Friday Update on Lies of the heart 10 April 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 10 April 2020

Police Academy

While amrit is out on the gate, he calls her and asks her to come down as she requested him to meet her. But she denies being able to go, giving an excuse but actually having the ulterior motive that she would find out what he is upto. After cancelling trisha’s call, he calls up someone and then starts the bik. trisha swiftly follows him in the auto. Finally he halts, and she wonders if he saw her. But she is relieved when he doesnt, and goes inside the complex. Finally amrit comes out with aditi, and trisha is shocked to see the amrit gave a bare white lie to her, as he drives off. She again begins to follow them.

Finally, they stop at a complex, and he asks her to wait while he parks the bike. She calls him up, and he oblivious that she is watching him, gives a lie that he has reached home and would lie down, thinking of her giving her romantic dialogues. He finds that aditi is approaching and cancels saying that he would talk later. He asks aditi if she got the tickets. she complies. As aditi and amrit begin to go inside, trisha stops them asking if this is where he stays. amrit is surprised and shocked to find him face to face with trisha in front of aditi. she confronts him about the lies of being at home, and aditi being his sister.

Aditi shocks her by asking who sister, and says that she is his wife. Trisha is stunned and looks at amrit. Aditi demands to know who is she talking all the nonsense. Aditi asks amrit what is she talking about. Trisha says that she is his would be wife. Aditi is shocked. Trisha exposes amrit’s true character in front of aditi, but she refsues to believe. she asks amrit to speak up then and clarify the confusion. Amrit is speechless. trisha gives a lecture to aditi about the kind of man amrit is, and shows the mangalsutra. Aditi sees that its her lost mangalsutra. She is shattered and distraught. He tries to speak but she slaps him tight on his face, leaving him stunned. Aditi reprimands him for his heinous betrayal, while he stands with his head hung low. She says that her brother was right that he didnt deserve her, as he is a greedy and lowlife, and that she left everyone for him and he paid like this. She says that she is embarassed not to be able to identify him and says that she doesnt even want to look at him. she leaves. Trisha too reprimands him for his betrayal, while he eyes her venomously.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
urmi offers and insists that she would make the dinner for everyone today. shashi comes in and asks her not to, as sasmrat would kill them if he gets to know. urmi says that she wants to make something different today, and finds pumpkin. But shashi warns her that samrat doesnt like it at all. But urmi insists that he wont even know what it is, she would prepare it so beautifully. Shashi agrees, thinking that its good that now a drama would be created and that she would have to bear the brunt of it.

Samrat’s residence
As urmi meets saroj and anu as they come with good wishes and gifts for urmi on her expectancy, anu starts discussing how big she has grown and that she is ready to vote evn. But her naivety gives away, and urmi details her about the power of 49 and asks her to vote sensibly.

Scene 2:
Location: In the temple
Trisha remembers amrit’s betrayal, and is distraught. At the temple stairs, trisha breaks down crying incoherently, after amrit’s betrayal. On the road, while passing by in his car, samrat notices her and gets out of the car. Samrat hands her a tissue box, and asks her to wipe her tears. she is shocked to find him there. She doesnt comply. Samrat sits by and begins to tease her, that something is amiss, and then says that a sad song is missing. she wipes her face. He asks her why is she in grief and then again taunts her, of her disappointment and failure that caused her to cry. she doesnt respond. He asks her whats the problem, and why does she do things, where she fails, just like she had tried and left no stone unturned to get urmi to distance from samrat, but they are still together , not once but twice. He tries to trivialise her and her sister, urmi too. he asks her what she learnt from her failures, and that atleast she should learn not to interfere in others’ affairs, as she would end up creating a drama out of herself, after bearing insult. She looks at him angrily. He asks her to still learn or else she would regret later. He deduces that she is sad that despite her attempts, urmi still came back to him, and asks him to learn that samrat shouldnt be challenged, as where he is, only his will prevails. She is tensed. He asks her whats her god doing now, as he is also favouring the right and he is always right. He amusingly smiles, and continues to taunt her to lament on the same, saying that he is leaving the napkin behind, for her use. He leaves, while she is frustrated.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
Makhan begins the photoshoot with rashmi, while she is a little uncomfortable, in western clothes, as he tries to get intimate with her and gets her to expose a little, in the name of photography. Makhan eyes her lustily. He tries to get close and intimate with her, by getting her to expose even more, and he lustily begins to click. She is extremely uncomfortable.

As anu and her family are watching the Tv, they find a new ad of Kumkum Bhagya, and start discussing the serial, reminding her of the days when they were searching for a suitable guy for urmi. they are excited, but granny comes in reprimanding anu to go to study as her exams are approaching. Granny expresses her anger at rashmi’s photoshoot, and saroj tries to say that she did ask her not to, but rashmi didnt listen to her. Granny is furious. Saroj asks her to calm down, while saying that she would go and talk to her, when gaurav comes back.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
urmi is happy when samrat likes the smell of what she has prepared. shashi waits for him to get angry. samrat takes the first bite, and urmi and shashi both wait in anticipation. Finally, he asks how did such good food get made in his house, and compliments the cook, while shashi is shocked. urmi smiles, while kanchan and diwaker are happy for urmi. kanchan tells that urmi has made it. He gives her galore of compliments, and asks the cook to learn something from it. Indirectly, she points out to samrat that this is actually the vegetable that he doesnt like at all. samrat asks whats she talking about. Kanchan tells him about the dish. samrat is shocked, complimenting urmi about her magic in the taste. He tells that he doesnt eat it, and shashi gets excited and instigates samrat against it. He pushes ther plate away, much to his pleasure. He begins to reprimand urmi as to why didnt she hear shashi when she told her about his dislike, and asks if she wants to change everything about him. His father tries to say that he did like the dish when he didnt know what it was. samrat says that its not a question of good or bad taste, but the fact that he doesnt taste some items. urmi asks why is he talking like that, but samrat doesnt budge. While all are discussing about urmi’s wrong choice of food to serve to samrat, shashi is shocked and shocks others as she finds aditi standing in the doorway, distraught and crying. the screen freezes on samrat’s shocked and angry face, as he eyes her and her suitcase.

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