Friday Update on king of Hearts 9th August


Friday Update on king of Hearts 9th August

Sam’s mobile goes missing. Yash finds it in dustbin. Sam yells that children must have thrown it in dustbin. Yash says they cannot. She goes and twists child’s ears and shouts if they did it. They deny it, but she continues punishing. Yash is shocked to see that and rescues child. He asks how can she be so ruthless and punish innocent kids like this. She asks her to mend her behavior and takes children from there.

Sid reaches home with Roshni and joins family and Meesha for dinner. Simran serves mangoes to Meesha and she says she is allergic to mangoes. Kritika smirks thinking her ugly plan. Meesha asks Sid to take her for shopping. He asks what will she gift him. She jokes that latest Mario game. Everyone laugh hearing that and Rushi fumes in jealousy.

Roshni while massing biji restlessly waits for Sid and Meesha and thinks it is already 3 hours. Biji asks her to be gentle. Sid and Meesha come just then. Simran asks them to relax while she prepares milkshake for them. Roshni says she will prepare it and leaves. Sid shows earrings to Meesha and says he bought it for Roshni but will not give so easily. Meesha asks him to stop pestering Roshni and says jealousy is very dangerous and Roshni may kill her. Sid asks her to stop watching TV serials. Roshni gets banana milkshake. Sid asks if she brought stale milkshake so early. She jokes yes. Sid tastes and says it is very tasty. Meesha also tries and likes it.

Meesha starts choking after drinking milkshake. Sid asks what happened. Meesha murmurs mangoes. Sid alleges roshni for mixing mango in banana milkshake and shouts at her to stop being jealous. Roshni repeatedly says she did not, but Sid is adamant. Kritika continues to smirk seeing it.

Sam prepares breakfast for Yash and children in the morning. He apologizes her for yelling at her yesterday and says if she handles kids with love, they will love her. He calls children for breakfast. He come and sit on table. They play a prank and add earth worm on Sam’s hair. She starts jumping. Yash removes earth worm and smilingly asks what is this. Sam shouts at children and goes to her room.

Sid angrily comes out of Meesha’s room. Roshni says she did not do anything. He shouts that she made milkshake, so she added mangoes in Meesha’s milkshake even after knowing she is allergic to it. He shouts that Meesha is very important to him and he will not tolerate Roshni trying to harm her. Roshni continues to explain him, but he angrily leaves.

Sam speaks to Mona over phone and Mona asks her to calm down and forgive children. Sam looks at Yash’s greeting cards and smiles. Yash apologizes her again and gifts her ear ring. She hugs him happily. Children see that and discuss that maamu and maami reunited again and they will have to do something to make them fight again.

Roshni comes home crying and tells DD that Sid is not believing her at all. DD angrily calls Sid who is busy taking care of Meesha and cuts call. DD calls him again and shouts that he should stop interfering in Roshni’s life even after divorcing him. Sid asks why she feels Roshni cannot do any mistake when everyone can make mistake and says Roshni made mistake and should be corrected. Ugly Kritika watches standing at door and once he leaves, she enters and tells Meesha she was telling her about this many time, but she did not believe her. she saw how Sid is frustrated regarding Roshni now. Meesha says she is right and says she will do something.

Crying Roshni calls Sid. He is sound asleep, wakes up hearing mobile ring tone, sees Roshni’s call and cuts it repeatedly. Shiv, Naani and DD watch that and get sad. Naani asks DD to come down as it is common between husband and wife. DD says Sid is not Roshni’s husband and now and he always hurts Roshni, she will not spare him this time.

In the morning during breakfast, Meesha apologizes Raj for the trouble because of her yesterday. Raj says it is okay and asks her not to feel embarrassed. Sid apologizes her on roshni’s behalf and goes to his room. Kritika smirks and asks Simran to pass on butter. Simran shouts to pick it herself and goes to Sid’s room with juice. She insists Sid to have juice at least. He says he is working and asks her to keep it and go. She gets SMS and leaves.

Simran scolds Kritika for trying to harm Meesha with her ideas and asks why is she messaging her repeatedly Ugly Kritika says she did not and searches her phone. Meesha comes and says she sent he messages. Kritika asks what joke is this. Sid comes and gives her a tight slap. He says ugly and dumb simran that because of them he suffered a lot and they risked his life earlier and now they tried to harm his guest. He tries to say that he even divorced Roshni for them, but stops…Raj and Meesha sense something is wrong.

Sid slapping Kritika for her mistake and telling he kept her always before his happiness, but she always ruined his happiness. He continues scolding Simran and her that he always trusted them and they betrayed him. He tries to say that he even divorced roshni for them, but stops and says he is not like them to break his promise and walks to his room. Simran tries to explain Raj, but he says she is not the woman he knows. Biji asks him to take her to her room and they both leave.

Sid breaks water glass in guilt and injures his hand. He starts bleeding and thinking Roshni pleaded repeatedly that she did not do anything, but he did not believe her. Meesha comes there and is shocked to see him bleeding. He hurriedly nurses his wound and he continues that he did not believed Roshni and hurt her. She says she does not want to ask why he divorced Roshni and tells him whole story that Kritika and Simran called her here to separate him and roshni. Sid is shocked to hear that and says his own sister and mother are his enemies and he does not know if they want to harm Roshni or their own son. He tells how he divorced Roshni for them. Meesha says Roshni is perfect for his bestfriend. Sid says he will confront ugly Kritika and Simran. She asks him not to do that. He says he will go and try to calm down Roshni. She says go for it and he leaves.

Roshni gets a big gift box via courier. Shiv asks her what is it and asks he to take it in and open it. Roshni takes it in and opens it and is surprised to see Sid sprunging out of it with bouquet and greet card and saying SUPRISE…. She gets irked seeing him. Even DD fumes while Shiv smiles. Roshni throws his boquet and tears card. She asks if he thinks she will hug him seeing this bouquet and card, why he thinks she is so impractical that she will try to harm his bestfriend. She says where there is no trust, there is no relationship.. and walks out. DD comments that he gets back back what he pays for. Sid gets out of box and starts following Roshni. She sends him out and locks door.

Sid kneels down outside door and signs Hame tumse pyaar kitna….song…holding rose. DD opens door, drops 1 rs coin in his hand and says he deserves it. She says he always lures roshni and then hurts her feelings. She asks him dare not come back to her house and tries to shut door when Sid opens it and says he is a human and not god and is bound to make= mistakes. He goes back home and describes Meesha what he did. She scolds him for taking only bouquet and card and suggest him what to do.

Simran apologizes Sid for her mistake and says she did not know Kritika would harm Meesha, she just wants Roshni to get out of their lives. He says Roshni and he are inseparable in this life and he will remarry her for sure, not matter what she and her ugly daughter tries.

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