Friday Update on Lies of the heart 1 May 2020


Friday Update on Lies of the heart 1 May 2020

Samrat’s residence
Shashi finds the ad for the dancing classes in the newspapers, and decides to show it to samrat, and reveal her secret to him, and give urmi a befitting reply. She wonders how to execute it, and decides to place the newspaper before him. She places the newspaper, with that side of the ad on top, at the end of the stairs, just when samrat is coming up, after a hectic day and herself, hides in sight.

Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 30 April 2020

But just then, due to wind the newspaper starts blowing off. She decides to take it in her hand and thrust it in his face, by some excuse or other, but he gets all the more frustrated. Samrat asks her not to irritate her anymore, as she already is tensed and irritated to the core due to urmi. Shashi asks what did she do this time. Samrat tells her. shashi starts implying that maybe urmi wasnt where she meant to be. Samrat jerks off the idea and leaves for the bathroom, to freshen up. shashi thinks that when samrat would know what urmi is upto, he would be shocked and this time, she would make urmi something like this, that her hands wouldnt be tainted and urmi would be stained too.

At the dining table, for dinner, tauji asks about shaurya’s swimming lessons. Shaurya says that he isnt scared like mandira. samrat gloats about his bravery, citing it due to his genetic inheritance from himself. Shaurya complies. urmi is tensed but tauji asks her to stay calm. Samrat says that he is going to the room, to finish off his work and then talk to him. tauji agrees. shashi thinks that he has a surprise awaiting for him in his room. He leaves. urmi remembers that samrat didnt have sweets. she goes to go, but shashi stops her midway showing extra love, asking urmi to sit down while she goes herself, insisting that she would take care of this. kanchan and tauji are amused.

samrat is busy in the room, in his work. Shashi comes and says that there’s hueg bomb kept in frotn of him and if he sees it, then only, it would explode. But she finds that he isnt paying any attention at the open bag at all. She says that she would show it at any cost. Shashi comes in pretending to be extra caring trying to feed her sweets. But samrat asks her to keep at the desk. Shashi pretends to find a salwar suit and expresses surprise at it being in her bag, as she doesnt wear salwar suit and also she wears nightie in the night. Samrat is surprised and tensed. shashi smiles. Samrat gets irritated and asks what does she want, and why is she bothered at what urmi wears. shashi says that she just felt like asking it. She shows it to him, asking how did it come there. Samrat gets intersted and asks if this is urmi’s for sure. Shashi says yes vehemently. He starts checking it. Urmi comes and is tensed and surprised to find the suit in his hands. Samrat confronts urmi how did this salwar suit come and for what. Shashi smiles evilly. He asks urmi where does she wear suit. urmi wonderrs what to answer.

Samrat’s residence
urmi is shocked as samrat confronts her. urmi fumbles and shashi stands up for her, saying that this suit is anushka’s and urmi too plays along the same excuse, saying that she had wanted to return it, but didnt get the time. samrat asks why did she take so long to answer. sghashi stands up for urmi, saying that he asked so suddenly and hence got flustered. He asks urmit send it to anu tomorrow. samrat leaves for the bathroom, while shashi asks urmi why did she lay it all out on the bed, as she too had to lie to samrat. Urmi is confused as she had kept them on the bed. Shashi says that it did happen and both of them were in grave danger due to this. she asks urmi to be careful and comes down. Shashi is furious that urmi came at the last minute, and destroyed her plan. tauji is talking to shaurya and finds shashi fuming, and asks her whats the matter. she thinks that she cant tell him, and hence stays mum.

The next morning, urmi is happily humming, when shashi comes in asking why is she so happy. Urmi thanks her and praises her galore for supporting her in her dance lessons. Shashi asks her to finsih up the work as she has to go later to her classes. urmi gets shaurya to finish up her work, while she herself goes to get ready. shashi lures shaurya in the name of chocolate, and then advises him to show his swimming skills to his father, so that he gets a nice gift from him. samrat comes inm and shashi reminds shaurya about it. samrat sits at the tabel, while shashi serves him breakfast. Shaurya gets samrat to chat with him, and plays along the same tune that shashi taught him to sing along. samrat is happy and proud at him. Shaurya asks him to come today, but samrat says that he would definitely come but not today, as he is busy. Aditi sits down too for breakfast. Shaurya tells him to come today only, as he wants his gift. Shashi clarifies it all. aditi compliments his smartness. Samrat says that he would come in a couple of days, while shashi and shaurya insist. He shuts her up, but shashi is determined that he would have to go today, at any cost.

 Annu’s residence

Anu clarifies her point to saroj, that noone is happy in marriage, citing urmi’s and gaurav’s marraige. saroj tells her that marriages are a game of destiny, and they have to do it. anu tells her that the house is at it is under debt, and she doesnt want to become a burden on gaurav anymore, and hence wants to relieve him by taking up a job. saroj says that that cant happen. Anu is still adamant that she wont get married, and even if she does, she would do so with a person, who marries her simply, without any lavish preparations. asha comes in saying that marriages are destined, citing her own stroke of luck. anu tells her that gaurav’s luck is doomed. As asha continues on her nonsense, anu is frustrated at granny for having selected a wife like asha. Anu leaves in disgust. Saroj is tensed too.

while saroj tries to clarify anu’s point of view to granny and devi, they still ask her to invite the guests. saroj asks what if anu denies to meert them and doesnt come out of the room. Granny says that they wont tell her. devi says that it isnt possible. Granny says that he should call and meet somewhere outside, and take anu along too, and she would have no option but to meet them. Once they like her, then they shall get her to agree too, or else force her into this. They ask saroj about her opinion. saroj has no option but to resignedly agree.

Samrat’s residence
shashi finds urmi and shaurya coming down with their bags. She tells that she has made glucose water for shaurya, for his strength. she asks urmi to go and get the water from the kitchen, and takes her bags. Urmi leaves. She then sends shaurya to check if the driver has got the cars out. Once shaurya leaves, shashi surfs through the bag and then takes something, just in time as shaurya and urmi come back to him. They leave wishing her goodbye. she makes a plan to hide them and get shaurya the glasses.

Kanchan and aditi hear all this and akss whats the matter. shashi intentionally breaks shaurya’s swimming goggles, and then thinks that now his father would have to buy new ones for him and take them to shaurya in his swimming classes where he would find out urmi’s secret. Aditi and kanchan ask whats the matter, and shashi tells them and shows them the broken goggles. Shashi asks kanchan to call samrat to ask him to get shaurya the goggles. kanchan plainly denies. Shashi then gets aditi to call. Aditi calls samrat to tell him about the same and asks him to get new goggles and give them to shaurya, as urmi would be tensed then.

samrat vents out his frustration at them, but aditi requests him that shaurya would be happy too, and his day would be saved. Samrat complies. After she cancels the call, shashi asks aditi what happened. Aditi tells shashi that he is going. shashi smiles and they wonder why is she so happy. She replies that shaurya’s day would be saved, and hence she is happy. shashi smiles evilly, after kanchan and aditi leave, thinking that now samrat would make her danec first class, and she would learn again to stay in her limits.

Swimming classes and samrat’s residence
Anu explains to shaurya that he cant swim today as they dont have glasses, but shaurya is insistent. anu explains why he cant swim without glasses, and when he doesnt wnat to stay back, she wonders how can he take him home, without urmi, who still has one hour class left. But shaurya insists that he wants to go home right now, despite anu trying to distract him. Meanwhile, urmi is practising in the dance classes, with much fervour and enthusiasm, oblivious to the trap set for her.

samrat gets aditi’s call and tells her that he has taken the glasses and is going to the swimming classes. meanwhile, shashi wonders where is samrat right now, and if she should call him, but decides that she wont make any mistake this time around. After some time, as samrat reaches the club, samrat tells shashi on the phone that he would reach in another couple of minutes at the pool. Shashi pretends to be very scared, and insists her not to go at all, and pleads her. samrat asks if all have gone mad, as aditi is asking her to go, but she is telling him not to. He asks her to put down the phone, so that he can go. Shashi tells him that he shouldnt go, and continues to plead. Samrat asks her to be clear. she pretends to be scared and hesitatingly tells him that urmi wont be there right now. Samrat is confused. She says that urmi must be in her dance classes right now, and if he asks so much, then she would have to say everything, and she doesnt want that. samrat is furious. He asks her to speak clearly. shashi says that urmi had taken a promise from her, that she wont tell anyone, and tells that she has joined the dance class by lying to everyone, giving the excuse of shaurya’s swimming class. she says that urmi had come, and she has agreed in fear of being thrown out of the house again. she pretends to be very symmpathising and does her best to instigate samrat against urmi. Samrat is in a rage. She asks him not to go, as if he got to know this truth, urmi would hold her responsible, and then she would have to face punishment. Samrat refuses to believe her, that urmi cant do it. She asks him to test himself, that shaurya would be with anu, and urmi goes for dance classes. she says that both the sisters are in this. She begs him falsely not to do any drama. Samrat enters but is unable to find anu, and when he does, he isnt able to believe.

 Annu’s residence

granny apologises to gaurav for keeping him in darkness, and tries to make him see asha’s innocence, while she continues to irritate gaurav with her nonsense. gaurav resignedly agrees, as granny asks him to give her a chance and time. She asks him to compromise and start his life and married relationship with her, with a renewed hope. Asah again opens her mouth, but granny shuts her up. Granny gives them marital advise, and asha again takes the meaning literally, instead of abstract. Gaurav asks ghranny if she wants him to adjust with this sample. He brands her as a complete idiot. He leaves. Granny says that she had got her to be able to sire a son, and if she isnt able to do so, thern the first wife had run away, the second one would be made to run away i.e her. Granny leaves in a huff.

Samrat’s residence
Tauji is in a happy mood, when he hears urmi laughing with mandira and shaurya. he observes them smiling and having fun. While its urmi’s turn to get them to laugh, and she manages to do so, tauji is amused. He is happy to see urmi happy. Urmi finds tauji and composesherself. tauji comes and says that he is very happy to see her like that, and when she is happy, the whole house shall be happy. urmi smiles. the kids want to play with tauji too, when he says that its impossible for them to make him laugh. Mandira says that they would definitely beat him. They coax him to sit down, while they attempt to make him laugh. urmi is amused. Shaurya makes the first attempt, and then mandira, but tauji is unfazed. tauji smiles with them, and hearing them from downstairs, shashi is furious that samrat hasnt come yet, to spoil the fun.

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