Friday Update on Lies of the heart 24 April 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 24 April 2020

Samrat’s and annu’s residence
Annu tells urmi how granny isnt eating anything. urmi asks granny about it. Granny instead makes her sit down, and asks whats she hearing. Granny asks about shaurya’s absence, her lying to her family and then staying back too. urmi asks them not to be tensed. saroj asks why are they being kjept in hiding. Anu says that definitely she must be in some problem. urmi says that today, for a change, she is finding a way out. they are surprised. urmi says that they would be told when the right time comes. saroj is still concerned, but urmi says that nothing can go wrong this time around, as tauji is with him. they are all relieved.

Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 23 April 2020

meanwhile, tauji comes and says that he got his wife now. Samrat asks where is she, and in waltzes a girl, readily available kind of. they are all shocked to see her. In her own illiterate style, she wishes them. samrat asks if he is okay. Tauji complies. Samrat asks who is this and where is urmi. tauji shows that girl only. They are all boggled. kanchan asks if his eyes and brain are okay. he says that all are fine, as they cant even reach his thinking, and hence asks them not to bother. samrat asks whats all this. tauji says that he got what he had said, that he would get his wife and that this is urmi. Tauji gets that girl inside and tells samrat that she would be his wife for the evening, for the party. Samrat is stunned while all are shocked to see her. tauji asks the lady to touch everyone’s feet, and introduces her to all family members. as she begins to do in her cheap style, diwaker is shocked. amrit thinks that samrat got a taste of his own medicine. She then moves to samrat’s father, who’s filled with disgust. She moves onto shashi, who complies but is warded off by kanchan.

She then moves to amrit, and aditi is irritated, while amrit is shocked. She then introduces samrat, as her husband. she eyes him lustily liking what she sees, while samrat is uncomfortable. she starts passing a hint at him and he is shocked and irritated. tauji instructs her to be genuine in her feelings. She complies, and then caressing him, much to everyone’s horror, she flrits around with, while he gets irritated. They are all boggled. samrat goes to tauji and asks who’s this girl and tauji continuously tells him that he is urmi. samrat gets frustrated.

tauji says that he wanted a wife and he got one. he asks samrat what did he want, that tauji went and bowed down to urmi, that her husband needs her, and hence she would have been overconfident and samrat would have lost infront of urmi. he says that samrat needs urmi just for the evening, and he arranged one to play the role, while killing two birds with one stone. shashi likes it. Samrat begins to understand. Samrat’s father reprimands tauji for getting a hired wife, for this. samrat asks him to talk to tauji respectfully. tauji says that sometime desperate measures are required. diwaker too doesnt approve of it. samrat’s father says that if they wanted urmi so bad, all it would have taken was a phone call, as she is samrat’s wife after all.

Shashi asks who would have said, as they wont bow down to her. she says that tauji is correct. aditi asks how can she approve of this, as this is injustice and urmi would be distraught. shashi and samrat say that urmi should know her stature in the family. Diwaker too asks how can he even think that this is the solution. samrat shamelessly agrees, and compliments tauji for thinking such a unique solution. aditi says that this isnt right, but amrit shuts her down asking her not to advise. the lady comes in saying that whatever they need to, they have to decide fast, and not waste their time. tauji says thats he has already been paid, and should just stand there mute.

samrat’s father wonders what hell he is in. samrat defiantly says that this is right and just a medium to get to the destination. samrat asks tauji if she would be able to manage everything properly, along with mannerisms. samrat is shocked when he finds that she is cheap and mannerless. tauji asks him not to be tensed, as she has been well taught, and would win everyone over. samrat isnt very convinced but keeps faith on tauji, and finalises that she shall play urmi for tonight. Samrat’s father asks him to stop at something as he doesnt even realises what he is saying.

Samrat’s father raises a question on how the children wont recognise this lady as their mother, and would he lie to the children too, and then give it all away. Samrat asks shashi to stay in the room and feed and keep them in the rooms closed, so that they dont come out, during the client’s stay in the house. shashi is frustarted but has no option but to say yes. Kanchan is amused. Shashi asks if she wont stay at the party, as she got all dressed up. samrat says that she isnt needed. shashi resignedly agrees.

Samrat’s father says that if he has made up his mind, he wont be a part of his facade. Samrat asks him to go inside and stay there. He says that he doesnt expect help from anyone, but his descision shall remain final. he asks the ladies to get her to dress up like his wife and train her nicely. Shashi asks her name, and she replies urmi. Shashi asks the real name, and she says that its paro, identifying it as devdas’s paro. they take her inside to get her ready. tauji thinks that today would be a night to watch. He thinks that today samrat, who thinks everything is a game, shall see how the game unravels by the evening.

Samrat’s and annu’s residence
The clients start complimenting the quality of the food prepared, and in particular on the mustard fish, that they loved and asks Samrat’s wife, about its recipe. They sre surprised at her complete illiterate accent. Samrat is tensed that she would spoil everything if she opens her mouth. He starts to initiate business conversation, but she shuts him down. she starts ranting on incoherently while samrat is super irritated, kanchan is horrified, tauji is super amused. samrat is horrified while the clients start pointing out problems between her recipes and the actual food prepared. samrat tries to salvage saying that she is very secretive of her recipes. aditi too joins in with samrat’s lies, while kanchan and aditi are barely able to control their amusement. the client say that still they shouldnt have lied, and take it on their ego, that there is no trust factor involved, then how can they go ahead with their business deal. samrat apologises proufusely and asking her not to let this come in the way, he asks them to enjoy dinner. kanchan in a bid to save face, tells them that this dish has been made by his mother, and hence they dont know the recipe. Samrat apologises yet again, after kanchan realises her mistake, and asks them to enjoy food. One of the ladfies asks about his mother. Samrat says that his parents are sleeping, due to old age, and having troubles.

In the room, shashi has a hard time managing the two kids in the room. Mandira runs around with a file, while shashi finally manages to catch her, and tell her how improtant the file is. Mandira gives in, while the children think of a new way. they continue to drive her crazy. shaurya finally gets angry and wants his own way, while shashi continues on her rant. He starts throwing pillows on the floor, while mandira is giggling. they say that they are bored, and want to go out. shashi tells them that this wont happen. She starts cursing urmi. she tries to put on the TV, but they dont relent. she finds them concocting some plan, and is tensed. mandira says that if she wants that they dont go down, she should lt them do her makeup. They threatent and coax her into getting her makeup done. The kids are overjoyed.

Urmi calls up and asks tauji if everything is okay. He says that everything is going fantastic. urmi is super pleased. tauji tells her about the game being played currently. He asks her not to worry, as he would give her the entire commentary. she asks about shaurya, and is relieved when is told that shashi is handling them. She cancels the phoen and thinks that she never wanted to put samrat in this situation, but he didnt leave any other option, and forced her to do this. tauji comes to find the evening progressing, and discussing about Punjabi and North indian cuisine. tauji thinks that the atmosphere is too silent, and hence some disturbance is inevitable.

Urmi asks granny to eat something or else she would go the hospital. granny continues with her rant of not eating till; gaurav says yes. urmi advises gaurav to say yes, if all are okay with it, and he lieks the girl too. Gaurav is irritated. granny is super happy when finally he says that he is ready to get married. Granny confirms that he wont refuse later. He assures her and then asks her to eat first. granny thanks the lord, for putting sense into gaurav and tells gaurav that she is very happy to see this. urmi smiles happily.

In the kitchen, paro is gorging on food, while all other ladies are busy with the work, and get all the more irritated when paro compliments them on their cooking. she finds tauji staring at her, and signalling her to do what she came here to do. she complies and inches closer to samrat, whiuule tauji watches intently. While everyone is discussing business prospects over dinner, paro comes and sits by samrat’s arm of the chair.

The guests are highly embarassed and uncomfortable, while she is caressing and then unexpectedly kisses him on the cheeks, shocking and frustrating him, while all others are shocked out of their wits, with his family being embarrassed too. As the lady continues to get closer and clings to samrat, the clients say that they thought Indian isnt as advanced when it comes to public display of affection, but they find that they were sadly mistaken, as that isnt the case here evidently. Samrat tells urmi to go to the kitchen to arrange for dessert, while she is insistent to stay here only. saamrat is embarassed while his family members are flustered not knowing what to do now. She says that our country is too ahead too, and that there’s too much of development, be it in terms of corruption or manhandling.

Samrat is shocked that he is ruining his entire evening and relationship with the clients. tauji watches amused, while all other family members are tensed. amrit and samrat try hard to salvage the sitaution but not much to help. The clients say that they didnt like it, as they wanted to finalise the deal with him and collaborate, due to the country’s culture, heritage and moral values and transcrossing it across borders, but evidently it doesnt seem to come across. the lady again says that she would go along with them, while al are shocked at her illiterate etiquettes and lack of mannerisms.

Meanwhile, in their room, Mandira and Shaurya paint shashi’s face completely and have fun with it, while shashi gets impatient to open her eyes. They continue to worsen her face. Shashi finally opens her eyes, to their permission, and is told that she looks very beautiful today. mandira compliments. shashi wishes to see the mirror. But they dont let continuing with their compliments. they then ask for her hairstyling and she resignedly agrees.

Downstairs, samarth asks samrat’s and urmi’s help to play by his side, when he plays the cricket match tomorrow against raj and his team, to fight for the love of his life. samrat instanslt vouches that he would be there along with urmi. urmi listens intently. Later, urmi tells tauji that she doesnt want to support Samarth but raj, as love isnt a right but should come out of the instincts of the heart. Tauji says that a man should respect his opinion and that she should support only who she feels instinctively. urmi listens intently.

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