Friday Update on King of hearts Zee world

Friday Update on King of hearts Zee world

June 15 Episode

Mahi comes home and tries to woo Satya. A song plays…..Jaane bhi de…..Mahi holds her ears and apologizes. Satya ignores her. Aleena gets jealous seeing Mahi wooing Satya. Satya smiles and signs her to hold her ears. He forgives her and makes her do sit ups. He then kisses on her cheeks and goes. Aleena hides. She then knocks on the door. Mahi thinks Satya came and opens the door. Aleena asks her to surprise Satya. Mahi thinks what to do. Aleena asks her to organize romantic dinner for Satya, and sends everyone out. She says this is your last chance.

Mitul tells Naina that she will buy sweets for everyone. Mitul says you always think about eating. Kajal comes and tells everyone to come for jagrata. Naina hesitates to go. Gangu Tai says this will be Mahi’s first jagrata. Mahi says yes, and pretends to faint. Satya asks her to open her eyes. Aleena smiles. Mahi opens her eyes and says I am fine, and asks them to go. Gangu Tai says we can’t go, I will stay here. Mahi says Satya will take care of me, and asks everyone to go. Aleena looks on. Gangu Tai says okay, we will go and asks her to take care. Koel hears them and messages Payal. Satya sees Mahi and Aleena talking and wonders what is happening. He thinks to find out. Mahi pretends to faint seeing Satya. Satya understands she is pretending and says I will go and bring medicine. He smiles.

Mahi decorates the place. Aleena helps her with bad intention and asks Mahi to go and get ready. Meanwhile Satya is also decorating the other place and says even he can surprise her. Aleena injects some medicine in the Champagne bottle, and says just 1 glass then….you both will sleep in deep sleep and then when you wake up… then…….

Payal comes to Satya. Satya is surprised seeing her and asks I don’t get angry on you now. I feel ashamed. He says you don’t bear her happiness and that’s why comes here again and again. He calls watchman. Payal asks him to hear her once. Satya asks to tell. Payal says Aleena will ruin your plan tonight. Satya laughs and says Mahi has moved on, and asks her not to make stories, and accuse his friend. Payal asks him to hear else he will repent. Satya asks will you go, or shall I call Police.

Payal leaving from her after trying to convince Satya that she is saying truth. Saya comes inside and sees a chit left by Mahi. He thinks Mahi is calling him on terrace and goes. He smiles seeing Mahi sitting and acts as getting heart attack. Mahi gets worried and calls his name. Satya says his heart is beating and says only the person can go inside for whom Satya’s heart is beating. Mahi says you are joking with me and apologizes for doubting him. Satya says it is okay. Mahi says Mahi loves Satya……They hug each other. Jab Tak song plays……………..They drink the drugged champagne and dance. Aleena looks at them from far. Suddenly Mahi falls unconscious. Satya tries to wake her up and falls unconscious too. Aleena smirks. She comes to Satya and Mahi and asks her goons
to let Mahi be there, and take Satya to room. She says I told that Satya will be mine…

In the room, Aleena looks at Satya with lust and says you will be mine Satya after today. She is about to kiss him, but to her shock, Satya opens his eyes. Aleena gets shocked and asks Satya to understand her, says she did this to get him. She says I really love you….Satya. Satya gets up and is about to go. Aleena says that stupid Mahi can’t do anything, and you have become her problem solver only. She says I can do anything for you, and asks him to understand. She comes out following Satya and sees Mahi, Mitul and others standing. Mahi looks angrily at her. Aleena says this is a misunderstanding actually and says Satya came to me. Mahi slaps her and says you have confessed to your crime. It was good that you have spoken the truth by yourself, else I wouldn’t have believed you.

Aleena says it is your misunderstanding that Satya is yours, and says he can’t be yours and he is mine. She turns to Satya and says you love me and not Mahi. She asks him to say I love you to her. Mahi says enough, and says if you say anything more then I will kill you. Satya asks her to stop it, and says she was my friend, I brought her here, so I will kick her out. He says she has stabbed at my back and now it is my turn. Aleena says you loves me too and acts crazy. He throws her out of house. Aleena says I love you Satya and even you love me. Satya closes the door on her face.

Dida says don’t know what is happening and tells about black effect on house. Gangu Tai asks who told you this? Satya says sometimes we don’t see someone’s warning. He tells that someone told me that we have snake under our sleeve. He sees Aleena injecting drugs in Champagne bottle and asks Mahi to act to get unconscious. Mahi acts as he says. Mitul asks Satya, who told you this? Payal comes there. Mahi asks Satya to kick her out. Satya asks her to see Payal as the woman who tried to save her, and says if she wouldn’t have told them the truth, then Aleena could have been get successful. You would have doubted on me and our relation would have been finished. He asks her to have pity on Payal. Mahi says she is a black spot on mother’s name, and I can’t forgive her. Satya says she is a woman whom you addressed as a mum. He says Payal have saved you many times, and asks her to have some pity. Payal says it is okay Satya, and says I didn’t come here to enter the house. She is about to go, but Mahi stops her.

Mahi says if you want you can stay here, but I can’t forgive you. Payal looks sadly Satya comes to Mahi and asks her not to cry. He says your parents’ blessings are with you, and can’t see you cry. Gangu Tai takes out evil eye from Satya and Mahi, and asks her not to get worried, nothing will happen. Aleena looks at Mahi with revengeful eyes and says I won’t leave you Mahi. She stabs Mahi’s pic and says I will make you go from my way.

Gangu Tai and Naina praying in the inhouse temple. Gangu Tai tells Naina that she is thinking to get puja done in the ganpati temple for Mahi and Satya. Naina says it is good. Mahi says even I will come. Payal comes and says if they agree then she can come. Mahi says no need and asks her to stay at home. Satya tells Mahi, what is her problem when she wants to go to temple. Mahi says only one of us will go. Aarti plate falls. Gangu Tai says it is an inauspicious thing. They reach temple. Shri Ganesha Deva plays……..Aleena comes there holding knife in her hand. Gangu Tai and Mahi are praying with their eyes closed. Aleena keeps hand on Mahi’s mouth and kidnaps her. Gangu Tai turns when the aarti is done, and looks for Mahi. She calls Satya and tells that she couldn’t find
Mahi in basti after puja.

Satya says I am coming. He comes there and asks what happened? Gangu Tai tells that she got her chunari just and didn’t find her. Kajal, Payal, Satya, Mitul and Sunil start searching her. Satya gets a call from Mahi’s phone number and is shocked. He comes to the said place and asks Mahi how did she come there. He throws the knife which was in her hand, and asks how did you come here. Mahi tells him that she was kidnapped from the temple, and then she didn’t know anything. She looks at blood on her hand and knife and says she don’t remember anything. Satya says you are fine and with your family. He says whoever have done this with you, I won’t leave that person. He says Aleena must have done this surely, I won’t leave her. They come home and see Police already waiting for Mahi. Inspector asks who is Mahi Sawant? Satya asks what happened? Inspector arrests Mahi on murder charges of Aleena. Satya tells that Aleena is faking the murder. Inspector arrests Mahi and takes her. Satya is shocked. Payal tells Satya that she will come with him.

Satya comes to the Police station and meets Mahi. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Gangu Tai goes to meet Inspector and says Mahi is a nice girl. Sunil says you can’t arrest her without proofs. Constable asks Satya to stop romancing with her and leave. Satya says I just want to talk to her. Lady constable asks other constable to kick him out. Gangu Tai says she is innocent. Satya asks where is the proof? Inspector says we got this recorded message, and plays the recording in which Aleena said that Mahi have kidnapped her and will kill her. Mahi tells that she won’t leave her. Satya says this is not the proof. Inspector shows photos and knife in which Mahi’s finger prints are there. He says we will get the dead body soon, and can’t let the murderer free. Payal is shocked too. Lawyer tells that bail can happen only on Monday, as today is Saturday. Satya asks him to do something. Lawyer says court is closed today. Payal says we have no option left now, Mahi have to stay here till Monday. Mahi is shocked too. Satya tells Mahi that he will stay with her and asks her not to lose hope.

Satya tells Payal that he didn’t know about Aleena and asks her to help him find her. Payal promises him that she will bring Aleena. Aleena comes to the Police station and beats Mahi there, but then some other ladies is shown suffocating Mahi holding her neck. Satya comes there and asks Inspector what is happening. Inspector frees Mahi from the woman and asks Satya to go as well. Mahi cries and tells Satya that she didn’t know why this woman want to kill her. Inspector asks him to go.