Friday Update on Lies of the heart 10 July 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 10 July 2020

samrat is impatiently waiting for sanaya, as she is late, wondering whether he got her back or not, and how his life is at stake, if he isnt able to repay back the money. He is super frustrated, when she doesnt show up. But he gets excited as he finds her coming. he is tensed to see that her mood doesnt seem quite okay. He pretends to be overexcited, asking what took her so long, as he was waiting for long. She asks him who told him to wait, and if he thought his cheap tricks would work for her. He thinks that this is a wrong answer and he got betrayed. She belittles him, saying that there are lines of lovers around her always, and that the madness that he is doing for her, she never found it anywhere else.

samrat feels like he wont the game at the lost move. he is shocked and asks what does she mean. she reaffirms that she has fallen for him, and he is relieved and in his overwhelming nature he hugs her saying that he saved her. When she asks what does he mean, he says that he would have committed suicide, had she said no. He thinks that he should now hasten the marriage too. She asks whats he thinking. He asks if she likes children, and she says that she does.

He is excited and he shouts from the rooftop, to all the guests, that he loves her, and wants to marry her. He presents her a beautiful ring, anmd kneels down on one knee, proposing to her. She says that she too wants to marry him very soon. he makes her wear the ring, saying that they are destined for each other. Theyu all slap, while she is in the wave of a whirlwind romance with him. She says that she is so happy, and thanks him for coming in her life. He thinks that he should thank her for coming in his life, as now he too would be rich.

Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan plans his proposal arrangements, for urmi, and sandhya overhears all this. As he says all this, he says that urmi should know from the arrangements that its for her, that he has planned all this. He expresses his excitement while she thinks that she shall give Damini this shock. She thinks that she came at the right time, and she would have to do something about this.

Late in the night, damini and anirudh are asleep, when the phone rings. He wakes up tensedly, wondering who called. He receives the call and is shocked.

Police station
Anirudh is mortified and embarassed, as the inspector gives him a huge lecture as to how he maybe a big tycoon industrially, but he is a highly irrsponsible father, and explains to him the severity of the situation, as tani wascaught in a drug and booze party, completely illegal. But tani is completely unfazed by what she did, and completely guiltless. she gets bored with this lecture. she tells her father that she didnt take drugs. the police warns him that he is leaving her just because she is his daughter, and the next time, she shall be charged on unbailable warrant. Anirudh apologises and thanks him, saying that there wont be a next time. he is super enraged, and drags her, out, asking her to be quiet.

Scene 4:
Location: The Blue Roof hotel
Sanaya tells everything about her love life with sam, to urmi, who is super amused. Urmi says that Sam doesnt let her think, and sanaya says that she likes this only. she says that his emotions are highly intense. urmi is amused. Sanaya continues gloating about what a wonderful man he is, and praises him galore. She is sure that urmi too shall love him, if she meets him. urmi asks her where’s sam, when she gets a message, and tells to urmi that he is on his way. urmi teases her that maybe she doesnt want her to meet. sanaya says that she has told sam that she wont marry till her best friend’s approval. Urmi continues to tease her. Urmi tells sanaya that she is very happy for her, as she has never seen her so happy. Shanaya glows in the glory of her new found love, and says that she hopes that urmi too would get someone, who makes her believe in love and marriage once again. urmi says that there’s no place for that, as shaurya is her whole life, and that there’s nothing beyond that. urmi asks her to call sam, to find out whats taking him so long. Sanaya asks her to wait for a while.

Meanwhile, samrat steps inside the restaurant, oblivious of urmi sitting with his latest flirt, hoping that he would pass this last exam, before he succeeds in his mission to marry her. He wonders who is this fast friend, who sanaya is talking about, as he would cut her every support system soon. He is sure that he would impress whoever this friend, of hers is. But he is shell shocked, to find that the friend, that sanaya wants him to meet, is urmi. he is dumbfounded at finding her here, and ironically yet again standing in the way of his success. He hides, thinking that sanaya is friends with urmi, and is disgusted with her fate. Sanaya meanwhile makes excuses that he must be stuck in traffic. While sanaya calls, urmi too gets a call, that some staff’s father has had an accident, and she would have to go. Sanaya is tensed, but urmi takes her leave, citing that her work is urgent. she agrees to meet some other day. they wish each other goodbye. sanaya sits down. urmi goes past. He hides behind the pillar, as urmi walks past busy on her phone, while he eyes her with hatred and mixed emotions.

Samrat hides, while urmi walks out, past him. samrat wonders what to do with urmi, as he has ruined everything and still has no respite, and that she is still on her rant to ruin him. As she leaves, he composes himself, and then leaves to meet sanaya. She is tensed and upset that her friend couldnt meet him. He gives the excuse of battery being out, and him being stuck in traffic jam, and she asks him not to bother, as she would make him meet her friend tomorrow. Samrat says that he would never let that tomorrow come, as before that, he would marry her, or else, this friend of hers, shall never pass him, but instead terribly fail him, and ruin his chance at becoming big.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Anirudh is super angry at tani for being so rash and careless, without any botheration for her father’s social status and image. tani however is unfazed. All are tensed. He blames it all on Damini, who got her introduced to such parties, and night club activities, which have destroyed his social image badly. He mentions about the drugs going on. Sandhya is shocked. Damini asks her, and tani refuses that she didnt take drugs. sandhya makes a mountain out of a molehill. Tani vehemently says that she didnt know there were drugs going on. ravi says that soon her company shall drag her into this awful addiction too. tani shuts her up, saying that she isnt immature. He says that her maturity was nicely reflected last night at the police station itself. Tani asks if she would even choose her friends with his permission. He orders yes. He taunts damini that she may not be affected, but he cant allow her or her daughter, to tarnish his image anymore. He says that this is his hosue, and till she stays here, she would have to abide by his rules. he angrily leaves. Damini tries to speak with her, but she walks out with attitude. damini is super frustrated, wondering where ishaan is.

Later, in her room. damini tries to clarify to Sandhya that tani hasnt taken drugs, and that if she is doing all this, then it isnt really her fault. Sandhya says that she made her understand before, that tani and ishaan are both going out of their control. She again brings up urmi’s topic, and damini is frustrated. She asks damini if urmi got to know about his girlfriend. damini says that she would find out and tell. sandhya says that urmi wont, but she shall find out and show her today too, and that she shall expose his girlfriend today. damini is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: urmi’s residence
As asha and gaurav wishes him the best of luck, ishaan stands super nervous, asking if urmi is ready. Asha says that since this is a special occassion, she would take time to get dressed. SAhe leaves to check on her. Gaurav teases ishaan if he feels nervous. He asks gaurav if he has ever proposed anyone. urmi comes out dressed normally. ishaan asks if she would go out like this. She says that his girlfriend is the one who should be conscious and dresses wonderfully, and not her, as he knows her and her dressing up wont change anything. He says that after he meets his girlfriend today, everything shall change. He says that she shall trust him more, as today is going to be the most important day of both their lives, and hence everything should be perfect. Urmi smiles. Asha asks if his girlfriend is that beautiful. ishaan says that she is immensely beautiful, and urmi doesnt stand anywhere, but teases her to go and atleast look presentable. She smiles and then leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: Beachside
Ishaan gets urmi to where he has made all arrangements, while she is flabbergasted at the breathtaking arrangement that he has made. she compliments him that this is wonderful and beautiful, and asks if he loves her so much, as she had no idea, and that she is so lucky. He asks if she liked it. she says that she loved it. He smiles. Then she teases him that he never even let her know about his secret love. He keeps overwhelmingly eyeing her, while she rants amused and smilingly. she says that she forgives him, as she would be meeting his girlfriend today. She eyes the sea wave, and longingly eyes them, and is delighted to be there. ishaan is restless. The music starts playing, and he asks her for a dance, insisting her, while she asks what if she comes. She complies nevertheless. they both dance on that beautiful romantic number. urmi asks him, where is his girlfriend. He shows her a room, saying thats where she is. she excitedly goes there, along with ishaan. Ishaan takes urmi to a place, which is full of mirrors around them. she is boggled, and asks about his girlfriend, and where is she, as she cant see her. He says that she is here only, while she says that she cant see her anywhere. he asks her to look closely, as from where they stand, he finds her everywhere. She is boggled and turns around to find her own reflections everywhere, in every mirror. Urmi is shocked, while ishaan says that it is indeed her and only her. She is dumbfounded. He says that she is the girl, who he loves more than life itself. she is too shocked to even speak, while he says that there never was, never is, and never shall be anyone else, except for her, as his life is an open book in front of her, and she is the page, that she never got around to reading. He says that she is mad, to even think, that he would hide such a big part of his life from her. He says that she resides in every heartbeat of his, and that he cant think of anyone else except for her, as he cant even do that, since whenever he sees anywhere, he finds her only. He says that she completes him, and without her, she is incomplete. She is shocked. He asks that she must be thinking why didnt he say so before, and clarifies that he was scared of losing her and their friendship, and now that she was hell bent on knowing, he asks for a small favour, and thats to give him the right, to own her and become hers. He takes her hand and confesses, that he loves her, and from the bottom of his heart. She eyes him awestruck and numb. He says that he loved her, loves her and shall always continue loving her, and promises to love her till eternity. meanwhile, sandhya and damini reach there, and finds urmi and ishaan, with held hands. To damini’s shock, Ishaan bends down on one knee, and with a ring in his hand, he proposes her and asks her to marry him. She is shocked. Damini and Sandhya see this, and are shocked. damini is apalled, while sandhya is amused. He pleads urmi to say yes. urmi eyes him hurtfully, emotionally disturbed and distraught. damini clenches her fist in anger.

Urmi is shocked, while damini angrily tries to get in, but sandhya stops her. Damini is enraged, and rushes out from there, as sandhya smiles. urmi eyes ishaan in shock and in a boggled state. Damini and sandhya leave. Soon after, urmi too rushes out from there. Ishaan stands distraught, and then rushes out after her. She runs out all the way to the outside. When ishaan comes out, he is apalled as he doesnt find her.

Ishaan’s residence
damini is enraged at ishaan, while sandhya tries to get her against urmi. damini is not able to believe, saying that she never knew urmi could do this, as she trusted her so blindly. Sandhya takes this oppurtunity, to tell her that she had told her so. damini says that urmi is an outsider, and how could her own son do this. Sandhya continues to taunt her that he isnt thinking straight, being dazzled in urmi’s love.

Damini says that she wont let urmi succeed in her motive, as noone can separate her from her son. Sandhya says that time shall tell, but right now, urmi captures ishaan’s heart, who is blindly in love with him. She says that now her obedient son is out of her control, as urmi has captivated her.

Rati comes out saying that tani isnt in the house, and has gone. She gives damini the letter that tani has written, saying that she has left the house, asking them not to search for her. damini throws the paper away in disgust. Sandhya takes this oppurtunity, saying that her children are going out of her hand, and that this is too bad, and asks her what shall she do now. Seeing damini tensed, sandhya is amused. damini shows anirudh the letter, saying that this is what he wanteds, as due to his stern behaviour, tani had to take this step.

He says that he was right. She asks what was right, and reminds that this isnt his, but their home, and tani is their daughter. He asks how can she blame him, for her fault of getting tani out of control. Sandhya’s husband tells them that tani isnt picking the phone. damini is tensed as to how she could be. Sandhya tries to put fuel into fire, saying that she is a young woman, and anyhing can happen to her, given the company she is in. Her husband asks her to be quiet.

They talk about informing the police. He asks how long would friends let her be, and that within a couple of days she would be back. She asks how would they know about tani, if they dont involve the police. But anirudh is adamant. Ishaan returns just then, dejectedly. damini gets angry at him too, while sandhya waits wondering whats the drama that is to follow. Rati asks about tani, from ishaan, and he says that he doesnt have a clue. sandhya taunts him if he even has the time out of his busy life.

Anirudh tells ishaan that tani left the house, and he is shocked, asking where she went. Rati tells about the letter. ishaan begins to call, but damini says that it isnt needed, as they shall handle it all, as he is so busy in his life, hence they dont have time. She says that she is to be blamed, as she has pampered them so much, that they are doing what they wish. He asks why is she saying so, and what has he done. She says that she is right. Anirudh asks why is she taking out her frustration at him.

She says that she is saying the truth. He asks her what does she mean. She says that tani was always like this, but ishaan is a child that always did them proud, and never do anything, that can hurt his mother, and then asks why did he do this, and asks how and why can he love a divorcee and a mother of one child, and asks if he didnt think of her even once. Sandhya thoroughly enjoys it. She tells to everyone, that he loves urmi and even proposed her today. All are shocked. damini says that urmi shall never come in this house. Anirudh is shocked, while sandhya enjoys the drama. Ishaan stands shocked too.

Urmi’s residence
Urmi remembers ishaan’s double meaning sentences, as she connects the dots together, right from before her marriage, and then remembers ishaan’s proposal. She is boggled and tensed. she gets sanaya’s call, and composes herself, and then picks up. Sanaya apologises saying that she must be wondering where did she disappear. she tells urmi that Samrat took her to Goa, and proposed her for marriage, and that too a secret marriage, and wants to spend some time alone. urmi is tensed, and tries to voice her reservations, saying that marriage is noble, and needs elders’ blessings, then how can she do this alone. Sanaya says that she is too excited. Urmi again asks her to take care of herself, and know what she is doing. sanaya says that she is, and samrat is taking care of her, and says that she shall send her some pics of him. urmi complies.

The next morning, children throng urmi about ishaan’s girlfriend, while she is irritated. She gets ishaan’s call and gets tensed. He is tensed when she doesnt pick up. Chiku assumes that she never liked ishaan’s girlfriend. Asha too comes to get her frustrated. shaurya decides to call ishaan, and urmi angrily asks him to put the phone down. he silently complies. all are tensed. Urmi tells them that they are children, and shouldnt involve themselves in such things.

Shaurya apologises. chiku says that they should leave, as its for their good. They leave. Asha continues to pester urmi about his girlfriend. urmi gives an excuse that she had an urgent work, and hence left, before she could meet his girlfriend. To distract her, urmi asks asha for a cup of coffee, and she rushes to the kitchen. She gets a message from sanaya that she is sending her Samrat’s pictures. she gets interested.

Goa Beachside and urmi’s residence
Sanaya and samrat enjoy their romance at the beachside, while he continues trying to flirt with her. He finds her busy on her cell phone, and pretends to be fake angry, that she is paying more attention on her cellphone, raher than him. Sanaya says that she was just sending a message to urmi. samrat gets tensed. He frustratedly asks her why and what messsge did she send. She casually says that she just sent some of his pics to her. He is shit terrified to hear this. He asks if she has gone mad. she asks why is she reacting if he has sent, as if he has to hide something. She is boggled, and asks why is she so upset.

He composes his mood, thinking that this idito girl did something so stupid, that could ruin all chances. He says that he got her here to be alone, and send some quality time with her, but she is busy pleasing her best friend, and hence he doesnt want her to have anybody interrupt their quality time from now on. She agrees and hugs him. Samrat thinks that if urmi has seen the picture, then she would try her level best to stop their marriage, and he cant allow that.

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