dejected. She says that he too doesnt need to be so rude. sandhya and damini enjoy this, that finally ishaan showed urmi her worth. urmi’s eyes are full of tears, as she sits disappointed. Urmi finds that its her cheeks are smeared by colour from behind, by someone. She turns around to find that its ishaan. She is too happy, while he asks if she is happy now, and then asks why is she doing this and why is this required. he asks if she thinks that she can get away with anything, and say anything downtrodden to her, and he wont be affected.

He says that she has said so many things, then what does it matter, if he plays with her or not. She says that it doesnt matter as she is guilty of what she did, and apologises profusely. she says that she has something important to say to him, and asks if he would like to come along. he asks her to do so here only. She is tensed, and says that she cant do this, in front of so many people.he asks her to do it right in front of everyone or else let be. She eyes him tensedly. he leaves. she says that so be it, and today she shall confess her love for him, in front of all those people. Just then, the band starts playing. All the crowd including urmi turns to look at him. While ishaan is in the ground, looking around finding everyone merry and having fun, he is oblivious that someone is appraching makiing his way through the crowd. It turns out to be samrat and tani, while all are shocked and shaurya is shocked. urmi is reminded of samrat’s threats, that he would return back before holi. samrat wishes everyone a happy holi, amused at the worry and tension, on ishaan, urmi and anirudh’s face, along with urmi’s maternal family.

Ishaan ignores samrat and then turns to tani, and they wish each other a happy holi. samrat turns to anirudh, and he resignedly complies to the festive rituals with samrat, who enjoys every moment. Anirudh asks tani if all is well with her. She ensures. samrat then goes to damini, and they too both wish each other. urmi stands angrily. tani asks if they arent happy to see her and samrat. but damini says that she is very happy, and doesnt leave the chance to taunt Sandhya at that. Anirudh however stands for urmi, saying that the family should be together, irrespective of the place. He says that they have invited gaurav and asha, and if urmi had gone, their holi would have been incomplete. gaurav and asha are happy. ishaan too says that its right. Shaurya is very angry. samrat says that today he shall also colour ishaan and urmi too. damini complies. Samrat taunts ishaan and smears colour across him, saying that he would play holi with him, come what may, whether he likes it or not. before ishaan gets angry, rati takes him away. samrat comes and taunts urmi too, and tries to put colour, but she stops him twice, angrily denying hom permission.

samrat says that he has legal rights, and if she doesnt like, who will he play holi with. he reminds her of his threat to her, when he went. Shaurya is super angry. Samrat tells urmi that he shall promise another one now that from now every colour of hers shall be colourless, and throws a dash of colours at her, while she is taken off guard and lashes at him angrily. urmi tries to hspeak, but tani tries to come to his defense. But samrat stops her from talking. Urmi asks tani whats the matter. Samrat doesnt let tani talk, and takes her away.

Ishaan’s residence
urmi is tensed, as gaurav asks whats samrat doing here. she says that she too is thinking the same thing. he asks urmi to be aware as samrat can only mean harm. She complies. Urmi finds shaurya standing scared, and hurriedly goes to assure him that she is right here, and nothing would happen to him, and asks him not to be scared. ishaan too come by his side, and assures that with his mother and father together, noone can harm them. Shaurya leaves happily. urmi tries to talk to ishaan, but he walks off. she is tensed.

Just then, samrat breaks into song and dance, much to everyone’s surprise. All enjoy, while urmi, ishaan, gaurav and anirudh are tensed as they are extremely uncomfortable. samrat insistently pulls pranks intentionally on urmi and ishaan, irking them, in his dance. samrat goes to sanaya and intentionally starts leeringly commenting on their time together. she is furious and angry.

He proposes her that they can be friends with benefits, and sanaya walks off angrily from there. meanwhile, Urmi comes beside ishaan, while he stands tensed, looking away. asha meanwhile is angry at gaurav for not wanting to come here, having seen samrat. he gets a call and cheers up, and asha assumes that its his secretary. asha goes to cheeku, and asks him to eavesdrop on his father’s conversation, and bribes him too. He goes to gaurav and comes back saying that gaurav was thanking someone many a times. Asha is terribly tensed as to what to do now.

Sanaya comes to urmi and asks if she laid her heart out to ishaan yet. urmi eyes ishaan mingling with the guests and expresses his wish to sanaya, about saying it in front of everyone, and how she didnt get the chance. Sanaya says that its a brilliant idea as by doing so, urmi shall be able to win over ishaan’s renewed trust and faith.

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