Friday Update on Lies of the heart 19 June 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 19 June 2020

On the road and samrat’s residence
Urmi runs vehemently on the road, crying out shaurya’s name, but is unable to find him. she is distraught, as she continues to ask about him, from the people on the road. She starts hallcunating others’ kids as shaurya, and is shocked and apalled, not knowing what to do. Finally, she finds shaurya, crying on the road, and screams out to him. he too is happy to see her, and they both rush to each other, for a happy reunion. Urmi hugs shaurya tightly, kissing him hurriedly. she asks where had he gone. he says that he was coming to meet her, but got lost. She apologises as she didnt know that he was coming to meet her, or else she would have waited for him. He says that he was missing her. She says that she was missing him too, and hence she came. He asks her to take him with her. she eyes him overwhelmed with emotions and nods her head in a yes. she happily hugs him.

Meanwhile, samrat is super angry at his family, and asks shashi where is shaurya. she denies having any knowledge of it. Samrat hollers at her, and she is tensed. All the other members are tensed too. Samrat threatens her that he would teach her a lesson, if shaurya isnt found. kanchan points out that she was so busy immersed in his play, that she didnt have the time to look for his son. They are all tensed, while samrat hopes that shaurya isnt kidnapped. As shashi is tensed about the ransom money involved then, samrat asks her to stay shut.

Aditi comes to her room, tensed to tell amrit what happened, and asks him to get lost, as if samrat finds him, he wouldnt be alive. he tries to flee, but due to the fear of being observed, aditi hides him in the almirah. Diwaker asks mandira nicely where is shaurya. shashi too angrily asks her. Samrat finds mandira very scared and asks her where is shaurya or if she has any knowledge where he might be. Mandira is scared. Devi asks him not to be strict on the little girl. kanchan asks them to calm down and asks mandira calmly if she has any knowledge. Rudra asks her too calmly, that she should tell whatever she knows, as all are tensed for shaurya, and that they wont do anything to her. They all wait for her response.

Annu’s residence
Annu comes to her room, and remembers her talk with tanya and decides to look at her birthday pics. She is excited. As she views the pics, she posts a comment, on the beautiful pics, and then hinks that she just saw Ishaan in one of the pics. When she confirms it, she is overjoyed to have finally found him, and is seventh heaven. Granny comes and gives her a Kajal, that she herself made, saying that this has special powers. Just then, aryan’s cousins come in to invite them for aryan’s birthday party and also promote the new show. They happily agree. Granny leaves asking her to come soon for dinner and she agrees, but makes her mind to call tanya first asking about rehaan.

Sushma’s residence
Sushma is overjoyed to find them both together, as urmi and shaurya have a nice mother-son time, when she feeds him. Sushma and her husband start commenting on shaurya’s oversmartness. Shaurya refuses to eat Tiwary Ji’s handmade snacks, and as they start playing, urmi overhwelmingly eyes him. Tiwary Ji gifts him a pistol, and when he points it to sushma, she asks him to shiw it instead to Samrat. urmi gets tensed. tiwary distracts the topic, and takes him outside to burn firecrackers. Shaurya vsays that now she is there with him, and he wont be scared.

The entire family spends Diwali together, singing and dancing, in the festive spirit. As all are busy to burn crackers, shaurya is scared to see someone, and hides behind urmi. She thinks he is scared of crackers and asks him not to be. When he continues to be scared, she looks at the direction in which shaurya is staring. Urmi turns in that direction, and is shocked to find samrat standing there. Sushma and her husband are tensed too.

Sushma’s residence
Samrat angrily walks upto them, and forcible snatches shaurya away from her. She desperately tries to cling on to him. He jerks her away and throws her on the ground, hitting her in the stomach. Sushma starts reprimanding, and he shuts them both too. urmi clutches at her stomach. samrat says that his tolerance is over now, as he tried to get her back, but says that today he breaks off all ties, and says that she can die for all he cares, but his son shall stay with him only. Shaurya tries to get free from samrat’s grasp, but samrat gags him, by keeping a hand on his mouth. urmi asks whats this nonsense and asks him to stop. Samrat says that now even if she begs for him to take her back, he wont even give it a second thought. He says that shaurya is samrat’s son, and if she wanted him, she should have agreed to be his wife, but now that she doesnt, he would have to think again. He says that now that way is under consideration too. He storms ahead. urmi is shocked. As samrat forcibly carries shaurya in his arms, while he cries vehemently, and is about to step in his car, he is shocked, to find himself being hollered at by urmi. He turns around tensedly, as urmi comes upto him. Sushma and her husband are tensed too. urmi asks him to listen carefully, that she is nomore living in his shadows and his name, and that she wont at any cost, be associated with his name ever again. She says that shaurya maybe his son too, but he is her life, and she wont let that be given to any other person, at any cost. All are shocked at her agitation. She says that she would see to it, that her son belongs and remains to her. She says that his hollow life apart, she would see to it that his life is ruined. she says that he tried the limits of her patience, but not anymore, and that he considered himself a great man, and she a helpless woman, but now she shall understand the ferocity of a woman, and she shall do this too, and she would see to it that she has her son, and he is ruined. he smiles at her sarcastically, saying that if its a challenge, then he accepts the challenge, and he shall wait to see how she gets shaurya, and even if she dies, he wont let shaurya perform her final rites, and thats his promise to her. Shaurya is shocked. samrat turns around, while shaurya desperately calls out to her, and expresses that he doesnt want to go. urmi asks shaurya not to be scared as urmi is with him, and very soon she shall come to him, and take him forever with her, and asks him to neither be scared nor be tensed. She says that his mother shall definitely come to him. Samrat storms out in his car.

Later, urmi remembers samrat’s stinging words. sushma comes to her, and says that all shall be fine. Urmi complies. sushma asks her if she”s pregnant. She looks up shockingly. sushma says that she guessed it, and knows many things due to her experience. urmi says that she hasnt disclosed this, and herself got to know sometime back, that she is in the first trimester. susham asks her to think before bringfing the child in this world, about samrat. urmi says that she knows, but she wont be able to separate the child from herself. Sushma says that its a difficult choice, but if she decided, she would always be by her side. But even then as a precautionary measure, sushma asks her to show herself to the doctor, given the way she was given a push by him. But urmi assures her that she is fine, and is more concerned for shaurya, who must be psychologically very upset.

 Annu’s residence
Annu calls tanya, and asks straightaway about ishaani, while she doesnt recognise. Anu decides to send the pic, and complies. When annu excitedly talks about Ishaan, tanya says that she doesnt know this person. Anu asks her to bring som info about this ishaan and she complies. anu is very happy.

 Samrat’s and sushma’s residence

All are tensed at samrat and shaurya’s disappearance, while diwaker asks kanchan to call up samrat and find oujt, but she is hesitant, fearing his temperament. Just then, shaurya’s cries get them tensed. Samrat walks in with shaurya, desperately trying to get free. Rudra asks if this is any way to treat the child. shaurya continues to cry, aditi rushes to him. Samrat says that shaurya deserves this. shashi says that he must have been with the mother. Samrat accuses that urmi stole him. Samrat tells them shaurya, willingly or unwillingly shall stay here only, and if he manages to run away yet again, he would teach them all a lesson. Shaurya stands and says that he doesnt want to stay here but wants to go back. samrat hits him tightly across his face. aditi asks him whats the matter, and whats he doing. samrat asks her to make him understand that he would have to stay here only, and forget all about the awful woman, he calls a mother. rudra is apalled to see this. samrat blames shashi for this, and if this is repeated, she would be out too. Shashi is tensed.

As aditi tries to calm down shaurya, in the room, she gets urmi’s call. Shaurya instantly takes it from her. Aditi closes the door, while shaurya continues to plead and beg urmi to come back, while urmi is overwhelmed. Shaurya tries to tell urmi that samrat slapped him today, but aditi makes him stop, adding that this just might upset his mother all the more. urmi urgently asks him what samrat did. He lies that he got scolded very badly. urmi assures him that she would come very soon and take him away, and asks him not to cry, as she feels very bad, and then she would start crying too. urmi promises him that she would never send him back there, and would always keep him close to herself. she asks him to put the phone down, asking him to tell aditi whenever he wants to talk to her. She calms him down and then cancels the call. Sushma composes urmi, and asks if she would be able to keep her promise to shaiurya. urmi says that she doesnt know, but knows this, that she would do anything get her son back forever from that hell.

The next morning, rudra tells samrat that this situation wont continue for long. samrat says that it would have to be, and that he has decided of another way out, and that kanchan’s village sister, who was to come here, should be called, as she would be a Nanny to shaurya. Shashi is super happy. samrat asks her to serve breakfast then.

The lawyer’s office
Urmi tells him that she needs the son at any cost, when even the child didnt want to go. The lawyer asks if they are separated. She complies. He asks the duration, and she replies that itsd a matter of one and a half months. He says that they should solve it then, amongst themselves, and not drag the little child in between their marital strife. The lawyer says that every wife does this, and then loves their husband from the inside, and that she should do the same too and go back to her husband, for the sake of her child. the lawyer asks her if she is ready then, and if she has taken the permission from her parents. She asks whats his problem, and if he really doesnt have a solution, then they wouldnt waste both of their times. he asks her to sit down, as he was just testing if she is adamant and fixed on her resolve, as he has a solution for her. she asks him to spill it out. He tells her that if she wants to terminate the marriage, then she would have to officially divorce samrat and thereafter plead custody for the child. urmi is stunned. The lawyer tells her that she would have to live the life of a divorcee, for the sake of her child, and asks her if she is ready for a divorce. urmi is shocked and stunned.

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