Friday Update on Kindred hearts 16th August


Friday Update on Kindred hearts 16th August

Jhanvi is in car with Adi, she asks Adi why he took her out suddenly? Adi doesnt answer her. Nisha is calling Jhanvi, Jhanvi thinks Nisha might have seen me going with Adi, she must be hurt thats why calling again and again. Adi sees her phone ringing constantly and asks her to switch it off, Jhanvi does. Nisha is angry and keeps trying to call Jhanvi.
Adi brings Jhanvi to pav bhaji stall and says we couldnt have date so I thought to bring you your favorite place, I am sorry, arguments are happening between us, I should know that you are mother and daughter in law of family and not just my wife.

Jhanvi says its my fault too, you do so much for me and I.. Adi says no you can never be wrong, I just got miffed on small thing, I want to spend time with you, take you out on dates but I promise you that I will understand more, I am always with you, I will love you always no matter what. Jhanvi smiles, they share loving eyelock. Adi orders pav bhaji for them. Jhanvi sees Nisha’s many miscall. Adi goes to order so Jhanvi takes Nisha’s call, Nisha asks if Adi is with her? Jhanvi says yes we had some work. Nisha says can you send Adi home as soon as you can? I told you that I wanted to spend time with Adi.

Jhanvi is walking on road and talking to Nisha. A car is behind her and about to hit her but Adi pushes Jhanvi away and says this phone is problem, end call, Jhanvi does. Nisha angrily throws her phone away. Adi asks if she is fine? she says yes. Adi says no something is bothering you, I am your husband and friend so tell me what is it… please. Jhanvi thinks maybe I should tell Adi about Nisha’s condition, then he will help me and maybe agree to spend more time with Nisha.

Samar comes to Nisha and sees her phone broken. He says I will fix it. Nisha thinks he has come to fix my relation with Adi. Samar says Jhanvi forgave me, she will start trusting me, Nisha says yes ofourse, he smiles and leaves. Nisha is tensed and angry. She gets an idea and comes to mandir, she looks at diya flame and says Adi can try to go closer to Jhanvi but I wont let them be close, he has to comeback to me at any cost. She blows off diya. She says sorry Kaki. Nisha starts screaming that I have pain. Kaki says I am coming, Nisha thinks Adi has to comeback now. Nisha sees Kaka fallen down from stairs. She says you here? All family members rush to him. Samar takes him to room. Nisha thinks that I thought Kaki would fall down from stairs. Flashback shows Nisha putting oil on staircase with diya plate and thought Kaki would fall down and Jhanvi and Adi would comeback rushing to her, flashback ends. Kaki says Nisha you had pain? she says I forgot my pain because of Kaka, Kaka glares at her for making him fall down.

Jhanvi says to Adi that I have to tell you something. Adi asks Jhanvi if she loves him? Jhanvi says what kind of question is that? Adi says do you want spend whole life with me? Jhanvi says I want to spend all moments of my life with you. Adi says then tell me whats bothering you. Jhanvi says yes, there is one thing I want to tell you… Adi gets Kaki’s call, she tells him that Kaka has fallen down from stairs, Adi says we are coming right now, he ends call and tells it to Jhanvi, they get worried and rush back to home.

Nisha brings water for Kaka and says sorry this.. Kaka says I know this is all your doing, you made me fall down, he grabs her neck and strangles her angrily, he says if you did that for Kaki then remember she is my wife and would kill you. Nisha says you dont even talk to her nicely and now you suddenly loves her? you gave injections to make Baba ill and kidnapped Adi’s mother for lives, I poured that oil so that Adi and Jhanvi can comeback home, nothing happened to you. Adi and Jhanvi comes there, Adi asks if he is fine? did he hurt a lot? Adi glares at Nisha.

Nisha is in kitchen, she sees Jhanvi coming and starts coughing. Jhanvi asks if she is okay? Nisha says I coughed up some blood but I am fine now, its blood cancer so I will have to bear all this.. did your work was done with Adi? Jhanvi nods and feels guilty. Nisha says I really wanted to spend time with Adi but he had work, I have small wishes and soon I will die with these, I dont want to tell Adi all this and have his pity. Jhanvi says I still remember my promise, Adi will spend most time with you and I will fulfill your wishes. Nisha says thank you, I cant share things with anyone but you, you are supporting me so much, you have been a true friend, thank you, she hugs her and smirks. Jhanvi thinks that I cant hurt Nisha by telling Adi about her health, she has given me promise

of kids and I will fulfill her promise, I wont tell anything to Adi. Jhanvi starts leaving. Adi comes there and sees Nisha smirking. He thinks if Nisha is upto something? is Jhanvi’s behavior and avoiding has something to do with Nisha? fine she can play her game but I will find out truth. He recalls Jhanvi avoiding him and looks on.
Adi’s family is having dinner. Adi says to family that I have a business proposal for Jhanvi, kids are settled in school so she can rejoin work, we are merging another company so Jhanvi can do interiors for their new office. Jhanvi looks at Nisha’s sad face and says I am sorry Adi I cant do it. Adi asks why? Jhanvi says I have accepted Samar’s business proposal, I am going to do his cafe’s interior. Samar recalls how he offered it to Jhanvi and she denied it earlier. Jhanvi says I cant do two projects together. Samar says but.. Nisha stops him. Adi is confused. Jhanvi says I will go bring rice, she leaves. Kaki deliberately throws spoon and asks Adi to bring it hinting to go to Jhanvi. Nisha says I will bring it but Kaka says you are ill so remain seated, Adi leaves.
Adi comes to kitchen and asks Jhanvi what was that? Jhanvi thinks that I have to lie to him again. Jhanvi says I said yes to Samar’s proposal, I cant say no now. Adi says I dont care, I am tired of being away from you in this house so I thought we would spend time together.. Jhanvi says its just one month, Adi says I want you to do my project, tell Samar no and thats final, he glares at her and leaves.

Adi comes to room. Nisha comes there and smirks, she says dont worry about Jhanvi’s no, she cant handle two projects together, Adi says leave me alone. Nisha says if Jhanvi has taken decision to work with Samar then she must have thought something, he asks what she means? Nisha says I feel her happy with Samar, she spends time with him, she smiles with him, maybe she took that decision to get to know Samar better and then have future with Samar. Adi gets angry hearing it.. Adi grabs her neck and strangles her, he says stop saying rubbish, stop poisoning lives, he pushes her away. Nisha says Jhanvi said yes to Samar and not you, its not about me but Jhanvi’s decision, she has such good relation with us but still she chose to work with Samar and not you, think about it, Adi glares at her and leaves.

Jhanvi is in gazebo and recalls Nisha telling her that she has blood cancer and on last stage, how she promised to make Adi spend time with her. Samar comes there and thanks Jhanvi for saying yes to his project. Jhanvi says I was about to tell you. Samar says you told infront of everyone and it surprised me. Jhanvi says I thought that kids are busy with school so I can do project with you. Samar says you have said yes for my project but I dont want you and Adi to have tiff about it, you are close to his family. Jhanvi says thats why I didnt take his project but he is close as a family, I think personal and professional life should be separate thats why I didnt take his project and took yours, she leaves. Samar says it means I am close to her. Nisha comes there and says wow, you have professional relation with Jhanvi now and will update personal status with her soon, Samar looks on.

In morning, all are ready for pooja, Jhanvi tensely looks at Adi. Nisha comes to stand beside Adi but Kaka stands inebetween her and Adi, she glares at him. Kaki starts aarti. Nisha thinks that Kaka cant spoil my every plan, I am sorry but I have to make him learn his lesson soon. Kaki asks Jhanvi to give parsad to everyone, she starts giving it. She turns to Adi, he is about to take it but Samar comes there and takes it from Jhanvi before Adi can have it, he says I will eat it as sweet today. He asks Jhanvi to sign project papers so they can start working soon. Nisha smirks seeing all this. Adi looks on. Jhanvi takes papers and signs them. Adi cant believe it, he glares at her and leaves. Jhanvi runs behind him.

Adi sits in car and drives away. Jhanvi takes cab and follows him. Adi is driving and sees Jhanvi calling him but doesnt take it. He recalls Jhanvi’s moments with Samar. Adi’s car stop. Adi gets down and recalls Jhanvi taking Samar’s project, he shouts blo*dy hell..

Nisha brings tea for Kaka, he says it must be poisoned. Nisha says I am really sorry, I didnt want to hurt you or Kaki, I just wanted to bring Adi back, there is nothing in this tea, only you understand me, I will tell you about all my plans.. see Jhanvi has started working with Samar and maybe will go with him and I will get Adi, please forgive me. Kaka drinks tea and nods. Kaka thinks Nisha has thought that all her plans are going to be success but I am going to change that habit of her, I am going to make her lose. Nisha thinks that I cant believe how much sorry I had to say to pacify him but soon I will teach him a lesson and end his game. Jhanvi arrives on road where Adi is. She gets down from cab. Adi keeps walking away from her. Jhanvi screams for Adi to stop. Adi doesnt listen to her and keep waking. Jhanvi sees a tree and electricity pole about to fall on Adi.. she runs to him and pulls him aside before pole can fall over him. Adi is shocked to see pole falling down and Jhanvi saving him. Jhanvi tensely looks at Adi.

Jhanvi screams for Adi to stop. Adi doesnt listen to her and keep waking. Jhanvi sees a tree and electricity pole about to fall on Adi.. she runs to him and pulls him aside before pole can fall over him. Adi is shocked to see pole falling down and Jhanvi saving him. Jhanvi tensely looks at Adi. Adi sees Jhanvi holding his hand and jerks it away, he starts walking away, she says please listen to me.. Adi shouts please.. I kept asking you what problem is but you do what you want.. Jhanvi says Adi I.. Adi screams to Jhanvi that truth is you dont care for me at all, I wanted to spend time with you but no you had to deny all of that… if you dont like being with me then say it, why doing this drama? Jhanvi says I cant bear if you are angry with me. Adi says lie.. you dont care if I

live or die… Jhanvi is hurt hearing all that. He looks away from her and fumes in anger. Jhanvi says I dont care? you know I want what you want, I want to spend every moment with you, your small wound pains me more and you are saying that I dont care? she drops to her knees and cries, she holds his hand and says I know why you are saying all this because I am working with Samar? fine I wont do it, I will do what you want, I will do everything as you, I would die before angering you. Adi melts hearing it, he sits down and cups her face, he says dont say it ever again, I am sorry, I cant spend time with you or kids and I dont know what to do but you will do work, you have committed Samar, I am sorry I got angry on you, I didnt mean it.. I am sorry, he hugs her and says you will work on one condition, you have to give half salary to me. They laugh softly at his joke. Adi kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly.

Jhanvi sobs and hugs him closely.. bolna plays as Adi kisses her neck softly.
Adi and Jhanvi comes home at night and sees all lights out, they stealthily comes inside. Samar comes there so Adi hides. Samar says you here at this time? Jhanvi says I was gazebo. Samar says I was in Gazebo sometime back. Adi hides behind door and whispers he should be detective. Jhanvi says I just went there right now. He says okay good night, he smiles and leaves. Adi comes out and says he comes whenever we are together, dont work with this CBI more than a month, she smiles. Adi kisses her hands lovingly and leaves. Jhanvi blushes looking at her hands.

In morning, Jhanvi comes in lounge and looks at Nisha. She thinks Adi and me were together yesterday and I forgot about promise to Nisha. All family members are in lounge. Raj says doctor said baby and Neha is fine. Kaki says we will arrange baby shower, Jhanvi we will invite guests. Nisha says I can do it. Kaki says no I will invite them. Nisha says then I can do arrangements, I will call caterers, she leaves. Neha says please stop Nisha, I dont want her part of my baby shower, I want Jhanvi to handle everything. Jhanvi says I cant do anything with Nisha here. Neha says but I dont want Nisha’s shadow on my baby, please understand. Raj says I have an idea, Adi can call Nisha to office and Jhanvi will handle rituals here. Adi says you are right, at time of baby shower, Nisha wont be in house, I will call her to office. Nisha hides behind pillar and hears all that, she is hurt and angry. Jhanvi thinks its good, Neha will have baby shower and Nisha will get time with Adi.
Nisha comes to her room and says Neha doesnt want me part of her baby shower? she insulted me so much so she will get punished for it with return gift in her baby shower from love with Nisha.. And I am tired of everyone loving Jhanvi so in next 24 hours, all are going to hate Jhanvi and she will stoop in everyone’s eyes especially in Adi’s eyes.
Jhanvi thanks Neha for giving her chance to do rituals of her baby shower. Baba says its decided that Nisha wont be part of it. Nisha hides behind pillar and hears all that. Adi feels presence behind pillar, he gets up to look behind, Nisha is tensed but before Adi can see… Raj calls out to him and says as a father of baby, I want big gift. Adi says you can get anything you want, everything is yours. Jhanvi says I will bring phone diary for invitations.
Nisha comes to her room and says tomorrow in baby shower, I will crack Adi and Jhanvi’s relation in such a way that they wont be able to fill it ever, tomorrow family will know what it is to give pain to Nisha because tomorrow whole family will be mourning.

At night, Adi is sleeping in bed beside Nisha. Nisha takes her phone and silently leaves room. She comes out in garden to meet her goon, she takes parcel from him, pays him and he leaves. Nisha smirks looking at parcel.

In morning, Nisha comes to Jhanvi and asks if she needs any help? Jhanvi says no its okay. Nisha coughs. Jhanvi gives her water and sees her tissue filled with blood, she is stunned and says what is this? once kids go to school, I will take you to doctor. Nisha says today is Neha’s baby shower and I dont want to talk about bad omens today, I am ill and will remain ill, God gave me chance to become a mother but snatched it too, I will become happy in all this happiness in baby shower, I have some time left and I want to live them happily, Jhanvi says okay but you will rest till baby shower starts, Nisha nods. Jhanvi thinks that I have to pacify family member to make Nisha part of baby shower and let Nisha do all rituals.

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