Friday Update on Lies of the heart 15 May 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 15 May 2020

Everyone wishes Urmi a happy birthday and she’s surprised and very happy. She says so everyone didn’t wish her purposely and she thought they forgot her birthday. Samrat’s bro says they all were acting and did a good job. Shaurya and Mandira come and wish her a happy birthday. She kisses them. Urmi’s friends come and she gets even more surprised. Samrat keeps looking at her and smiles. She goes to her dad and thanks him, but he says all was planned by Samrat, they just followed his instructions. Urmi’s smile disappears in shock. Her dad turns her to Samrat and tells her to thank him. Samrat wishes her a very happy birthday. She thanks and asks what was the need for all this. He says he didn’t know any other way to bring smile back on her face and this isn’t over yet. Many surprises are still left. Urmi’s friends tell her that she’s so lucky to have such husband. He calls someone in and it’s Urmi’s dance teacher. Urmi takes blessings from her. Samrat tells her it’s her day, he called all close people to her so she can meet them and celebrate her birthday with them. Shashi can’t believe it. Samrat asks her not to ask anything more and just enjoy. Shaurya and Mandira take Urmi to cut the cake. Amrit tells Samrat what a party he has arranged. He tells everyone to enjoy and then says in his mind what happened to Samrat that he’s doing this much for Urmi. He can enjoy as much as he wants, soon he’s going to get biggest shock of his life.

Tauji comes to Samrat and tells him very good. Not only him, everyone now knows that Samrat knows how to love and how to express it. He tells him to keep it up. Shashi wonders what black magic Urmi has done on Samrat. Samrat’s dad sees her staring at Urmi and taunts her. She leaves.

Asha is talking to some guests. Dadi comes to her and warns her not to do anything silly.

Urmi blows the candle and cuts the cake. She gives first piece to Shaurya. Samrat asks him to give the card. Shaurya wishes her a happy birthday and gives the card. Urmi gets happy and emotional seeing it. She thanks and kisses him. He asks her to feed cake to Samrat too. She doesn’t have any option and gives second piece to Samrat. Before Samrat feeds her, she turns away her face, but Shaurya asks Samrat to give cake to Urmi too. Everyone says you can’t ignore kids. Samrat feeds the cake to Urmi and wishes her birthday again. Urmi then gives cake to others. Shashi doesn’t eat saying she doesn’t like sweets. Samrat calls everyone for a family photograph.

Urmi’s mum is with Shaurya. Asha comes and asks when dance will start, but Urmi’s bhabhi takes her away. Asha sees Dadi is busy and she then calls Gaurav to her. Tauji tells Samrat’s dad that Gaurav is also bothered by his wife like him. They laugh. Asha asks Gaurav when dance will start? She’s waiting. Gaurav says there is no dance and leaves. She thinks he also got irritated waiting for dance to start.

Samrat sees Anu alone in a bad mood and goes to her. He asks her she thinks all this is drama, right? He’s doing all this for some purpose. He gives her credits for showing him mirror. When all were afraid of him, she had courage to speak up. He took decisions for others and he’s paying for it today. When he’s doing something good, no one believes him. It’s his mistake and he’ll rectify it. Maybe God did all this to him, so he opens his eyes. He did very bad with her sister, gave her pain all these years and he realizes his mistake. He understands what he lost because of his ego. She might not believe him today, but one day she will. Anu gets thoughtful. He leaves.

Asha comes to Samrat and asks if there won’t be any dance in his party? Her and Gaurav dance is needed for this party. Samrat asks her, meaning? Dadi comes there and tells her that Saroj is calling her. She leaves. Samrat asks her what dance she does? Dadi says just like that.

Later, Samrat calls everyone for dance. Asha wonders all those elderly people will dance as well? Samrat says everyone will dance in pairs like Asha and Gaurav. He invites Asha. Asha pulls Gaurav. Tere Naina song plays… Urmi laughs seeing Asha dancing. Samrat smiles looking at her. She also looks at him.

Samrat’s residence
Urmi’s friends tease her as to what samrat has gifted her on her birthday. Shashi butts in saying that he has already given her so much, and that she doesnt lack anything, so she doesnt really need a gift. samrat defiantly tells shashi that she is absolutely right as urmi has everything that she needs. urmi gets tensed. he then adds that therefore he would give her somethingf today that only a true lover can give. He smiles as all look at him confused and baffled, while urmi watches nonchalantly. He extends his hand and calls out to urmi. She complies resignedly. The lights go dim, while focussing on both of them, and samrat tells her that he has only given her pain so far, and has made many mistakes, and she has always been resilient, and just wanted to give their relation a second chance and knows that he made her life hell, but today he realises it and knows whats her importance in his life, and that he is nothing without her, and thye mere thought of her leaving him, changed his life and turned it upside down. He apologises profusely, as he wont be able to bear all this, her anger, and demands for one more chance in which she wont ever get a chance to complain again. She starts crying while he desperately asks if he would be forgiven. She nods her head in a yes. and he is relieved. she smiels at him, and he too reciprocates. All get emotional and misty eyed, while shashi is tensed. Everyone clap for samrat’s gesture. urmi eyes samrat’s face happily, tears striking down her face, that she finally found happiness in her matrimony.

Later, shashi thinks that samrat has gone insane, and expresses horror at what samrat did. tauji says that she is jealous and hence thinking like this, and asks why is she so envious of urmi. Rudra and tauji amuse her, while shashi thinks that he is trapped by a spirit. tauji says that its a wonderful one if there is. all smile. aditi says that all is happy and fine. Shashi says that urmi got samrat hypnotised. aditi and others ask her to stop thiknking negative and be happy for urmi and samrat. she is still tensed.

While urmi is working in the room, samrat calls her and asks if she has nothing to say to him. she denies. He says that he knows that he has pained and troubled her a lot. He asks that for his sake, she should forgive him, and forget everything and move on. He pleads and asks her not to stay angry at him anymore, and beat him if she so wants. She starts crying and hugs him tightly, while he too comforts and caresses her, saying that he doesnt want it anymore. he asks her to sto crying, as she wont ever have to anymore. He says that he wont let her cry ever again. Urmi eyes him emotionally. Shaurya comes in asking if she is crying and if he again hit her. They both get tensed. Samrat calls him and tells him that he wont ever do that mistake ever again. Shaurya smiles as samrat promises. Shaurya wipes the tears from urmi’s face that samrat wont ever do it again. urmi clutches at shaurya, who kisses her and samrat too. He says that he would sleep with them and they would tell him a story. Samrat teases urmi that he is fated for being tortured, and that that they would have to tell him a story.

The next morning, urmi happily prays to the goddess, thanking her for this new beginning. She says that she isnt able to believe that the hope that she had lost, she got it all back, and the dreams that she had thought wont ever fulfill, are finally coming true, and that samrat hasd changed and he not only realises his mistakes, but he loves her dearly too. urmi prays to the lord that everything is okay now and she has no complaints. she asks the goddess to keep them in her shelter.

urmi comes to his room, and smiles as she finds samrat sleeping, and starts syaing that she had woken him up, and persusts him to get up, as its late, and its time for his meds too. samrat opens his eyes, and finds her ranting incoherently, as she doesnt realise that he is already awake. as she begins to go, he takes her hand, and pulls her towards him, while she eyes him romantically. She tries to get up, but he doesnt let her. He caresses her, while she shivers and gasps in the touch. He draws her lips closer to his, while she is shy and embarassed.

Annu’s residence
All are shocked as annu comes back from the temple, and gives prashad to everyone. Anu says that she just went to the lord, to thank him for samrat’s changfe in attitude. she says that she had decided last night only. Greanny says that she always had this hope. saroj says that she did good and asks her to come along with asha to help her out in the kitchen. Devi leaves for the bank. asha says that she wont go, as she wont be able to work anymore now. saroj asks what happened. Asha says that in such condition she wont be able to work. granny asks what happened. asha says that she wont be able to, in her condition. saroj asks her to forget as she would do so herself. granny leaves, while saroj and anu go to work in the kitchen. Asha meanwhile is excited nd starts planning about their child, conceived in the last night, couple’s dance.

Samrat’s residence
As all come down at the breakfast table, amrit’s arrival and sitting at samrat’s place surprises them all. when aditi hints him about it, he says that samrat isnt here so whats the problem. Amrit starts hollering at the servants asking them to work properly as they would be fired if they dont do so. he starts behaving like samrat and orders and behaves impolitely with all of them. tauji senses that something is definitely wrong with amrit. Shashi is tensed at amrit’s reaction and angry departure. Shashi is confused that its been seven days that she got that ash from the peer baba, and still nothing has happened. Just then, they hear samrat screaming out urmi’s name, and shashi is happy thinking that the work is finally done. All others are tensed.

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